Roberto Santiago Provides The Product and Marketing With Manaira Shopping

No one can deny the amount of creativity and work that has gone into bringing forth Manaira Shopping. It has a lot to offer for customers that come to visit. However, people did not just come to the mall out of nowhere. They had to know about the mall. Not everyone who lives in Brazil are going to know about Manaira Shopping just from its existence. Therefore, a little bit of marketing is needed in order to get people to visit the mall. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has managed to spread enough word about the mall and satisfy the customers with the experience that he offers with the mall.


One of the best things about Manaira Shopping is that the mall itself makes it easier for businesses to make money and pay for the products they need to keep going. In many cases, the shopping center is a large factor in whether or not customers are going to visit. Therefore, Roberto Santiago makes sure that he does everything that he can to keep the environment welcoming. At the same time, he does everything that he can to make sure that there is a lot of features in the mall which will attract more of the customers.


One of the best things about setting up shop in Manaira Shopping is that it is like having advertising space in one of the largest websites of great reputation. Given that there are many different types of people shopping at Manaira Shopping, there is always going to be someone that is looking for something new in the mall. Therefore, when one sets up a business at that mall, he is likely to gain at least one loyal customer depending on what he offers.


Given all of the different features of Manaira Shopping, there are going to be many different customers that visit the mall for many different reasons. Some of them may go shopping and then get some entertainment as well as meet up with one another to spend time together. Manaira Shopping definitely meets the social needs of customers. They can shop and socialize at the same time.


OSI Food Solutions

OSI was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was a German who had moved to America and decided to start a small meat kiosk. After 19 years, the small business grew into a company as it had gained enough finances from supplying quality meat to the locals. It was at this time when the kiosk became Otto and Sons Company. Later the current owner of the company got his first job as a consultant in finances. After several years, Sheldon Lavin became a shareholder in the company and as a result, he got more involved in the activities of this meat processing firm. After purchasing the firm he renamed it to LLC which then became OSI group.

2016 Globe of Honor.

Annually the British Council holds a Luncheon where awards are given to companies. The companies which receive these recognitions and awards are those that have been noticed to have an outstanding passion for care and protection of the environment. For a company to be included in the competition for awards, it must be rated with at least five starts in the British scheme. OSI Group received this award in 2016 for being the best company which has been in the frontline in environmental conservation.

ISO Group Employment policy

Sheldon has grown the ISO Group by creating a network with all his employees. At work, all employees call him Sherry so as to remove any formality which may bring tension to the employees. The company aims at employing more both formal and subordinate staff as a way of creating and improving the livelihood of residents located near the firm. Employees are always encouraged to quickly learn from their mistakes and move on to the continuous success of the firm. Currently, the company is looking for people with an entrepreneurial mind so as to give them an opportunity to grow their own dreams.

Acquisitions and expansion plans.

Early last year the company increased its investment in chicken production in Spain with an aim of increasing the output from 12000 tons to 24 000 tons. It was essential for the objective to be met due to the growing demand in Spain. With the output increment, the company also invested in refrigerators, vehicles, chicken food, human resources, and buildings. Moreover, the company has gone ahead to buy all shares in both Baho foods and Tyson food as a way of expanding their suppliers and delivering to the consumers’ demands. Baho is a Dutch company which mainly deals with meat processing and the making of meat products like Pizza, hotdogs, and sausages among others.

This company has been ranked among the best food processing companies because it always delivers high-quality meat and meat products to the clients in all the branches.

Todd Lubar Position in the Baltimore Real Estate Industry

Baltimore reputation for its elegance has been growing at an impressive level. Demographic figures point out that the city is the most preferred by young people. The growth hasn’t always been there and the last decade had seen more improvement compared to some years ago when people were moving out. The real estate market has been very influential in bringing the city to its current position as explained by Todd lubar. Graduates fresh from campus are opting to Baltimore due to the affordable housing. However, the most impressive feet remain the low cost of living despite the booming economy.

