Graham Edwards Working in Housing Policy and Heading Telereal Trillium

The British businessman Graham Edwards recently started working at the latest division of the Center for Policy Studies. He will be the Charmin of their Housing Policy Group and will also be a research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies.

Graham Edwards has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company Telereal Trillium and will be retaining his position there. The company is working in properties and is one of the largest such businesses in the United Kingdom. Along with his responsibilities at the company, Graham Edwards will be working in partnership with the in-house experts of the Center for Policy Studies. The objective is to develop new policies to promote home ownership as well as housebuilding.

British businessman Graham Edwards achieved his education at the University of Cambridge and graduated in Economics. After that, he served at the Flagship Company. First, Graham Edwards was the Director of Flagship 2 ltd and then he was promoted to the same position but of Flagship 1 Ltd.

Over the next years, Graham Edwards Telereal served at various institutions and committees before he joined the Merrill Lynch Investment Management which is now known as Black Rock. He worked as a Fund Manager. He was also appointed as the Head of Finance of the Property Department of the BT Group Plc.

Next up, Graham Edwards started a position at Talisman Global Asset Management as their Chief Investment Officer. It currently has AUM of more than 2 billion pounds. In 2001, Graham Edwards started his career at Telereal Trillium as the Chief Executive of the company (

During his career, Graham Edwards initiated a transaction that resulted in 6 700 properties that were transferred from BT to the Telereal Trillium. The accumulative worth of the properties exceeded 2 billion pounds. In 2009, he was the leader of negotiations that allowed the Telereal Trillium to acquire the Land Securities Group Plc. It also established the corporation as the firm leader in the industry in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year in April, Graham Edwards received a promotion and became the Executive Chairman of the Telereal Trillium as well. He has been recognized for his skills in business and leadership.