The Benefits of the IDLife Customized Nutrition Plan

According to the article published in the Weekly Opinion, the recent economic recession caused lots adults to start questioning whether a regular employment arrangement is sufficient to provide for themselves plus create a cushion for falling back during lean times. Lots of people have gradually come to accept that working 40 hours per week at a big company isn’t the quickest or easiest path to financial independence and freedom.

Even though more opportunities are available nowadays than ever before for those individuals to explore unconventional means of earning income, it could be difficult navigating through the ocean of trading opportunities out there. Among the most effective plus easy to understand means that motivated individuals are getting further along the route to financial security is through IDLife. The company was formed to help clients attain their highest level of nutrition and health by providing a nutrition plan that is customized to each client.

Instead of having to look at rows of supplements that are confusing at a health food store and guess what one should be taking, the IDLife company makes it easier for people than ever to supplement their good eating options with the right blend of nutrients and vitamins for their daily needs. From the time IDLife launched in the year 2014, the company has been getting overwhelmingly positive responses from clients and investors alike.

IDLife customers have been raving regarding the benefit of having all of their supplements chosen expertly and then sorted into two packets each day. That eliminates the time consuming procedure of counting out medicines and wondering what dosage someone should be taking in each vitamin.

Clients have been asking to stock their shelves particularly with the vitamins, meal replacements, performance enhancers, and protein bars that IDLife is offering. These products have sold in such large volumes, the reason being many satisfied clients have confirmed their effectiveness. The IDLife loyal customer base is expected to continue growing.

FDA approved independent laboratories have tested all IDLife products for maximum nutritional absorbability, solubility, purity, as well as potency. The products are of excellent quality, and they are derived from high-quality ingredients which are casein-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

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Eric Pulier: The brain behind vAtomic systems

Eric Pulier is an all-rounded person, from being a successful entrepreneur, technologist, philanthropist, author, as well as a public speaker, he continues to thrive in the business world. His passion for success has seen him establish more than 15 companies. Some of the firms he has founded, co-founded or even financially funded include US Interactive, Media Platform, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Akana, and Desktone.


Eric Pulier is involved in various technological initiatives and is a huge investor in charitable organizations and capital funds. He has also invested in various media and technology startups which have turned out to be quite a success.


Eric Pulier is a board member for XPRIZE Foundation and the Painted Turtle. His philanthropist is well brought out through his passion for helping little ones facing chronic illnesses. Through his donations, the children can enjoy the breath-taking summer camp moments. He has also invested his skills, time, and capital to Starbright World and helped create a social media initiative for kids living with chronic ailments. Through the initiative, children can interact and share ideas.


In his interview with ideamensch, Eric reveals that his idea to start vAtomic sprouted from the need to transform the economy and make life easier. He continues to say that a typical day for him can be termed as overwhelming, but he ensures that he gets enough rest. Eric also believes in channeling enough attention to any task at hand.


Eric pulier says that he brings ideas to life by writing down any inspiration or idea that runs through his mind. He says that it is a great way of giving birth to new prospects. Eric continues to reveal that having persistence is key to the success of any venture. He says that some plans or ventures don’t take the expected course, and so, one should be able to adjust easily and push through to success.


Eric Pulier’s Early Life


Eric was born in New Jersey, and by the time he completed high school in the year 1984, he had already founded a database computer firm. Mr.Eric Pulier is a Harvard graduate and has achieved so much throughout his career. Upon joining Harvard, he became Harvard Crimson’s editor. After completing his studies at Harvard, Eric relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams. He is a father to four amazing children.



Eric Pulier Has Many Ideas for Tech Startups

It has often been said that the most difficult thing about launching a successful startup is coming up with a really good idea. Indeed, being original when it comes to your tech startup is often much easier said than done. However, Eric Pulier does not seem to have a problem where ideas are concerned for the startups he is involved with. This is one of the reasons why investors continue to flock to Eric and the startups that he oversees. These venture capitalists know that any idea that Eric will think of is sure to stand out from the crowd.


How does Eric Pulier do it? How does he repeatedly come up with the ideas that his competitors do not? The answer is that Eric spends a long time working on each of his startups before they are launched. It is not like they are just slapped together in a few days. Eric carefully analyzes what products or services that the public has a need for. He then examines all of the various new products and services that have come on the market recently. Ideally, Eric wants to launch a startup that will allow him to get in on the ground floor. Eric says that making your startup the only game in town for a particular industry is the best way to make it develop an audience quickly.


Eric always lets people know that there is no guarantee that your startup will succeed. You might have a beautiful site with a great product at an affordable price. However, none of these things will mean that people will find your site and buy items from it. Eric suggests spending a lot of time planning what types of marketing campaigns you will be using. He suggests starting to market your startup before it is even launched. This will help to build up public interest and anticipation.


Eric Pulier’s startup ideas are usually one step ahead of his competitors. He says that his instinct is very good when it comes to predicting what the public will want to spend their money on in the future.