Betsy DeVos Continues To Follow Her Heart Even When Phony Controversy Works To Unsettle Her

It seems like nobody is safe from controversy once they have decided to go to work in Washington D.C. Whether the controversy is manufactured or is real is a different story, altogether, and the former seems to be the case with news coming out about Betsy DeVos. She has always been a woman that has stood by her convictions and not backed down when the going got tough, but a recent occurrence caused the media to try to question her nerve and dedication.


Betsy DeVos was recently confirmed in to serve as the educational secretary of the U.S. Those who opposed her confirmation did not make things easy for her during the hearings. While this was the case, she was still confirmed in, even though it was a narrow 51-50 victory. Soon after her confirmation president Trump made a decision to do away with a federal policy that the Obama administration had put in place. The policy allowed transgender students to use any bathroom they pleased based on what gender they identified with. DeVos met with a transgender and gay employee representative for the department of education, and one of her aides let them know that DeVos was not for the change in policy.


The supposed controversy came when Betsy DeVos did not indicate her position in public. In fact, she was present when president Trump made the announcement, and she didn’t have anything negative to say about it. While this caused some to wonder what was going on, others were not shaken one bit. DeVos has been involved with politics in the state of Michigan for many years, and she knows when to oppose a move publicly and when to wait for a better time. In Michigan, she is known for her ability to remain focused and driven when pursuing a goal, and she hasn’t behaved any differently since she has been in Washington D.C.


Betsy DeVos made a move that surprised some when she first took up the post as the nation’s Secretary of Education. She tried to set up a meeting with two important figures in the educational world. These people were Randi Weingarten and Lily Garcia, who are the leaders of two prominent teachers unions. Both of the women have opposing political views when compared to DeVos, but she tried to work with them. Only Weingarten decided to show for a meeting with her, but this surely won’t dissuade DeVos. While not everyone agrees with Betsy DeVos, she is respected by many who believe she does her best to do what is right.


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