Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

The team at Sussex Healthcare are thrilled with the addition of a brand new gym building for seniors that are living in one of 20 fine senior living homes. This gym is also able to be used by those seniors living in the community too. Sussex Healthcare also has a residential care home for severely disabled young adult individuals. The new facility is absolutely gorgeous. There will always be highly skilled and trained professional physiologists and other exercise or fitness staff to ensure safety of all of the gyms amazing equipment. This fabulous exercise equipment is top-of-the-line, and seniors are loving the new activity.

Sussex Healthcare is also happy to announce that the gym also offers a stunning warm water pool for hydrotherapy exercises. This water based exercise program enable easier movement for people that suffer from arthritis, bone disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and other health conditions that make it hard to walk or move without pain and stiffness. Water resistance is far easier on joints, and the individuals can stay in shape or increase their strength with personalized exercise programs and plans. Exciting classes offered at the gym provide company and fun for living home residents and seniors from the surrounding communities.

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Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has been caring for the senior populations by delivering unmatched high quality care and assistance with activities of daily living. The homes also offer upbeat classes and activities from game days to music concerts and even cooking classes. There is a wealth of enjoyable activities every day for seniors to take part in. The homes also provide transportation to some community held events like art exhibits, museum tours and dinner at a fine dining establishment. The individuals living in any Sussex Healthcare run senior living home are quick to appreciate the facilities home style meals.

Just recently, Sussex Healthcare also announced a new audiology program able to help any senior that has experienced hearing loss. Now the new gym is creating quite an excited stir as many seniors enjoy healthy activities. Sussex Healthcare remains true to their vision of always providing the best services to their many residents. This healthcare community has much to offer. Sussex Healthcare invites the public to take a look at their services and new facilities. Every Sussex Healthcare senior living home boasts beautiful kept grounds, exercise trails, gorgeous interior designs and reliable and truly compassionate healthcare services.

Brown Modelling Agency, Revolutionizing the Modeling Industry in the South

If you haven’t heard of Brown Modelling Agency yet then it’s time to pay attention. This agency has single-handedly grown the modelling industry in Texas and are getting the notice of brands like Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal Paris, and many more top companies. Not only are they the fastest growing agency in Texas, They’re also the most diverse. With work from runway to print and now with the theatrical department they have every kind of advertisement available to their clients and a diverse talent pool that can fill those needs.


According to Market Wired, one of the greatest things about Brown Modelling Agency is that they hire local talent with many different styles to fill the needs of their clients. They have models with looks that range from alternative with breathtaking tattoos and piercings to a more conservative look and everything in between. They have open calls every Thursday from 3pm-4pm at their Austin location and are always open to new talent so don’t be afraid to stop by, you never know if you could be the next Gigi Hadid or Nyle DiMarco.


What’s so exciting about Brown Agency is the new theatrical department that specializes in getting their models roles on shows like ‘Queen of the south’ and ‘American Crime’. With opportunities like these their models could book staring roles in hit shows and even go on to play on the big screen. There’s no need to explain what a chances like these can do for their models and for the industry in Texas.


Not only is their theatrical department making waves in the modeling industry their print and runway departments are also on top of the industry in the south. They have adds in Bloomingdale’s Department Store’s across the country and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Brown Modeling agency works with top companies all over the country and gives their models the chance to change their lives and have great experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. This is a company that is truly revolutionizing the modeling industry in the south and I can’t wait to see were they go from here.



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Logan Stout is a family man and a successful entrepreneur

As a prosperous entrepreneur and baseball lover, Logan Stout is passionate about helping others. For the love of baseball, he began Dallas Patriots which is an organization that focuses on baseball. When he began it, he had the young people in mind. He wanted to inspire them to build their skills further and it still acted as an encouragement. Logan understood that not all children were well motivated in school and at home and he wanted to fill this gap.

Logan is a strong believer in good health and this is why he started IDLife. Through the supplements, sleeping aids and items that enhance weight management, IDLife manages to help keep the mind, soul, and body in check. Since Logan knew about the importance of health as an athlete, he started a career in providing nutritional benefits to others. An assessment is first carried out before products, that will be beneficial to you, are recommended. This is what Logan decided to commit his life to and it has benefited many people. He is the Chief Executive Officer at IDLife. The idea of IDLife came about when he had a talk with a man who had invented a vitamin pill that proved to be effective in people’s well-being.

