Alex Pall opens up about his Music Career

Alex Pall was born in 1985 and raised in New York’s Westchester County. He is a talented Disc Jockey, music producer, and songwriter. He joined New York University and graduated with a degree in art history and music business. Alex Pall is an artist and a member of The Chainsmokers band. The band recently released their new single “Closer” featuring Hasley. In this new track, Andrew Taggart, a member of the band is featured singing unlike in their other singles where he does not sing.

Alex Pall used to be a full time DJ in the city of New York before forming the music band. He was introduced to Andrew while working at an art gallery with his manager and they immediately started working together. Having an idea of how they wanted to revolutionize the music industry, the duo realized that their plan was going to work out once they tabled it. The duo was observant of all the things that were going on in the music industry. The duo incorporated their skills and started working on music that moved their fans.

Alex Pall acknowledged that working with Hasley on their new single was one of his best experiences in his career. He wanted to work with Halsey because she is a good musician and a unique artist with a strong voice. The Chainsmokers have been able to attract many fans especially the youth who listen to their music from all over the world. They have been receiving positive feedbacks from their fans via their social media accounts especially instagram and twitter.

The band has conducted several live tours in different regions. Their first live performance was in September 2014 at Terminal 5 for the Timeflies opening event. Alex Pall asserts that they are ever developing and changing their live performances in order to cater for the musical needs of their audiences. The band does different things in different live shows and tours to excite their fans. In the near future, the duo will also be organizing music festivals where they will be performing live. The duo is also looking forward to developing new unique contents that will excite their fans.

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