Top Must-Have Business and Dating IPhone Apps

It is important to obtain maximum productivity out of the time and resources invested in a business. When one is involved in a business that requires constant movement from one place to another, they will rely heavily on the apps on their iPhones for various business purposes. For instance, storing and viewing information from the company’s database, accessing data from the firm’s computer systems or managing the website of the enterprise. In such situations, the broad range of iPhone apps for businesspersons comes in handy. This article focuses top iPhone apps that every business should have.

LinkedIn App

An online platform creates relationships and networks for different aspects of the company. Although LinkedIn may not serve as a substitute for one-on-one meeting, it offers several competitive advantages. People misplace business cards easily. However, with LinkedIn app, one will never lose a single contact. The app is more of a virtual address book. It lets other people know what new businesses are up to and where they are located. It also allows businesses to view other companies’ updates and can quickly identify potential opportunities.

Skout App

Skout develops location-based dating and social networking websites. It was the first mobile dating app to generalize users’ location. The app uses global positioning system of one’s iPhone to help one find the users within their general radius; however, Skout app does not identify the precise location of the user. The users are free to remove the location-tracking feature of the app. The app allows one to view profiles of other users and send virtual gifts and instant messages.

iTerminal App

This is an essential business iPhone app that enables payment via credit card irrespective of one’s geographical location. Although the app is downloaded free, it requires a monthly subscription fee of $25 for maintaining one’s account with the company. Moreover, each iTerminal transaction costs 2.3 % of the total transaction value. The app supports all the main credit cards used globally including Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard. iTerminal verifies credit card details and works with the help of Wi-Fi and 3G. It gives instant feedback regarding the declined or approved transactions.

WorldCard Mobile App

It stores and manages business cards received by scanning them and arranging them for easy retrieval.

Splashtop Desktop Remote App

The app is used in a situation when a particular file, power point presentation, document or video is required urgently in a meeting yet it has been forgotten in the office. Splashtop Desktop Remote app has complete access to any PC or Mac from one’s iPhone, it readily recalls any file in one’s PC directly to the iPhone. The app allows one to interact with Outlook, multimedia, browser, word, excel and power paint application of one’s computer.