Serge Belamant: Inventor Of The First Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France in 1953 and moved to France with his family at the age of 14. While attending Highlands North High School for boys, he became fluent in English and excelled in rugby and chess. From 1970 through 1972, Serge earned several accolades, becoming house captain, head prefect and the representative of the Southern Transvaal in the South African Chess School Championship. He was also a member of science and bridge club.

Serge Belamant earned an exemption pass that allowed him to matriculate from high school in 1972 and he went on to attend the University of the Witwatersrand where he studied engineering, computer science and applied mathematics. He later completed information systems coursework through UNISA prior to receiving a job offer from Matrix, an engineering company and a division of BKSH. Belamant gained proficiency in the use of finite element analysis software while working with a variety of IBM computers. During his time at Matrix, he also developed applications on Cyber computers analyzing water levels in dams to predict future droughts.

Eager to achieve his financial goals, Serge Belamant provided support to engineers at Control Data in establishing benchmarks for a variety of technologies. His support led to an offer of employment and he officially joined the Control Data team providing application support. Belamant’s role included debugging code and operating a range of scientific packages involving linear programming and structural engineering. Serge earned the Analyst of the Year award in the capacity.

After receiving extensive training in linear and non-linear programming in order to run a COBRA system for the RSA military, Serge Belamant improved the application for RSA aptitude testing and specifications. He earned a leadership role as Head Analyst of Control Data operating systems support group and was awarded the Systems Analyst Award.

Serge Belamant created his first financial system that was scientifically driven while at Databank. He also created the VIB network. Sought after by leading companies, Balamant joined Saswitch and led the IT division where he introduced the National ATM switch in RSA connected to all RSA banks.

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Serge Belamant: The Man Behind Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has received vast media coverage, but only a handful of persons know the founder and patent holder of the revolutionary technology. Serge Christian Pierre Belamant is the brains behind blockchain technology.

Serge Belamant is an expert in app and software development. Through his innovative works, he was able to create the first blockchain technology. It involved the use of smart cards with microchips that could create a distributed and independent digital ledger that offers secure transactions through various cryptocurrencies. Originally, the technology was invented to help financial institution improve transparency, security and data accuracy, both for the institution and consumers.

Who is this man, Serge Pierre Belamant?

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953, but his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. He went to Highlands North Boys High School in Johannesburg. He portrayed true leadership skills at school and received the coveted Victor Ludorum Award in 1971.

He attended the Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering during the first year; computer science and mathematics in the 2nd years; and information systems during the third year when he switched to the University of South Africa.

A tech Savvy Career

Serge started his career path at Matrix, a renowned civil engineering company. He also worked with finite element analysis using IBM and Cyber computers. It is during this time that he created an application to assess water levels in dams across S.A. His prowess in app development propelled him to create effective software technologies for Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Later on, he was appointed the IT manager of the Pretoria, Witwatersrand, and Vereeniging road development project.

Later Serge Belamant served as the head analyst at Control Data and won the analyst of the year both in 1980 and 1982. He was also a consultant at Bancorp where he developed technologies relating to risk management and analysis. His success at software development earned membership to the Republic of South Africa Computer Society.

The Birth of Blockchain

After trying to promote his Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) through his company Net1 Technologies, Serge Belamant was approached by Visa to create a technology using UEPS, and he invented a secure, accurate and transparent mode of payment through Visa. The technology was called Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card (COPAC).

That boosted Net1 Technologies’ net worth to $2 billion. Serge continued developing new blockchain technologies that use smart cards for both on and off-line utility. He also managed to create morphing – a biometric comparison engine that he created for the South Africa Social Security Agency to pay off over 10 million beneficiary grants. Serge has since scoured his way to global recognition.

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Edwin Miranda: Setting The Standards In Biologics

Cytovance Biologics is a biopharmaceutical manufacturer operating on contract basis in the mammalian and microbial biologics. Recently, the firm made headlines with the announcement of their new Vice President in quality department.