Logan Stout believes in sharing his wisdom with others. He is an author and a motivational speaker. He has provided incites that people can use to become successful through his own experience. Apart from being fully engrossed in his career, he is a dedicated family man. He says that as much as he is successful, the most satisfying feeling for him is not the wealth but the benefits Logan’s helps others achieve.

Everyone has their own story. For Logan Stout, his passion to speak and believe in what he offers is what attracts his customers. He is not a strong believer in one product fits all, he makes sure that his customers are given products according to their individual needs. As much as the business needs a lot of attention, Logan always creates time for his family. IDLife is looking into expanding further as the need for healthier products is growing. People are becoming more aware of the need to eat and live healthily. This is a positive sign for Logan Stout as his company is focusing on providing healthy and nutritional products. Logan is a man of faith who seeks inspiration from the Bible.

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Preserving historic sites with Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a well-known entrepreneur in the United States of America. He specializes in the real estate development. This is an art that he has learned from his family business as the family owns the famous JMH Development. Halpern became the principal of JMH in the year 2020. Since then, the firm has made large investments in New York and Florida. The investments are estimated to be over $850 million. Some of the most notable investments in New York that Jason Halpern has managed to supervise under his leadership include the 184 Kent development. This is a project that has turned warehouses into hundreds of apartments in New York City.


Jason Halpern was born on the 1st of January 1975. He maintains a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with his customers and clients. He also holds the position of a director at the Parametric Dining LLC. This is a company that is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under the leadership of Jason, JMH has managed to transform to a full-service real estate company. Under his leadership, the firm has also managed to gain experience as a major owner of residential or even commercial properties. JMH has also managed to become a major developer in this sector. Jason has implemented an innovative approach to ensure that they produce unique properties that will fall under the luxury category. Jason major markets can be found in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens as well as Miami Beach in Florida.


Throughout his career, Jason has managed to combine unique marketplace knowledge with his valuable on-site expertise as well as his deep set of development skills to deliver the best commodities to their clients. He uses this expertise in all areas involved in the real estate business. Some of these areas include due diligence, site and building design as well as even marketing and branding. Under his leadership, JMH has continued to offer the most enduring as well as the highest quality services in the market. In doing so, he has continued to insist on the preservation of historic features that easily get destroyed during the construction process. He has achieved this through the use of adaptive reuse projects together with the restoration of such properties.


Jason most recent project is the construction of a 235 room hotel in Aloft South Beach, Miami. He pulled off this in the collaboration with Madden Real Estate Ventures. This project involved the construction of an eight-story tower. The construction of this project was awarded to the Plaza Construction in conjunction with ADD, Inc. ADD, Inc. were the architects of this project. Just to understand the luxury that Jason manages to give his clients, the Aloft South Beach will offer guests some of the following services
• Roof deck lounge
• Outdoor pool
• 24-hour fitness center
• 2343 square feet meeting place that can be used for social gatherings and even business meetings.

Vintners’ Hall Host London’s Livery Companies in a Memorable Event

Last night, Vintners’ Hall hosted over 120 prominent people that own some of the Livery Firms in London. The aim of the event was to showcase the grandeur of the venue, service, and innovative catering skills. In many occasions, the event brings together wardens and clerks of the livery firms who frequently hold a host of events within the capital city of UK. Not that Searcys is the one that handles all the management and catering services in Vintners’ Hall. During the UK Vintners event, Searcys served the guest with a variety of delicious food as part of the reception. The food comprised of:

• Smoked eel croquettes
• Salad of broad bean
• Prosciutto ham
• Tietar cheese
• Basket of pepperonata
• Rosemary and goat curd
• Foie gras
• White chocolate
• Truffle buttons

The deputy clerk of Worshipful Company of Distillers, Kim Lyons points out that all main events will be held at the Vintners’ Hall. It is because UK Vintners concentrates on flexibility and quality of the services. He further adds that since their company is focused on producing spirits of high quality, it is a good time for them to begin an event management process with UK Vintners and then create a menu that will match their needs. The crew at vintners agreed to do so, and they will bring a creative touch that makes every event inspiring and outstanding. One of the events comprises over 200 separate excellent spirits and tastings by some of the most influential people in the city. The event was epic because UK vintner’s and Searcys delivered a unique equilibrium of creativity, flexibility, and service.

Patricia Paixao, a sales executive for Searcys at Vintners’ Halls claimed that the occasion was the most successful one ever done. The management received an overwhelmingly positive response and numerous inquiries. Because of the collaboration with Vintner’s Hall, Searcy can offer unique and creative catering that is unmatched with other service providers.

