The successes of José Henrique Borghi

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most creative minds in the advertising industry in Brasil. He has created advertising campaigns for companies like Hyatt, Google, Western Union and many other international organizations.

He started his advertising career in 1989 after graduating from PUC Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda. He grew to become the vice president of Leo Burnett Agency and later in 2002 became the president. He formed an agency with another partner and formed the Lowe Advertising Agency. Jose became the president of the company. They later merged with another agency and formed the Mullen Lowe Agency. Jose was named the CO-CEO with Andre Gomes.

Some of the responsibilities that he has at the agency include the company’s social media, digital marketing and public relations. He has well trained and experienced specialists that help him come up with some of the best campaigns. Some of the specialists include content creators, advertising specialists and other professionals.

One of the best qualities that he possesses is having persistence even when the situations are hard. He has been responsible many important jobs throughout his career. Recently, during the celebration of the International Women’s day, Jose Henrique Borghi and his team came up with a campaign to sensitize women and the public on the effects and the extent of violence against women. The campaign was to encourage women to report and come out immediately the experience violence against them.

Another campaign that Jose and his team has developed and caught the attention of many was the one he did for Fini. He helped the organization to develop an off line communication and brand positioning of Fini. This is to help Fini spread fun among its customers. In terms of promotion, Mullen Lowe Brasil developed a campaign and called it transformation where they created films encouraging people to smile with Fini as the brands transform their lives.

He has created campaigns that have remained in the minds of many for a long time and to know more visit channel @

The Relentless Mindset of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal proudly states on her Forbes blog, “I am pioneering a culture of invention focused on creating breakthroughs and ‘firsts’ to deliver real competitive advantage for brands and business.” Senecal is an expert within the marketing and advertising industry, creating innovative techniques implemented in Fortune 500 Companies today.

Senecal earned her undergraduate degree from McGill University where she majored in Marketing & Finance. She started her career as President at the New York office of McCann Erickson before transitioning to Krishenbaum Bond Senecal, where she rose to Global Executive Chairman. Today she is the Global CEO of of Crispin Porter + Bogusky where she oversees the global growth and expansion of the company.

Inspirery got an inside interview on Senecal’s break into the industry and mindset as to how she became successful. Lori Senecal explains in the interview that she was inspired to join the business of advertising and marketing through her experience as a gymnastics coach. Senecals states, “coaches are leaders, and once you are a leader, it’s hard to be a follower.” Last year she was recognized

To make money in the industry, Senecal knew that she only made money when her clients made money and that performance and perseverance provided profitable results. She believes being profitable is a process with many moving parts of passion, people, and collaboration coming together.

Lori Senecal knew that times when she didn’t believe success was in her future was a mindset and attitude that needed to change. While there will always be mishaps, how you react and your perspective can make the learning curve more efficient towards your goals. She shares in her interview that she acquired her first customer by being relentless and confident in her strengths. Though she faces obstacles every day, her hardest decision is informing teammates that their performance isn’t up to standard. She does find satisfying moments when her clients are satisfied and believes her success should be credited to her parents, mentors, and focus on precision. Lastly, Senecal shares that business books about the technology company, Apple, inspire her. More details can be found on Adweek.

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