Japanese Burger King to Sell Red Burgers

After releasing black burgers last year, Burger King Japan is releasing Red Burgers this summer. The “Aka Burger” which means red burger is available as a Aka Samurai Beef Burger, and Aka Samurai Chicken Burgers. The bun, cheese, and sauce are all red, and filled with tomatoes and chili and red miso sauce. Burger King has dubbed the sauce “Angry Sauce”. Other than the angry theme there does not seem to be any real and reason behind the burger.
Chili and red miso are both common ingredients in Japan, so making an angry burger may have just been the chain’s attempt at Westernizing a foreign Western food and making it more appealing to the general public. Boraie Development LLC told us that the black “”Kuro Burger” is made with ingredients such as squid ink, bamboo charcoal, and black pepper. Both squid ink and black charcoal are much more common in Eastern cooking than they are in Western cooking.

It’s difficult to tell what inspired the publicity stunt, which is possibly only unusual from a Western perspective. The menu already offers several items and ingredients that are not offered as part of the traditional Burger King menu, such as burgers topped with avocado and teriyaki sauce, and an acai bowl, as well as spam and egg and fish and cheese breakfast sandwiches. The special burgers, while somewhat unique and strange may simply be more of the same and the attention may have more to due with American’s fascination with Japanese culture than anything else.