Alex Hern’s Twenty-Five Years Of Entrepreneurship

Alex Hern’s Twenty-Five Years Of Entrepreneurship

Alex HernFor two and a half decades, Alex Hern has been an active entrepreneur whose main focus is on early-stage companies. Alexander Hern started his career in the year 1996 when he co-established Inktomi Corporation and served it as a board member for two years. This company was a software developing company popularly known for developing the search engine used in the web crawler. In the year 1997, Alex Hern established another company by the name Milcom Technologies which conceives companies in technology to which he was also a Chief Executive Officer, he stayed with the company for two years and sold it then moved on to Yesmail which he had co-established in 1998 and was a board member too. While focusing on Yesmail, Alex also founded Triton Network Systems where he was also a member of the Board for more than five years. At the beginning of the year 2000, Alex Hern founded yet another company in the technology industry called ArcSight an investment firm that also developed software and did software incubation. He is also the founder of Tags, Silicon Surf, New, and Silicon Valley Innovation Company to which he was also the Chief Executive Officer.

Other companies that Alex Hearn is affiliated with are Cloud shield Technologies which is a branch of the Looking Glass Cyber Solutions Enterprise, Zero-Knowledge Systems, and Agiliance all to which he was a board member. Perhaps Alex Hern’s greatest achievement is Tsunami XR to which he is the founder and CEO.

Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR

Tsunami XR is a leading software and content solutions provider company. the company was founded back in 2014 as a firm that designs virtual, augmented reality and 3D reality solutions which it also delivers to companies of different calibers. The company aims at improving the workplace experience for its clients by helping them improve on their productivity, transfer of knowledge and information as well as collaboration. The company serves clients in a variety of sectors and at an international level. Alex Hern became the co-CEO of the company for the first four years from the time he founded the company. it was in the year 2011, that he became the only CEO for the company.

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