The Bruno Fagali Chronicles

Bruno Fagali is the CEO and founder of the FAGALI advocacy, which is mainly based in Brazil. This law firm specializes in taking up clients who are basically in the business world. They have a mission of being a great help to the businesses within Brazil which usually experience a lot of legal problems due to the nature of the policies and regulations within their country.

The Brazilian system is a very strict one, with so many complicated laws and smaller timelines for implementation of the regulations introduced as legislation. Most companies and business persons usually find it very difficult to fit in this system. It even becomes more difficult for them when all the advocates who could help them out take advantage and are extravagant in their charges. Bruno Fagali, however, is very modest in his charges and is, therefore, a champion among many of these business people.

The modest charges could be misinterpreted to mean that the services expected from him are not of high quality. Quite the contrary, Fagali can make arguments and interpretations of the law which are very strong. This could be attributed to the experience that he has gained over his many years of experience. He began practicing law in the year 2012. He has worked with different law firms, which each teach him something new in practice, sharpening his skills.

The experience could be the greatest contributor to good work. However, his knowledge in the legal field came from the education he got in Law in Sao Paulo. Apart from the good quality of work, Bruno is also usually enthusiastic about the people that he works with. He is always enthusiastic about ensuring that he creates a good and ethical team, which would guarantee him excellent results in practice.

He usually requires a lot of cooperation and objectivity from his employees. Therefore, he ensures, right from the formulation of his HR policy, that he has made attempts to get only the best employees for Fagali’s firm, the FAGALI advocacy. This law firm has already created a good reputation so far, but they would be sure about building and leaving a legacy under the leadership of Bruno.

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