Chris Burch Gives Gold Nuggets

Let me start off by clarifying. Chris Burch did not actually give our golden nuggets. He gave out advice that is worth much more than gold… if applied correctly. Chris Burch has quite a number of blog posts on several different websites where he very generously hands out some of his best and most valuable advice. And he does this for free.

The quality of generosity may not be something that is required to obtain success, or maybe even keep it. But what is success if you are never in a good mood? You will never truly enjoy your wealth. The advice that Chris Burch has to give does not come with a lot of bells and whistles. It is no secret. Yet, many easily forget about what they once had and were capable of.

In one of his articles, Chris Burch touches upon several points. First of all, he goes on to advise that it is great to do your best to find the opportunity at every turn. That means that even if you are faced with a mountain of challenges, you can still find the opportunity in it all. And that, according to Chris himself, is the key to success, his explanation on

The first nugget of gold that Chris Burch dishes out is focus. When you want to start your own business, chances are that, eventually, you will need a team. This has been verified by one too many successful entrepreneurs. You can’t do it alone. For that reason, Chris urges for the first step to get everyone on the same page, for everyone on the team to focus on the same goal. That will greatly assist in bringing it closer to completion much faster.

Chris Burch states that if people on the team can’t see the opportunity in the challenge that it is better to place them in a position of assisting others to get past the challenge, check over here ( To assist those that can see the opportunity. If not, the next best thing to do is to let those kinds of people go and find those who can see the opportunity in the mountain of challenges.