What is Contemporary Art

The inception of contemporary art as a genre is approaching 70 years of age. Because of this, contemporary art sets at the edge of a cliff in which it has to be decided if the term contemporary art applies to the actual art that is being produced currently. The other school of thought is to simply call any art that is being currently produced, contemporary art. This a literal translation that really has no basis in the concept of contemporary art as a genre. Many take the viewpoint that contemporary art as a genre does not really denote a growing genre that is truly contemporary in the literal definition sense. What is a definite is that the art that is currently being produced lacks a name as a movement. In these cases, a name is often invented that these artists will almost certainly not like.

This disdain for the title will not occur because the term is inaccurate, but because artists hate to be placed in a pigeon hole even if their art is adhering to a preconceived standard. Additionally. The very epitome that something is waning in the cool factor is if that something gets a name that is ascribed from people outside of the activity. Artist are no different. However, this is the circumstance in which artists that are producing current art find themselves in. This is especially true when the fog of immaturity has lifted, and a business sense begins to grow in artists. Movements can only gain steam when they become organized, and beyond raw talent, these labeled movements are one of the drivers.

I am at this point in my career. I am not a contemporary artist in the genre sense. However, I am producing art based on my talents. I am also able to make a decent living because I am very talented and because I work hard. However, a movement surrounding my style of art would really do a lot for my business and the businesses of my contemporaries. The improvement could not be understated. Because of this, there will be a name given. However, I am not sure if I do not want to be labeled a contemporary artist in the genre sense.

Lately, a very complex, large holding of contemporary art was recently listed on the market. The collection is called the Sender collection after Adam Sender (Facebook), the collection’s current owner. Sender is the most prolific owner of high-end contemporary art since the inception of contemporary art. The buzz surrounding this release is the type of interest that a labeled movement could have. I know gallery owners that have seen their business triple since Adam Sender placed his collection on the market.