All about IC Systems Company

IC Systems is a privately owned company founded by Jack Erickson and Ruth back in the year 1938. The company deals with accounts receivable management and it is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its mission to be the best and the most trusted Accounts Receivable Management Company. IC Systems provides these services to their many clients in the entire nation.

Since the establishment of the IC Systems company, it has been under the ownership of three subsequent generations of Jack Erickson’s family. The company has all through been driven by the guiding principles under which the company was founded. The company has continuously been innovative in the accounts receivable recovery industry. IC Systems was the first collection agency in the United States to replace the county’s typewriters with computers (LinkedIn).

At IC Systems, they improve monetary results for their clients and as they serve that purpose, they feel proud of themselves having provided honest and an ethical solution. So as to maintain a long lasting relationship with their clients, the company’s representatives are trained on how to be clients-friendly through manipulation of the most ethical practices. The outcome of these ethical practices is that IC Systems for three consecutive years, that is, 2013, 2014, and 2015 they have been nominated as the finalist at the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

IC Systems Company has its core values that guide the company and determine the kind of decisions they make. These values include treating clients with respect and dignity, delivering results that are beyond clients expectations, dong the right thing and being proud of it and also getting things done in the best way possible. Any co-worker of the company who practices this core values is more likely to be nominated for the Core Value Award. The company also recognizes workers who exemplary exemplify any of the core values.

IC Systems works with very many offices in diverse industries including education, medium and small businesses, communications, government, and healthcare among others. The company also offers collection services, but they are limited to original creditors only. IC System, Inc. is present on social media including twitter as @icsystem.



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