Alex Hern Wants To Take Virtual Reality Seriously


Virtual reality grows in popularity every day, and the interactive entertainment using the medium grows in popularity. Alex Hern sees the potential of this medium, but his vision involves something more serious. He wants to use virtual reality for business communication. In his view, virtual reality gives us a more complete way to communicate. We can use facial expressions and other forms of nonverbal communication to deliver message. The idea of serious VR is different from the pack, but it has revolutionary potential. We use mobile devices to communicate most of the time, but that could change if Hern has his way.

Tsunami VR is a company built around VR applications in business. Virtual reality is considered a form of interactive entertainment, and its potential in the business world is untapped. The software created by Tsunami VR is going to change this. When we communicate, we use more than our words to express ourselves. Most of our communication is nonverbal, but conventional means of communication limit our expression. Virtual reality is going to provide a more authentic way to send messages, and it’s going to change the nature of the workplace. In fact, our future work environments may become completely virtual.

Virtual reality is going to grow as a medium, and it’s going to become part of our lives. Just as smartphones became important to daily life, virtual reality is going to find a way to assimilate. People will use virtual reality to talk to each other as if they were in the same room. If the business world implements virtual reality early, it’s going to speed up the assimilation process. Alex Hern understands trends in the tech industry, and he sees an opportunity for his new company. Tsunami VR has a bold vision, but it’s under the care of an experienced leader.

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