Edwin Miranda was unveiled and is seen to take over the post. Edwin Miranda was the best-suited candidate for the post garnering over 3thirty years of experience when it comes to biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing in the industry.

Edwin Miranda is set to bring on board a wide range of experience in the quality assurance sector. Mr. Miranda is also set to impact the solid and liquid oral dose and also in terms of the biologics and cosmetics.

The firm is luck to harness a person of his standards with the experience to join the team. Edwin is set to become an asset to the firm with his background experiences, leadership skills, and knowledge.

Edwin Miranda has had past stints as a supervisor for the quality assurance for Keppra. As part of the quality assurance team, he pioneered for the successful FDA approval followed with the launch of the New Drug Application.

During his stay at URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, he also served as the vice president and director of the quality assurance. Mr. Miranda has also held similar managerial positions at Piramal Critical Care and Legal Pharmaceutical Packaging.

The overall role Mr. Miranda played in all the firms includes the oversight of the regulatory compliance standards, management of the quality systems. Edwin Miranda was also involved in the development of successful remediation plans. This achieved enormous success such as the correction made for close to 500 observations. This was followed with the attainment of the good standing in the Establishing Inspection Report.

Away from his roles in quality assurance, Edwin Miranda is a graduate from the Angelo State University in San Angelo in Texas with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. Edwin Miranda has also had his fair share of service in the army.

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Bernardo Chua Supports On-Going Research Of Ganoderma

The Organo Gold company, a producer and distributor known best for its coffee, was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. He is an established businessman with a long track record. Mr. Chua is the CEO of the organization.

He is one of the top network marketers, and he is considered one of the leading experts in the world of multilevel marketing. He has grown his current company to a level of being one of the laading producers of coffee, hot and iced teas, lattes, and supplenents. The firm offers a uniquely different blend, and their products consist of an ancient Oriental herb known as ganoderma. Visit for more information.

Bernardo continues to improve upon the company’s success, and his focus is on fine tuning every aspect in every way possible. Ganoderma comes from a mushroom and is highly regarded for its health-related benefits. It has been used for thousands of years as an organic toning conditioner for the body. Bernardo Chua is actively working along with the top world producers of the herb. He financially supports the ongoing research that is being performed on ganoderma. His goal is to continue to offer the highest quality products while keeping them at an affordable price for his customers. He is ardent about educating people on the benefits that he has learned about ganoderma. Bernardo devotes alot of his time training the outside sales distributors who in turn sell directly to their customers..

Organo Gold is an award-winning brand, and Bernardo Chua himself has been honored by Dangal ng Bayan. He flew himself and 2 of his employees to the ceremony in the Philippines. The event was held in Hemady Square, which is located in Manila. This is familiar territory to Bernardo as he was born in the Philippines. The company has received multiple People’s Choice Awards.


Talos Energy Impact And Development In The Commercial Sector

Talos Energy has been able to link and work together with Stone Energy Corporation. The partnered firms initiated their operations on the New York Stock Exchange using a different trademark. It is located in Houston, where main activities take place. Through merging, they were able to start providing stock to the public without the cost of public offering.

In addition, they built a streamlined offshore that will sustain a growing quality asset base and prominent cost profile. Stakeholders will also gain massively through improved scale and liquidity. Talos is focused to fund its own asset platform and returns which concentrate on capital programs. They also take the benefit of prospective business progress chances.

Talos Energy joined a new credit contract with a beginning lending base of $600 million. The firm used to plan strategies to offer detailed financial operational management. It also concentrated on creative survey and production to obtain essential capital. The main key objectives are to obtain, exploit and research in the Gulf region.

They are able to use their seismic information, which is provided by advanced methods and the functional experience in the field. During 2017, Talos Energy took a risk of a huge oil deposit that was found in the Zama-1 field. Currently, it is among the 20 biggest shallow-water findings globally over the past two decades. The site produces 100000 barrels daily, which makes a huge return on the firm.

