Bid to Incorporate Olympic Valley blocked to the Delight of Andy Wirth

The north shore communities of Lake Tahoe have not had an easy time for the past few years. This is because of the drought that affected the winter resorts as well as the small ventures that depend on the resorts. Apart from the drought, the communities were faced with a political challenge in terms of an incorporation battle over the Olympic Valley. This is according to a story published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.
The Olympic Valley has North America’s iconic and excellent winter sports terrain and is home to the famous Squaw Valley Resort. According to Andy Wirth, the four years have been tough. However, the relief to the situation came in two ways; for him and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The storms in early season in addition to the cold temperatures helped Tahoe area resorts including Squaw Valley to open earlier than usual. The incorporation effort supporters that Andy Wirth viewed as threat to the civic climate and business in the area offered political relief when they officially withdrew.
Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation effort because it could have resulted in reduced level of services that people rely on. The services include snow plowing and road maintenance. Additionally, it could have given way to higher taxes to businesses and residents and separated the Olympic Valley from the north shore communities. The communities usually combine their resources in dealing with regional matters. Wirth notes that it could have lead to a fiscal disaster.
Incorporation supporters are of the opinion that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had self-motives to oppose the plan. This is because it had plans to advance its real estate through more commercial and residential development. In addition, there are plans to connect Alpine Meadows ski areas and Squaw Valley through a gondola. They argue that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had reservations in terms of answering to town council preferring Placer County Board of Supervisors based in Auburn, California. Wirth disagrees with the interpretation. However, the Local Agency Formation Commission of California determined that the proposed town would not be financially viable.
Wirth has tirelessly worked as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to make the area one of the premier destinations for tourists in the world. He has also contributed to community and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe region with an aim of advancing the area economically. Wirth serves as the chairman for the Reno Tahoe.

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