Michael Nierenberg CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation

Michael Nierenberg is the president, CEO and chairman of the board of New Residential Investment Corporation. He has been a member of the board of directors since 2013. Prior to his tenure at New Residential, he served as the manager of mortgages and securitized products at Bank of America. Over the last fourteen years Michael Nierenberg held a variety of senior management positions in securities and finance. Michael Nierenberg’s skills as a manager, plus his knowledge and experience in international finance are the foundation for his success at New Residential Investment Corporation.

According to Michael, the housing market is a twenty-eight trillion dollar industry. There is always money to be made in the mortgage world. Through his leadership New Residential continues to seek new opportunities in the mortgage industry. New Residential Investment Corporation, is a publicly traded “REIT”, real estate investment trust. Much of the revenue generated by the company is through investing in MSR’s, (mortgage servicing rights), and residential backed mortgage securities. The attractive return on investments produced by New Residential; are due in part to the experience and knowledge of the executives lead by Michael Nierenberg.

Since the last financial crisis, the mortgage industry has dramatically changed the way mortgagees are originated and serviced. New Residential plans to profit on the changes in the mortgage industry. According to Michael Nierenberg, there is always an opportunity to make money in the twenty-eight trillion dollar mortgage industry.

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Edwin Miranda Involvement In The Commercial Sector

Edwin Miranda is the owner of KOI IXS, which is a marketing agency operated with the performance. He has faith in the capability of performance marketing and is operated to assist international brands to yield a large market share. In addition, it builds a significant customer connection and attracts new buyers. The firm assists brands to push their boundaries quicker and further. The concept to innovate such a firm was generated from the top skilled designers and strategists. He assists to structure their objective and join the different innovated skills to generate tasks that are worth it.

Edwin Miranda was in a better position to execute his concepts into reality through his desires and interest in what he did. Interest is a regular element that needs to be undertaken for any business to prosper. The recent trend advancement that makes him happy is the attributes and predictive marketing. Currently, we can utilize technologies to develop purchases of the customer and enhance their growth. Besides forecasting, we can feature the sales and findings to the proper retail outlets to offer clients with real-time data. Lastly, predictive analytics can build personalized marketing and reality.

As a businessman, Edwin Miranda suggests that having a to-do’s list during the day is a beneficial item. When the day ends, you can be able to ascertain what activities were completed according to the list. An approach that enabled him to develop in the business is by hanging out with people he believes in. When growing a venture, you need support from the people you believe in order to accomplish your tasks. Fantastical 2 is a modernized calendar application and comprises of the time management tool that assists him to be industrious. The entire calendars are in one region together with their geotag which shows the location of the meeting.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: A Path To Success

India is known as the country of contrast. When you come from such a country, you take every chance you can get in order to succeed. Such people are few, but they still exist. With their hard work and success, they give other people faith in a future that is ahead of us. One of these magnificent people is Bhanu Choudhrie, executive director of the C & C Alpha group.

To work in a family-owned company sometimes can be a very large burden. People expect you to be one of them, and on the other hand, you must prove yourself even more.

Listen To Your Own Instincts

Well educated in business and marketing, Bhanu Choudhrie got his degree in the USA, but yet – he went to London to build his career. At that time, he saw a great opportunity in London and listened to his instincts that did not fail him.

He took that chance, and today C&C Alpha Group is a successful investment company well-known for their work. They invest in different branches such as restaurants and hotels, but also in healthcare.

As he once said, one of the benefits of his job is meeting people with different profiles. At the opening of the health center in Bury, he had the opportunity of meeting doctors, other members of the staff, and even to interact with patients.

Nevertheless, this kind of work has its own shortcomings. First of all, the responsibility lies on your shoulders, and that is not a small burden to carry. On the other hand, there are certain risks of investing in industries such as airlines or dotcom boom.

Back To Banking Business

Nevertheless, a successful businessman prevails obstacles and continues on. Thus, Bhanu Choudhrie returned to business in the financial services sector. He became a member of the New Century Bank Board. In all this, there is a traditional moment. Namely, his great grandfather was once on the head of the largest bank in India – Punjab National Bank.

