Being known as a Top 100 American Food Company is a testament to the Quality and Excellence that OSI Food Solutions bring as a company.

OSI Food Solutions is an American food company that has brokered impressive deals with international companies over the last few years. OSI has also purchased vital brands, which are considered a good fit for the type of brands and products that OSI’s product line has today. OSI Food Solutions was once called Otto & Sons, Inc. — a family meat company that was created in 1909. OSI Food Solutions is a 109-year-old food company with a 6.1 billion dollar value today, according to Forbes. Today, Food Solutions has 20 thousand employees and 67 facilities located in 17 countries.

Sheldon Lavin, who has been with the company since they were still Otto & Sons, leads OSI as their CEO. Mr. Lavin joined Otto & Sons in 1970 after working with them on certain financial issues. Sheldon Lavin’s decision to take over and lead in a senior position at Otto & Sons turned into a very prosperous choice for Sheldon Lavin and many fellow employees, customers, and other stakeholders involved.

OSI Food Solutions has received a plethora of accolades and impressive awards because of their high quality and excellence as a company. A subsidiary company of OSI Food Solutions was awarded the Globe of Honour award. This award is presented to many companies on an annual basis. Companies like OSI do business in the UK and also attain a higher level of excellence in the environmental safety milieu. Maintaining a high level of eminence in areas like sustainability, corporate inclusiveness, and diversity, as well as food quality, are elements that set OSI apart from other food businesses.

Lately, OSI Food Solutions has allocated substantial capital to meet goals that include doubling the OSI Food Solutions’ chicken volume. The creation of a new, high volume production facility in Toledo, Spain will assist in boosting OSI’s production chicken volume from 12 thousand tons of poultry to a 24 thousand ton capacity. Currently, OSI Food Solutions produces approximately 45 thousand tons of chicken, beef, and pork goods, yearly.

Two years ago, OSI Food Solutions bought Tyson Food’s plant. This Tyson facility is located in Chicago, Illinois. OSI Food Solutions purchased the Tyson plant for $74 million. At that time, OSI executives believed that this Tyson’s purchase would help spur long-term growth and sales.

OSI Food Solutions and their foreign subsidiaries provide employment opportunities in Europe (Poland, Germany, Spain, UK), the Americas, and Asia-Pacific markets.

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