About vintners in the UK
The Vintners in the UK concentrates on production and sale of most exciting and pleasurable wine and champagne. Their primary focus is to deliver an outstanding level of personal services to customers who expect to get the most prestigious brands from the top vineyards of Spain, Italy, and France.

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Highlands Capital Management Gets New President of Institutional Products

Jones is the new president of institutional products in the highlands Capital Management following the appointment made by the CEO Jim, the Co-founder and the president of Highland capital management. Terry Jones is expected to bring a change in solving performance and aid customers in these increasingly complex markets. Jones has great experience of more than 25 years in the finance industry and currently working as lead Head of the Highland funds. He also served as the board member of Genworth Life Insurance Company. Terry Jones is a graduate with BA in Economics from college and holds MBA in Beta Gamma Sigma from Columbia Business School.

Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investment company founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada and has affiliates that have invested more than $20 billion assets under management. Highland Capital management has an umbrella of credit facilities such as hedge fund management, long only funds and holds separate accounts. It also has a department that is collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), concerned control private equity to their clients. The company also offers consultative investments on the upcoming markets

Dondero is the founder and co-owner of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He is over 30 years of experience in credit markets. His portfolio management experience involves mortgage-backed securities, giving direction to clients on leveraged bank loans, involved in the management of investment grade corporates, and professional in emerging market debt and derivatives.

Before founding Highland in the year 1993, James worked for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer that saw the business develop enormously from inception to over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. James Completed the financial training program at JP Morgan and later joined American Express in the year 1985 to 1989. In this role, he was involved in various areas of credit management especially pension plans. He managed close to $1 billion in fixed income funds for this company.

James has the advantage of using Financial Analyst designation as he is a Certified and Charted Managerial accountant who is endowed to use the privileges of the charter. Besides being the founder of Highlands, James currently serves as the Chairman of cornerstone Healthcare Group. He also attends the Board of Directors of American Banknote Corporation and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, apart from being the chairman of CCS Medical and NexBank. Mr. James Holds a BS in Commerce Specialized in Financial Accounting from the University of Virginia.

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Lime Crime Is A Cost Efficient Look Alike

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that has been on top of their game for the last few years. They not only provide quality makeup such as lipstick but the price is better than other companies with about the same quality of a product. Recently in an article in Hollywood Life, Lime Crime Velvetines is suggested as more, cost-efficient alternative the Mary Jo K lip kit. In this instance the color to be replicated is red. Lime Crime Velvetine matte lipstick in Reddest Red was used as an alternative. You cannot go wrong with red. Red is a hot shade right now, and Lime Crime has a long wear and brightly colored red. Another fun and brightly colored red lipstick to try are True Love matte lipstick from the True Love set. This shade is now available individually, alongside the Unicorn line.

Lime Crime is a unique Makeup Company headed by founder and entrepreneur Doe Deere. Lime Crime makeup offers a broad range of colorful options for the woman that wants to express herself with a variety of colors. Lime Crime makeup is cruelty-free and is affordably priced. Lime Crime’s matte finish lipsticks are a big hit and have beautiful bright shades to match anyone’s personality. Lime Crime not only offers lipstick but a wide range of eye shadows and other makeup items.If you are trying to get an incredible color that you would see in a more expensive Lipsett, then try Lime Crime as an affordable and quality substitute to complete your look.  Check them out in the DollsKill store.

Bid to Incorporate Olympic Valley blocked to the Delight of Andy Wirth

The north shore communities of Lake Tahoe have not had an easy time for the past few years. This is because of the drought that affected the winter resorts as well as the small ventures that depend on the resorts. Apart from the drought, the communities were faced with a political challenge in terms of an incorporation battle over the Olympic Valley. This is according to a story published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.
The Olympic Valley has North America’s iconic and excellent winter sports terrain and is home to the famous Squaw Valley Resort. According to Andy Wirth, the four years have been tough. However, the relief to the situation came in two ways; for him and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The storms in early season in addition to the cold temperatures helped Tahoe area resorts including Squaw Valley to open earlier than usual. The incorporation effort supporters that Andy Wirth viewed as threat to the civic climate and business in the area offered political relief when they officially withdrew.
Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation effort because it could have resulted in reduced level of services that people rely on. The services include snow plowing and road maintenance. Additionally, it could have given way to higher taxes to businesses and residents and separated the Olympic Valley from the north shore communities. The communities usually combine their resources in dealing with regional matters. Wirth notes that it could have lead to a fiscal disaster.
Incorporation supporters are of the opinion that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had self-motives to oppose the plan. This is because it had plans to advance its real estate through more commercial and residential development. In addition, there are plans to connect Alpine Meadows ski areas and Squaw Valley through a gondola. They argue that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings had reservations in terms of answering to town council preferring Placer County Board of Supervisors based in Auburn, California. Wirth disagrees with the interpretation. However, the Local Agency Formation Commission of California determined that the proposed town would not be financially viable.
Wirth has tirelessly worked as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to make the area one of the premier destinations for tourists in the world. He has also contributed to community and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe region with an aim of advancing the area economically. Wirth serves as the chairman for the Reno Tahoe.