A few years ago, the city had many old unused building and development was an all-time low. It has come to pass with the refurbishment of the old buildings to go with the demand of the future young population. Aside from renovation, investors have put their money toward the construction of condominiums, which come at an affordable rate. With the growth in the construction development, the transport network has gained from real estate. Public transportation spread its system all the way to the suburban areas.

The expansion in transport connects the people in the downtown area to those working in the metropolitan. The costs of suburban residents on parking have also been. With the waiving parking fee, this will encourage people to spread their business to more area. Check out Inspirery to know more.

The Baltimore community has opened its doors to allow the international brand to invest in the city. It has been through incentives and initiatives rolled out to create a conducive business environment for growth. The Under Armor brand has been allowed converted 10 Light Street, which is one f the oldest building into a gym and training complex. This incentive gives the company the flexibility it needs to grow. The local government also encourages startup of restaurants and luxurious shopping areas. Despite all these housing options the cost of living is guaranteed to be constant. Notably, the wide range of housing has attracted the developers who are streaming into the city.

Todd lubar has been in the center stage of all these developments. Todd earned his undergraduate degree from Syracuse University. He worked for Chester Mortgage Company. It is while in the company he gained recognition with the best real estate’s organizations such as legacy financial group and the charter funding .in his extended stay at Baltimore Todd owns a few construction and deconstruction companies. Check out his website

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Telecommunication Expertise of Rick Smith Securus

Rick Smith Securus is a renowned and respected intellectual who contributed to the success of Securus Technologies. Being the founder and the CEO, he has enabled the prison tech company to realize a lot of profits in its operation. Through His leadership in the company, the society has been protected through the innovation of civil and criminal justice technology. Rick Smith Securus has made it possible to prevent and provide solutions to the crimes in the cells and the free world.Rick Smith securus has received a lot of promotions due to his able leadership in achieving the objectives and goals of various companies. He served as the chief financial officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc from 1998 to 2000.He was given the responsibility of being the chief operating officer in 1999 in which he served successfully in the position until 2003. He was then promoted to serve as the president of chief operating officer. In 2003, Rick Smith Securus was appointed as the chief executive officer of the company.

Before joining Eschelon Telecom, Rick Smith Securus had worked successfully at Frontier Corp. for 20 years where he was also promoted to various positions. Some of the positions which he held include the chief controller and, chief information officer. He also promoted to the position of vice president of financial management and served as the president of the company. While working at Midwest Telephone Operations, he brought a lot of contributions in the business operation while serving as the vice president. He was appointed to the board of Securus in 2008 where the board chose him to be the chairman in 2009.Rick Smith securus studied Applied Science in Electrical Engineering where he obtained his degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. He pursued MBA at the University of Rochester. He was also admitted to State University of New York where he studied Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. Smith also has a Master’s degree in mathematics.

The success of Securus Limited is attributed largely to the innovative and able leadership of Rick Smith Securus. The Company specializes in providing technology that aids in the improvement of the prisons. The technology has enabled the inmates to get in touch with their families. Rick Smith Securus came up with ideas of preventing the advanced technology from misuse by the operators, and the technology has been applied in many prisons. The technology has enabled the inmates to make voice and visual calls to their loved ones. The email feature has also been incorporated into the technology.Rick Smith Securus has enabled many companies to achieve their objectives and goals through his innovative and influential leadership skills. He has demonstrated his abilities to manage by the promotions that he received while working in the companies.

John Goullet: Beating odds, making it big in IT business

There aren’t many big companies in IT that are owned by minorities. The fact that a black owned company entered the scene less than 5 years ago and has managed to make it as the biggest provider of IT solutions for the fortune 500 companies in the country is simply amazing. The company, which just started as a boutique IT solutions provider has now surpassed many others and become one of the best in the business. Here is what you need to know about the company and John Goullet, the leader.

