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Founded in 2004, still maintains its reputation as the largest online retail company in China. The fast growth of the firm has been associated with its successful founder and guru Richard Liu. Due to the reliable services and products that the firm offers to its clients, it has continued to attract more customers since its launch. The leaders of the company have continued to create a sustainable environment for its operation, and as a result, it continues to outdo many other companies in the industry. Due to the notable contributions of the firm to the growth of the economy in the county as well as improving the lives of people through job creation, the company has maintained an excellent reputation besides impressing many people. firm was recently honored with the SEAL award, which is offered to companies that show commitment and continuous success towards bringing sustainability in the business industry. The firm is today among the most successful retail companies, and it is also among the few companies in the globe that has the privilege to receive the award. Additionally, the retail company has been honored for its ability to embrace the use of technology to enhance sales and connect people with their potential sellers. The high speed of the companies platform has also facilitated transactions by saving time and giving people a chance to eliminate the many challenges associated with buying goods at a physical place. The innovation seen in the company has also played a significant role in facilitating sales and making the entire process for both customers and sellers easy. Company continues to create an excellent environment for both its workers, customers and other people in society. The leaders of the firm belief that climate change is one of the significant issues facing people today and its impact has negatively affected the operations of everyone regardless of the nature of their work. As a result, they have employed measures to ensure that they address the issue through the use of modern technological advancements to control it and this has, in turn, created a conducive environment for people.

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