After gaining a great knowledge and experience and working around the world, Bhanu Choudhrie is very pleased to provide advice on how to do business in emerging markets.

Nowadays, he has a lot of work to do, since the East has become a tempting investment market.

Nevertheless, despite all the work he even manages to do humanitarian work.

Charity work is very important to him. His mother runs a charity organization Path to Success, and he is helping her in promoting education and humanitarian work in schools all over the UK.

Support and hard work are really paths to success. Bhanu Choudhrie is a real proof of that.

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The Contribution of Rick Cofer in Austin’s LGBTQ Community

Rick Cofer is a litigation executive serving a criminal defense attorney in Austin. Rick Cofer supplements his profession by working as a philanthropist helping numerous communities, particularly vulnerable individuals like LGBTQ groups and the homeless. Rick Cofer directs his activities towards charity through the Texas Health Action and Kind Clinic participating as an active board member. As a member, Mr. Cofer believes in the incorporation of unique strategies to attend to the needs of people residing in the greater Austin area. He thus facilitates change through the providence of customized services which are evident in the website of his law firm where he states that each cases individuals face are unique. As such, people require customized defense in the law courts. Besides, Rick Cofer views each member of the community as an individual, thus motivating his interests directed towards enhancing the living conditions of the Austin LGBTQ society.

Given his intentions to boost the life of the needy, Rick Cofer through his law office sponsored the Kind Clinic in the organization of a Halloween ball on October 27, 2018. The event was necessary for benefiting Austin’s community and attending to the individuals’ healthcare requirements. LGBTQ is an important state’s movement consisting of Austin’s vulnerable populations. Through the contribution of Rick Cofer and the Kind Clinic, the residents of these niches receive affordable and comprehensive life care within the limits of the city. Austin is a famous city, which prides in hosting numerous events, possessing multiple clubs and is generally lively. However, wellness security is a crucial element that misses in Texas. Recent studies indicated that the residents of Austin needed help because of their insecurity ranging from food insecurity, homelessness, and safety needs. As such, Cofer along the Kind Clinics saw the need to engage actively in helping the members of its society.

Since May 2018, Texas Health Action in association with the Kind Clinic has been offering health care services, particularly sexual health. Christopher Hamilton, Texas Health Action CEO, introduced the sexual PrEP to help the gay and straight Texas members. PrEP access eliminates the possibilities of contracting HIV. The launching of the PrEP element was necessary for the medical community to facilitate the spread of awareness regarding sexual health to minimize sexual and HIV prevention mythical components. Through the Kind Clinic, which Rick Cofer supports financially, community members receive treatment thus solving the medical issues affecting them individually, reports lookthinkmake.com

Rick Cofer believes in the operations of the Kind Clinic in helping the LGBTQ community. The groups function under set principles consisting of knowledge, dedication, inclusion and nurturing. Given its mission, the clinic attends to everyone regardless of age, gender, and sexual orientation. Through the Kind Clinic, members of the Austin community will boost their health, courtesy of the significant contribution of Rick Cofer.


The Tales Of A Business Legend: Guilherme Paulus

The tales behind the making of Guilherme Paulus are quite inspiring to any man. The founder of CVC Tours and GJP Hotels and Resorts has gained global attention from his efforts and contributions to bettering Brazil’s economy. Paulus traces his journey from a humble background where after completing college he went out to seek employment like any other graduate.

Guilherme Paulus managed to secure a post at IBM, but as fate would have it, he did not serve for long. He launched CVC Tours as a touring solution for Brazil’s slowly growing tourism industry. With time he nurtured his venture to one of Latin America’s most reputable tour agencies. Since its inception in 1972, CVC Tours continues to expand its territories. Now, as a public company, it operates over a hundred stores. The company has earned its position at the top accruing over $5 billion in annual revenues.

Guilherme Paulus’ second venture GJP Hotels and Resorts was launched in 2005. Paulus figured that he would create a solution for tourists who were having a hard time finding accommodation and hospitable destinations. Out of his personal accounts, the passionate entrepreneur injected more than $600 million into his new business. Ten years into the business, GJP had completed building more than 20 hotels and was successfully managing them. In 2017, one of the resorts received an award that would recognize it as the best golf hotels in the world. GJP Hotels and Resorts continues to expand with a target to cover all cities in Brazil.

