How EOS Changed The Lipcare Industry

For many many years EOS has been a leader in the lip balm industry. Not only do they offer high-quality ingredients but they also offer a great variety of fun colors and flavors to choose from. Recently the CEO and co-founders of EOS gave a great in-depth review on how EOS came about and how it became one of the most popular products on the market. Below is a small recap of the article as well as a small breakdown of some of the products they have to offer.

How EOS Came About

EOS came about when co-founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky came together to try to create a new and innovative beauty product. On their quest to change the beauty world they stumbled upon the idea of changing the lip balm market. They set out to offer a new and unique way to offer lip balms.

How EOS Changed Lip Balms

EOS ( changed lip balms in a variety of different ways. For one they added new and Innovative packaging that was very convenient as well as fun. The packaging is an iconic egg shape that comes in fun bright colors such as pink and yellow. They also changed the lip balm Market by adding new and unique flavors. Until EOS arrived most lip balm companies offered the same standard flavors. EOS lip balms offer fun and unique flavors such as blueberry acai and raspberry pomegranate.

Some Of The Other Products EOS Has To Offer

Although EOS is mainly known for offering high-quality lip balms they also offer a variety of other products. EOS also offers hand lotion as well as body lotion. They also offer unique and innovative shaving creams and a variety of fun scents including tropical fruit and vanilla bliss. These are just a few of the other top products that EOS has to offer. With such an amazing array of flavors and products it is easy to see why EOS is one of the top leading companies in the beauty industry. EOS lip balm products are available on major stores such as Walmart, Well and Target. The products are also available for online purchase.


Naomi Campbell Reunites With Her Supposed Ex Usher In Paris

At the close of Paris Fashion Week, supermodel and fashion icon Naomi Campbell, now 46, reunited with her reported ex, R&B superstar Usher. The two met at a Parisian restaurant and appeared to be deep in conversation throughout the duration of their meeting, according to onlookers. Sitting at an outdoor table opposite from one another, the pair ended the evening by enjoying coffee while Naomi indulged in a cigarette.
Both Naomi and Usher were in Paris to attend the highly-celebrated Paris Fashion Week. Naomi, no amateur when it comes to couture, donned herself in a black metallic suit with several whimsical rows of tiers from top to bottom. Her peep toe shoes were adorned with embellishments, and her left hand wore a single fingerless black glove to complete the ensemble. The suit’s dramatic plunging neckline ensured that her black lace bra was on full display.

Meanwhile Usher, who is no stranger to high fashion himself, wore a black hat in an exaggerated beret style, with a jacket that had denim and leather panels.


Upon entering the restaurant, Naomi ran into a male friend with whom she exchanged a friendly kiss on the cheek. Then she and Usher were taken to their outdoor table to enjoy their meal together while catching up.


According to friends, Usher and Naomi briefly dated in 2004 before ending their romance due to conflicting stories. However, Usher has since denied that the two were ever a romantic couple, instead referring to her as a “friend” and “great person.”

Photographs show Naomi Campbell leaving the restaurant solo, but with two roses in her hand which were given to her by her supposed former flame. Meanwhile, Usher spent the following evening celebrating his 38th birthday in the French Capital, celebrating until morning at the Heritage Paris Nightclub.

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