John started Diversant LLC four years ago. When he set up the company, he was hoping to bring some change in the provision of IT staffing solutions in the business community. The company that started out small and with few prospects of true success, but it is now a fully fledged business entity worth millions of dollars. Goullet graduated from Ursinus College in Philadelphia in 1983. His first big job was the position of CEO at Info Technology. He worked there up to the year 2000, which helped him understand the IT business completely.

When he started Diversant, he had observed that all companies, including the fortune 500, had been having difficulties getting the right talent for their different job specifications. He planned to offer services like:
• IT staff augmentation
• Innovative Diversity solutions
• Employee hiring

John Goullet main business principle and one that has helped him rise to the top is his belief that he should offer his customers nothing but the best. With the help of partners, consultants and customers, the needs, goals and aspirations of his company are always met. There are many times that his company has been awarded for their exemplary leadership in business.

Aside from business, John is very active in charity. He has been part o the Harlem business retention initiative. This is meant to ensure that business ideas that are incubated in the area remain and benefit the community within. Other initiatives include liaisons with high schools and colleges to make sure black students get more interested in tech related courses.

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A Review Of The Successes Of Don Ressler And Advice To Entrepreneurs

Having launched several successful businesses, Don Ressler has amassed great experience that has gone along way into establishing him as a serious entrepreneur. His passionate pursuit for business and entrepreneurship has seen him rise from a novice to a respected expert in the online world in less than one decade. One of the traits that have kept him moving is the ability to make decisions and formulate strategies.

The first idea that saw him rise from his starting line is the launch of This is the business that trained him on a number of aspects of online marketing and strategy formulation. Ressler managed to make profits despite few challenges. In 2001, he saw it fit to sell the company and the money he made was reserved as capital for future projects.

At this point, Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, a professional whose dedication and zeal for success could not be overlooked when highlighting the successes the two achieved. They agreed to walk together and form businesses that would compete well in the market on Zimbio. The duo began their journey with the launch of Alena Media, which offered advertising and management services. In the first two years, the advertising section of Alena earned millions in revenue.

This is one of the biggest motivations they had and due to the experience they had gained in marketing, Adam and Don Ressler decided it would be impressive if they ventured into online retail stores and apply the skills and experience they had acquired along the way. This decision led to the sale of the company so they could get sufficient capital.

Intelligent Beauty launched
In 2008, after a research and brainstorming, they narrowed down to the establishment of Intelligent Beauty, a company that would specialize in beauty products. The business was well-placed since few such companies existed, so they created a strong foundation, which has remained unshaken more than 7 years later.

Having succeeded in many businesses, Adam and Ressler kept investing and coming up with new ideas that would help to expand their empires. This dedication saw them launch JustFab in 2010, a company that works as a subscription store offering beauty products in several categories. Since its launch, JustFab has reached more than 10 million members. Their presence in markets within America and Europe has driven much of the success attained and the investors are looking for ways to penetrate to other regions like Asia and Africa.

Highlands Capital Management Gets New President of Institutional Products

Jones is the new president of institutional products in the highlands Capital Management following the appointment made by the CEO Jim, the Co-founder and the president of Highland capital management. Terry Jones is expected to bring a change in solving performance and aid customers in these increasingly complex markets. Jones has great experience of more than 25 years in the finance industry and currently working as lead Head of the Highland funds. He also served as the board member of Genworth Life Insurance Company. Terry Jones is a graduate with BA in Economics from college and holds MBA in Beta Gamma Sigma from Columbia Business School.

Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investment company founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada and has affiliates that have invested more than $20 billion assets under management. Highland Capital management has an umbrella of credit facilities such as hedge fund management, long only funds and holds separate accounts. It also has a department that is collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), concerned control private equity to their clients. The company also offers consultative investments on the upcoming markets

Dondero is the founder and co-owner of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He is over 30 years of experience in credit markets. His portfolio management experience involves mortgage-backed securities, giving direction to clients on leveraged bank loans, involved in the management of investment grade corporates, and professional in emerging market debt and derivatives.