White Shark Media Knows How to Address Complaints

White Shark Media wants its clients to make money. After all, the entire purpose of a pay per click (PPC) campaign is to generate sales and revenue. Since many clients lack experience with search engine marketing, they contact White Shark Media to handle the many different components of such work.

White Shark Media is a relatively new company, and is in the process of establishing a perfected operational approach. Customers have levied a few complaints at the firm. This should be expected. All businesses have to deal with complaints to one degree or another. White Shark Media does deserve a lot of credit for doing what is necessary to institute beneficial changes.

White Shark Media does its best to meet all the needs of its clients. The company has been very attentive to requests. For example, White Shark Media no longer eliminates 100% of a pre-existing AdWords account when clients come aboard. Those clients who never worked with Google or Bing AdWords will have their account created from scratch. Clients with current accounts may have aspect that are doing well. White Shark Media is committed to keeping those components in place since they are performing in a satisfactory manner.

Clients have made request that the company provide search engine optimization service. White Shark Media is not a SEO company though. The company focuses on AdWords campaigns. Logo and website design work related to search engine marketing is provided. SEO tasks, however, are restricted to evaluations and consultations. Clients may find these evaluation very helpful because the reports provide guidance that may be helpful when seeking out a search engine optimization company.

White Shark Media has also improved the way clients deals with the search engine marketing (SEM) specialists. The addition of new direct phone extensions makes communicating with a SEM specialist a lot easier. There is no need to go through a general reception area any longer.

The structure of how the SEM specialists work in the office has been improved as well. The SEM specialists now work in groups under a supervisor. With supervisory oversight, there is increase accountability. Accountability does contribute to improved productivity. Even if a client never has to interact with a supervisor, the positive impact of improved supervision is going to be felt.

White Shark Media has also formed strategic partnerships to help clients gain a better understanding of the work being performed. Third-party companies will be providing online meeting streaming services and phone call inquiry tracking work. More clarity regarding the status of a campaign is sure to result from these partnerships.

Most importantly, the representatives from White Shark Media are going to spell out all the facets of the impending campaign from the early beginning. Once again, this is done to ensure customers do not have to experience any unnecessary confusion.

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Sanjay Shah, The Man Behind Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Solo Capital is primarily known for it’s position as a top tier, respectable international financing boutique company rather than for it’s leadership. However, it’s CEO, Sanjay Shah, is possibly far more well known than even his company. Shah, however, did not start out in finance, nor, even, is he primarily known for his financial work but rather for his popular charity, Autism Rocks! which he started after receiving a phone call from the popular rapper, Snoop Dog – but more on that later.

Shah got his start in medicine and then became involved in investment banking after realizing that the life of a doctor was just not to be. With his new found prowess with banking he swiftly rose through the ranks of such companies as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley but lost his position after the great housing market crisis of 2007 – 2008. So in 2009 Shah decided to create his own brokerage company, Solo Capital. Solo Capital is focused on providing propriety trading, consulting and professional sports investments and operates out of London, England.

After founding Solo Capital everything seemed to be going quite swimmingly for Shah until 2011 when his young son was diagnosed with autism. Devastated and desirous of a solution Shah brainstormed. Shortly thereafter he received a phone call from a local DJ whom was a friend of Shah’s from the businessman’s time in the music industry. The DJ had some peculiar news, saying that the world famous rapper, Snoop Dog was in Dubai (then Shah’s place of residence) and wished to meet. After a lengthy conversation with Snoop Dog over a cup of tea Shah had a life changing revelation – he’d use his experience in the music industry, coupled with his business skills learned from his time with Solo Capital and Merrill Lynch to organize concerts to raise money for autism. And thus the notable charity Autism Rocks! was born. The non-profit charity operates all over the world, holding concerts with such famous and lauded musicians as Drake, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz.

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