Ken Goodrich Takes Goettl Air Conditioning to Success and Prominence

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is an industry pioneer. It continues a legacy started in 1939 when Gust and Adam Goettl built up the Phoenix region’s first evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit to battle harsh temperatures in the area. Since then, Goettl has built an excellent reputation in the HVAC industry, prevailing through years of changes in innovation and the HVAC business.

The Goettl brothers ventured into the HVAC industry in 1926, setting up their first facility in Mansfield, Ohio. Later on, the brothers Adam, John, and Bill relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, to explore new opportunities amidst the Great Depression. Subsequently, they founded Phoenix-based Goettl Air Conditioning, which grew to a globally recognized manufacturer of evaporative coolers and an assortment of refrigerated AC units. At some point, Goettl together with its affiliates held more than 100 licenses.

You get more value for your cash when you work with Goettl Air Conditioning. They take pride in doing everything right at the first time. Their talented and highly experienced technicians offer premium services you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Every of Goettl’s technicians is Certified and subject to thorough background and drug test. For each of Goettl’s service, you get a free Goettl electric lamp.

As a pioneer in the HVAC industry, Goettl has worked tirelessly to shape the HVAC industry. Goettl’s staffs strive to offer their clients the best HVAC services throughout Arizona. In fact, their services in the industry are unmatched. Goettl Air Conditioning is keen to listen to its customers and develops custom-tailored products and services to meet every client’s specific needs.

Having been born to a family with a background in the HVAC industry, Ken Goodrich was drawn to the world of HVAC back as a teenager. Goodrich was aged 25 when his dad passed on and left him the mandate to manage the privately-owned company. NorCal News reports Goettl Air Conditioning is a leading organization that stretches out credit to the young, aspiring entrepreneurs who would want to venture into the HVAC industry.

Goettl Air Conditioning is worth recognition for its decades of investment in eco-friendly and custom-tailored homes throughout the Arizona region. Goettl currently has 306 workers and expects additional 200 job opportunities once it consolidates its presence throughout North America by acquiring Walton’s Heating and Air, a family-owned HVAC company. Goettl is already predominant in Tucson and Phoenix, its largest markets. Visit the website