While going about his normal routines, Guilherme Paulus well known for his problem-solving addiction spotted Webjet in 2006. He saw immense potential in the airline as he was also passionate about wanting to change people’s perspective on using flights as a transportation mode. He expanded the airline’s fleet from one airplane to twenty within a span of five years. Webjet was ranked third best airline in Brazil before selling it, to focus on GJP.

Guilherme Paulus has proved his prowess on the entrepreneurship ground with two major businesses rising from scratch. Only a few can match his level of experience, skill and mental strength. O hotel butique de Guilherme Paulus

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Brilliance, Ambition & Philanthropy

Jeremy Goldstein, a high-profile lawyer in New York City, has made a name for himself during his professional career. This man just so happens to operate his very own law firm. This law firm is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, which is a boutique-like law firm that works close with corporations and CEOs. Goldstein has many degrees, including a J.D. from New York University School of Law. Read more:  Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensh and Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House | Patch

He has also attended Cornell University in which he obtained a B.A. Before he launched his own firm, Goldstein was a partner of a large law firm in New York City. In the past decade alone, he has been involved in some of the biggest corporate transactions as well as worked with some of the most prestigious companies such as IBM and Morgan Chase.

Fast-forward to 2019, and this man has added to his legendary resume. Back in 2018, Goldstein played a huge role in raising funds for a local organization that specialized in working with mental illness patients. He and two colleagues hosted an exceptional event that booked many affluent personnel.

This event was an actual wine dinner, and it was a huge success because it raised up to $56,000. This capital went toward the development and growth of an organization that’s known as Fountain House. Fountain House has supported mental issues for more than 60 years.

This foundation came into existence nearly 70 years ago. Fountain House progressively prepares individuals for a life of independence. The people who suffer with mental disabilities can do things on their own if they’ve learned the tools of trade.

This has been the quest of Jeremy Goldstein as of late, but who knows what he has instore for the future. Fountain House is flourishing right about now, and Jeremy Goldstein has made it this way.

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What Agera Energy Is Doing To Offer Better Services In Power And Energy Provision

Ultimately, your choice of energy optimization strategy relies on the company’s risk appetite and the degree to which it’s comfortable investing in a low-risk asset that has a high-investment return. Corporates need to take action by utilizing various options to integrate renewables to improve energy security and reduce exposure to rising energy prices. As such, Agera Financial is here to help you to choose the right energy supplier for your needs. The company aims to be your guide. But this time instead of food, it educates and empowers you to make better energy decisions. For the company, it’s about kilowatt hours as well as therms. Ageran energy focuses on changing the conversation regarding energy supply including how to enter a crowded industry since the costs are too high for an individual to ignore the result.

Energy is a primary expense for many people such as clients and local utilities. Agera Energy saw the sieved the chance to be different and look different in order to offer better services. To the company’s competition, a customer is a ratepayer. To Agera, the client is a consumer. You’ll be treated like one every time you consult. The staff takes this responsibility seriously.

Agera Energy founded in 2014. The company recently noted some of the worst Winters that have turned client’s budgets upside down for clients as well as retailers. The management found itself in one of the most rewarding times to launch the best energy supply company in the world.

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How Gareth Henry Became A Major Player In The Investment World

Gareth Henry has been on the top of the investment world for the past several years; he’s held positions as the Head of International Investor Relations and Global Head of Investment Relations at Fortress Investment Group and many more before that. However, it took a while for Mr. Henry to get where he is; as he put it, he was a self-confessed ‘math geek’ growing up, and that’s what led him on his career path.

Because of his passion for maths, Gareth Henry studied Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh before entering into the investment world. Mr. Henry has said that once he knew a little bit about risk management and had a decent understanding of economics, then he was hooked on investing. With his maths skills, it was definitely a field that he was more than qualified for. However, that doesn’t mean that his entire work day is taken up by numbers and equations. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Gareth Henry spends the majority of his days in face-to-face meetings with clients to get a better understanding of their needs as investors and entrepreneurs.

