Sergio Cortes the Skillful Administrator.

A quick internet search on Dr. Sergio Cortes would lead you to his impressive personal website. The doctor uses this site to share a host of health related issues and educate the public.
The doctor is an experienced specialist in hip surgery. He has worked with the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Brazil since 1990 and served as its Director and Chairperson at some point. The expertise he brings in makes him a highly sought after professional. During his career, he also served the National Male Volleyball team as their Doctor.
Make no mistake about it, Dr. Cortes possesses an almost perfect professional and academic record. He focuses on emerging issues in Brazilian healthcare, strategic planning, and administration. These skills explain his stints as State Health Secretary of Rio de Janeiro and that of Chief Medical Officer at Rede D’Or St. Louis.
In Rio de Janeiro, he is remembered for setting an example of how emergencies should be handled. Case in point, the flooding in Xerem posed headaches to health administrators in Rio. A broken waste management system had resulted in pollution of the environment. When floods came, the stagnant waters became pools of toxic soup that posed severe health risks. The emergence of Zika and Dengue viruses also compounded the gravity of the situation.
Sergio Cortes mobilized all resources on hand to control the situation before it got out of control. Emergency crews set up shelter camps for displacing people and provided clean water for use. They implored the displaced people to observe proper sanitation. An emergency medical camp also came up to handle any extreme health cases. Dr. Cortes expressed optimism there was sufficient infrastructure to handle any arising emergencies in an official visit to the area. Surveillance teams also kept monitoring developments around Xerem with the hope of early detection of complicated cases.
Sergio Cortes shares his name with two other accomplished and prominent individuals. One is a former tennis player from Chile who made headlines when he won the US open in 1993. The other is perhaps the best impersonator the world has ever seen. Sergio Cortes mimics the late pop sensation Michael Jackson to every fine detail. One would say the name Sergio Cortes brings fame and fortune.


Brazilian Portfolios Yield Undiscovered Prospects Chock-Full of Samba in Brazil’s Increasing Economy and Developing Markets

Investors should consider looking into Brazil for investment mixtures of stocks and bonds, as well as other commodities that provide the lowest risk with the greatest returns over time. Although the general value of Brazilian currency has fallen, so has international trading market prices. At this time, the Brazilian economy is diversified, and their equities markets are good.

Zeca Oliveira is a highly profiled native Brazilian investor and entrepreneur. As the CEO of the prestigious Bridge Trust Administration investment firm, Zeca Oliveira is a leader in asset holdings of Brazilian capital. After an initial intention of running for office as a representative for the Socialist Workers Party, Oliveira’s first business engagement was to join the Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BNY Mellon). After moving on from that company, he joined the Bridge Trust Administration. Bridge Trust was a brand new company at the time, but within an extremely short period, burst into prosperity. Brazil is making extraordinary deals throughout the nation as Bridge Trust Administration manages $2.5 billion.

Recently, Bridge Trust merged with Gradual Investimentos forming a strong corporation seeking to hold funds securely, and advance growth as an extension of their new affiliation. As a result of this alliance, new products and services are expected to be offered to clients. Zeca Oliveira and Fernando Lima have done the necessary work, and these firms are yielding high dividends. The success Brazil experiences in its financial sector have resulted in areas where investors can get high returns for placements in Brazilian portfolios.

There are two initial options for international investors in Brazilian stocks. The first option requires going directly to the Brazilian stock exchange list and investing in stocks on the list. The other option is the offshore investment path available in the structure of American and global depository receipts (ADRs/GDRs), and Brazilian and Latin American exchange-traded (ETFs) and mutual funds. Whatever options chosen, gaining knowledge is essential.

Brazil’s energy exporting is beginning to emerge as a good investment option, as well as manufacturing. Natural resources are abounding in Brazil. Brazil is the world’s 10th largest economy. As an investment hot spot, Brazil is one of the world’s fewest countries playing a critical role in the international economy due to it being independently sufficient in oil. Brazil leads in the production of more alternative energy sources than Asia and Europe combined, and as a producer of iron ore, Brazil is the second largest in the world. With this thriving resource, Brazil manufactures an array of products ranging from aircraft to hair clips. The foreign trade field is maturing with a GDP rate increased to $2.4 trillion.

An even greater aspect for foreign investors are fewer regulations to contend with in Brazil’s financial division. However, registration with Brazil’s Central Bank and Securities authorities is necessary. Decades of over-inflation and domestic currency instability in Brazil appear to be over. The list of positive attributes is long. Brazil is now a favorable candidate promising tremendous growth.