Wengies Hair Hacks Video



Wengie is a very popular YouTube personality who makes a variety of videos on her YouTube channel. She currently has close to six million subscribers and has millions and millions of views. One of her top videos is her 10 Hair hacks Every Girl Should Know video. Throughout this video Wengie shares a variety of great tips and tricks for caring for your hair. Below are just a few of the many tricks and tips she shares with her viewers.


One of the first and best tips that Wengie shares throughout the video is that healthy hair starts on the inside. This is incredibly important as your diet can certainly affect how healthy your hair is. Wengie shares a list of different vitamins that are great for healthy hair.


Another great tip Wengie shares is to avoid drying your hair with a regular towel. A regular towel can cause friction as well as split ends. For the best results ring hair dry in the shower and then pat it dry with a t-shirt once you get out. This will help control frizz.


Another one of the best tips is to use dry shampoo. It is a great way to add volume and texture to your hair when you don’t want to wash it. It is also a great way to keep hair looking and smelling fresher in between washes.


Throughout the video Wengie also shows a variety of other great tips and tricks. She shows viewers three different ways to use hairspray for different things. She also shares with viewers a simple way to trim dead ends.


With so many great tips and tricks throughout the video it is easy to see why it is one of Wengies most viewed videos. It currently has more than eight million views and hundreds of thousands of likes.


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Wengie’s Asian Facial Massage Secrets

Wengie is a popular beauty blogger that is based in Australia. Wengie is also a very popular Youtuber. Her channel receives millions of views yearly. Her popularity is off the charts because her down to earth videos are charming and well produced. Wengie shares secrets and tips on subjects that range from beauty, skincare, to facial massages too. In this video, Wengie shares a few secrets about Asian Facial Massages. You’ve probably noticed that Wengie has great looking skin. Well, the fact is that Asian women have been using facial massage to improve the circulation, tone, and texture of their skin for years. In this video, Wengie shows how to give a great facial massage for glowing skin.

Wengie’s Asian Facial Massage
Wengie shares that facial massages are an obsession with Asian women. Most Asian women are obsessed with creating the popular V line face shape. In addition, the massage is thought to remove bloating and firm the cheeks. The massage also tones and tightens the skin on the face to keep the skin glowing and looking very youthful. Check out the easy to follow video that gives instruction on performing the treatment. Wengie advises viewers to avoid using those plastic spoons. They might damage the skin and are not very effective. She advises viewers to use rounded ceramic spoons or Chinese spoons. Also, use your favorite massage oil to lubricate the skin. This is a great tutorial on facial massage that just about anyone could do at home. It is very similar to a wonderful professional massage that you might receive at a spa.


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