As he puts it, he can’t help any of his clients unless he has a deep understanding of their needs and of the business that he’s helping to grow. Because of that, he typically has a minimum of 500 meetings a year, but that can easily go up to 1,000. Gareth Henry has also said that having quick and efficient road shows every year helps to bring that number even higher. He’s also noted that he does his best to go to dinners or events with clients and industry experts at least once a week.

Gareth Henry has also said that the key to running a business successfully is with passion and enthusiasm. He says that if you don’t have any enthusiasm or passion for an idea or project, then it’s hard to get behind it; this ends up making it an uphill battle to get it done. Being enthusiastic and having passion for what you’re doing is essential to making a success out of your business. Heriot-Watt Alumnus Establishes Gareth Henry Access Bursary And One-To-One Mentoring Program

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The Fortress Investment Group Major Partnership

Since the founding of the SoftBank company in 1981, the company has strived and grown success over the international market. Fortress Investment Group made an expected move with SoftBank of laying investments in its new developments. Currently, the company earns a title of being one of the largest investment company worldwide. Through the 3.3-billion-dollar deal, Fortress investment group is less likely to change its operations hence the SoftBank agreement to not interfere with Fortress’ Management.

Through non-interference from SoftBank, its likely to be a good deal between Fortress and SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group therefore has grown following the chance to conducts its own businesses on its own. Following the decisions by SoftBank, the decision to make the purchase was settled on. Due to the partnership of this two firms, Softbank allows Fortress Investment Group to pursue their goals autonomously all over the world. The two companies are therefore working together upon agreed terms to ensure they reap the benefits at the agreed fee. As a result of this arrangement this firms are likely to receive major returns hence, the purchase.

Fortress Investment Group is still a younger firm as compared to SoftBank. It was founded in New York where it still holds its headquarters. Founded in 1998, the company become one of the largest global investment manager that manages thousands of private investors worldwide. Fortress has the liberty to operate independently in New York through the deal with SoftBank. This aspect of the deal therefore makes the partnership unique and special that one can work with no interference from then other.

Generally, Fortress Investment of assets are free from interference from SoftBank. The values and interests of fortress are valued by Softbank and the major ownership has recognized the power of having successful assets management. This merger and acquisition is commonly major is bigger companies. Fortress Investment Group liberty to work on its own it’s a major benefit for them since they are able to work as per their ideas and agendas. SoftBank was therefore able to make an arrangement of purchasing Fortress without disagreements.

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Gareth Henry’s Contribution To Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University recently announced an undergraduate scholarship program funded by Gareth Henry, an alumnus of the school. Gareth Henry studied in the school and graduated in 2001. He recently decided to provide Heriot-Watt with bursaries for underprivileged kids in the school. Apart from that, he has come up with a program that advice student on career choices and how to go about choosing a suitable career. Gareth Henry is hoping that the students of Heriot-Watt will see the benefits of joining university through the bursaries and the free advice. Gareth would like more students to study actuarial sciences. Gareth is currently working in investor relations and stays in New York. He believes that Heriot-Watt students can succeed with the required resources. He focuses more on actuarial maths and science for students planning to study finance.

Heriot-Watt offers Actuarial Science acknowledged by the UK; thus giving actuarial science students at the school a better opportunity to get employed. It also provides students that are willing to major further into mathematics a better chance for enrolling into another school. The scholarship focuses on students who have a passion for actuarial maths but lack the funds to pursue the course. Heriot-Watt is globally known for offering detailed research and developing students with a high potential making employment for them easy. It is one of the lead universities providing industry and business courses. It graduates become experts in a variety of fields including science and engineering. Besides the main headquarters in the UK, the university has campuses in other states.

Gareth Henry has had several executive positions over the years most of them dealing with investor relations. Gareth’s roles include servicing consumers, creating markets and selling products. Gareth Henry is an expert in actuarial maths. He graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Gareth is a very dedicated person. He has gained profit in the several firms he has worked. Gareth invested in Heriot-Watt since he believes that the students are the future and through their skills and innovation they can bring about technological advancements to the next generation. Gareth’s help to the university is much appreciated.

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