Before founding Highland in the year 1993, James worked for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer that saw the business develop enormously from inception to over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. James Completed the financial training program at JP Morgan and later joined American Express in the year 1985 to 1989. In this role, he was involved in various areas of credit management especially pension plans. He managed close to $1 billion in fixed income funds for this company.

James has the advantage of using Financial Analyst designation as he is a Certified and Charted Managerial accountant who is endowed to use the privileges of the charter. Besides being the founder of Highlands, James currently serves as the Chairman of cornerstone Healthcare Group. He also attends the Board of Directors of American Banknote Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, apart from being the chairman of CCS Medical and NexBank. Mr. James Holds a BS in Commerce Specialized in Financial Accounting from the University of Virginia.

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Organo Gold Takes the Energizing Power of Coffee to the Next Level

The master of Multi-layer Marketing has done it again with his new product Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua, the CEO and Founder of Organo Gold, has been honored numerous times as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur, a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient, Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee producer and overall Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company. The Filipino executive wants to bring a healthy line of bioactive coffee products to those interested in improving and maintaining their overall health. By increasing your overall health, you promote the ultimate internal environment for a resilient body. The global gourmet coffee producer operates in over 30 countries and sells its products through the Independent Distributor network and directly to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada.

The award winning CEO has broken many records as an individual and with his company. Organo Gold has produced some of the Multi-layer Marketing industry’s top income earners consistently. With such a loyal team and fantastic product it is no wonder this CEO has risen to the top. His ability to inspire his compatriots has been unrivaled in the Multi-layer Marketing community and he hopes to continue to expand his business in the future. The future of the company looks bright as they continue to refine the product formulation and production of their gourmet coffee and the entire Organo Gold product line. The company has recently expanded to Turkey, where in the 15th century the first coffee shops were opened. They have been well recieved in the country and are looking to expand further. This is the 39th country they have introduced the Organo Gold line to. This new expansion is a huge step forward for the company’s Global Footprint Initiative, where they are uniting the Asian, European and African distributors.  Bernardo Chua mentions on Facebook he’s very excited about the future of the company.

New with this launch, Organo Gold, introduced it’s new product line that incorporates the 4200-year-old Chinese herb, Ganoderma Lucidum. The King of Herbs has revolutionized the industry and furthers the company’s goal of promoting holistic health products. The health benefits of the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom are renowned to build strong, healthy body and promote a long life with long-term consumption, according to Dr. Shi-Jean Lee. The Regional Vice President of Europe, Paul Jarvis, has been assigned to manage the operations in Turkey. The line will include the brand’s coffee, mocha, latte, hot chocolate, and several Espresso varieties.  Follow Bernie on his Twitter, for more about Organo as they continue to grow.

Apart From The Normal Real Estate

Scott Lumley has worked in many different environments. He is one of the best entrepreneurs in Nashville and has worked to build a name for himself throughout different industries. The real estate market is a new venture for Lumley and he has worked tirelessly to ensure that he will be able to make a name for himself in this industry as he did in the others. While it is a new venture, Scott Lumley has continued to see success in the way that he has been able to work the real estate business.

Not only has Scott Lumley been successful in his ventures, he has made a name for himself in all of the things that he has done with the work he has done. The various markets he has worked in, including real estate, have been able to provide him with the necessary experience for making a name for himself. He has worked not only to build this name up, but also to create more of an image than he had with any of the other industries that he was present in. Real estate has proven itself to be Lumley’s best and most successful business venture.

With many markets going down in price and the values being diminished, it is something somewhat unusual in this time to see a real estate market begin to boom. Unlike many other cities that are in the United States, the prices for living as well as for buying a home or business in Nashville have not gone up. It continues to be inexpensive to live in Nashville which has contributed a large amount to people moving into the area. The scene in the city is one that will continue to see development and the improvement of real estate.