Amex Struggles: Prolific Entrepreneur Christoper Burch Switches Card

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. With over 40 years as an entrepreneur and investor, Burch has a hand in the rise of over 50 companies. From brands ranging in retail, technology and organic food, Burch’s portfolio even includes ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He has even dabbled in apparel where Burch became a co-founder of the luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch.

Burch always believed in the power of branding and his company’s philosophy is an extension of his values where there is always new disruptive market opportunities when one applies imagination, creativity, incubation and scale. And yet, for someone like Burch who believes in the power of a brand to leave one for another, it is no wonder eyebrows are raised and questions to be asked. Who has lost one of the ” wealthiest Americans in 2014″ as a client?   Check his entrepreneurial skill and ability in this awesome investment in Indonesia, click on

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Since 1979, Christoper Burch has been a loyal American Express card user. However this year, Burch has switched all of his spending to J.P Morgan & Co’s Sapphire Reserve Card.

AmEx chairman and chief executive Stephen has been aware it’s getting harder to retain clients as the likes of Christoper Burch. Recently, AmEx has faced strong competition in all fronts. Becoming more of a household brand, Paypal Holdings has made many consumers choose their card for spending which has allowed them to surpass AmEx earnings. Visa Inc has also become the go to card for use and AmEx has to even compete with banks who have started providing their own cards. The popular card for businessman alike is the Sapphire Reserve Card from Chase bank which Christopher Burch has switched over to.

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AmEx has been spent years trying to compete with these different companies which are making investors nervous. An example is that earlier in the year, Costco is no longer partnered with AmEx. Many has seen it as a huge loss after negotiations fell through with AmEx losing to CitiGroup Inc. However, Squeri believes otherwise. He has a plan of trying to reestablish the AmEx brand and get back clients such as Burch who has been wooed away by better services and perks. Squeri says that their focus will be innovating it’s Platinum Card to compete with the Sapphire Reserve Card, focus on lending more money and to generate revenue from fees when customers use their AmEx cards.  Refer to to read more about him.

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