All About Southridge Capital

Southridge capital is a reputable financial institution based in Connecticut. Under the pioneer leadership of Stephen M. Hick, this team of structured finance has made a total of $1.8 billion in direct investment since 1996.

Being a company geared towards helping improve the financial situation of its members, Southridge Capital has three basic services. One of these is “Credit Enhancing”. This service is meant to help improve the creditworthiness of companies by coming up with more efficient ways to work with their creditors in eliminating their debts. This, in turn, displays their favor of common stock.

The second service offered by the company is “Securitization”. This looks critically at unique solutions and seeks ways to implement them. For instance, they can look at monetizing a company’s asset base. Lastly, Southridge Capital offers “Financing solutions. Here, the company offers portfolio companies various resources to fiscal issues. For instance, they have the Equity Purchase Agreement as a product that aims to help companies move up their capital exclusively at their instruction.

Apart from these basic services, however, the company also offers loans against common stock, convertible debentures and convertible preferred stock. Notably, the company enforces its structure by considering the current liquidity of the company in terms of the level of their stock. This is in addition to covering financially related issues of its portfolio companies by organizing workable solutions that fall in sync with the situation at hand. For more details visit Bloomberg.

You cannot mention Southridge Capital without touching on its involvement in philanthropic activities. Over the years, the company has committed itself to volunteer work that aims to improve the well being of the society through the right leadership. This can be seen from the move made by the CEO of the company with the help of his wife in starting the Daystar Foundation that has helped several organizations get out of financial debt.



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