Dan Barber’s Veggie Burger

Mmmm, burgers. They’re a quick, easy, versatile, and quite delicious food! With Summer almost here, it seems like it’s expected that at least one burger will be consumed for flip flop season. The great thing about burgers is that there are always so many different options for them. No longer does a burger just have to be a slab of meat on a bun with some vegetables and ketchup. Nope, there are options. The great thing is that those options can be vegetarian friendly so that they too can enjoy a burger.

Dan Barber’s vegetable burgers at Shake SHack in Madison Square Park Flagship literally flew off the shelf when they became available. Good news for those who didn’t make it our there to try one of those delicious creations. GrubStreet is reporting that there are still 100 veggie burgers left! There were a total of 500.

This isn’t your typical veggie burger. It’s made of vegetable pulp, green-leaf lettuce, cheese, ketchup from bruised beet, and a bun made out of stale rye bread that’s been repurposed. It’s got quite the array of ingredients that have had new life breathed into them and it’s perfect for any vegetarian, or anyone out there that’s willing to try something new! The burger runs for a little under 9 dollars.

It’s unclear when Dan Barber will make this creation again, so those like Brian Torchin who want to be a part of a small history should act quickly!