A Spotlight of Clayton Hutson- the Entertainment Industry’s Pacesetter

Clayton Hutson is a respected personality in the world’s entertainment industry. He is valued for managing an accomplished concert management and production company that utilizes innovative technology solutions to improve the outcome of various live events.

How did Clayton Hutson start his career in the entertainment industry?

Hutson commenced his profession after achieving his undergraduate degree in theater design and technical production. He started off as a marketer, project manager, as well as an assistant who organized the live event’s venues.

After a few years, Hutson launched his live event management company. His new company focused on planning live events and setting the live event’s venue. Also, Hutson’s company collaborated with a team of organizers who supervised the live events and or concerts from the start to the end.

What inspired Clayton Hutson to start his company?

Clayton decided to start his company after an economic downturn took a toll on his former employer. Instead of hunting around for a different employer, Clayton opted to establish his company since had the skills required to start and manage one.

What makes Clayton Hutson different from his opponents?

In an interview posted on ideamensch.com, Hutson confessed that he is unique from his competitor because he works to meet his client’s unique needs. Besides, he uses modern pieces of equipment, and a dedicated team of assistants to organize and manage live events.

What was Clayton Hutson’s biggest setback in his Career?

At one time, Hudson faced a lawsuit after one of his subcontractors failed to meet his clients’ expectations. Hudson spent a lot of money and time to fix the issue. While the event caused unnecessary inconveniences, Hudson says that it helped him learn how to protect his business’ reputation.

What are some of Clayton Hutson’s Achievements?

Hutson’s live event production company serves top artists and brands around the world. In 2016, Hutson worked as a technical consultant in the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics’ live ceremony.

In 2014, Hutson’s concert production company designed the stage and it offered sound production services at Las Vegas Casino’s Appetite for Democracy 3D concert. Mr. Hudson is the intellect behind successful concerts hosted by Guns N’ Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Kid Rock.


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