Through this finding, Talos were recognized for their efforts and awarded with the Discovery of the Year 2017 at WoodMackenzie’s yearly exploration awards event. Talos Energy is a segment of the Block 7 consortium which contains Talos, Sierra Oil and Gas, and Premier Oil. It also occupies 35% of the total consortium and functions as the main operator. In September, Talos Energy was able to fully acquire Whistler Energy. This acquisition was made at $52 million.

In addition, they also purchased the properties which comprised of three blocks. During 2013, the Houston Chronicle recognized Talos as the first top workplace in Houston location for firms below 150 workers. It has been able to retain this position for the past five years.

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The Growth Of OSI Industries

David McDonald spent the whole of his childhood on a farm in Iowa State. As he grew up, McDonald developed an interest in agriculture and wanted to bring a significant change in the food production industry. Later in his life, McDonald pursued a bachelor’s degree in animal science in 1987.

After completing his studies, McDonald searched for experience from OSI Industries in 1991. The firm is the largest privately owned food processing company in the United States. At first, the individual worked as the project development manager of the firm. Today, McDonald is the executive president and chief operating officer. For all the years working in the industry, the individual showed integrity and dedication to push the company forward in development. The strategic leadership of McDonald saw him receive the Wallace Barron Senior Outstanding Award. In the agricultural sector, McDonald appears as the most respected authority.

OSI Industries focuses on providing value-added, affordable, customer-oriented, and consistent protein products, like beef patties, bacon, pizzas, sausages, and vegetable products. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. Also, the institution operates over 70 facilities distributed in more than 30 nations globally. The president is not stopping to develop the company until it reaches all corners of the global market.

One of the leading achievements of OSI Industries is the acquisition of the controlling stake in Baho Food. The plant has subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands. The addition would increase the popularity of the organization’s products and raise the demand. McDonald worked efficiently with the global logistic team ensuring coordination of OSI Industries’ local operation. The firm remains up to date with trends around the world and information. In 2016, the firm purchased the Tyson Food Plant located in North America improving the services in the region. Also, the company acquired the Flagship Europe making it the principal food distributor in the U.K.

Early this year, OSI Industries finished its development project worth $20 million in improving its production of chicken products. The growth will ensure a rise in chicken output by a double to 24,000 tons each year. The presidents showed appreciation since the growth would open up job opportunities and increase the living standards of people.

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Talos Energy Brilliant Approach To Employment

Working for oil production companies presents one with a different experience owing to the nature of the industry. Talos Energy, however, is unique in its approach to some factor pertaining to employment. First, Talos Energy is the only company in this particular niche that has the most flexible working hours. Flexible working hours is one-step to improving quality of production. Still on the company’s approach to employment, the company is a haven for differently able people willing to work in the oil industry. This open door policy has given Talos Energy a good reputation in the strict employment world. In addition, the company has continually developed good chain of command at the attempt of making the company administratively viable.

The company is undeniably the best place to work in oil industry. For four years, Talos Energy has also continually challenged the notion of how a workplace should be in terms of structures and support systems. This explanation expounds the reason why the company for four years in a row has been a champion of the best place to work. Even with the reality that the company is in the vast oil industry, Talos Energy has always ensured that their company is the ideal place to work. The main reason for this unmatched recognition is due to the company’s principles on the importance of human resources in pushing their agenda in the competitive oil industry. Many human resources pundits point out that a company as Talos Energy has higher chances in fostering better philosophy.

In addition, from being the best employer and providing the best environment to work from, Talos Energy is a home to the best innovators. Innovation is the main reason why the company has challenged the oil exploration limits over the years. Unlike the typical exploration, Talos Energy has gone to areas that were previously perceived to be unreachable and therefore not potential mineral grounds. Some of the main areas which the company has active exploration and exploit include the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The two places represent different dynamics and therefore require high technology and better exploration methods.

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Freedom Checks For Retirement?

For many individuals, a good retirement plan consists of well-saved money that we think may cover our day to day needs. According to Forbes, a lot of people give little or no thought to their future retirement plans. Forbes goes on to further define a good retirement plan as a source of comfortable income that will last the whole period after your retirement.

It is, therefore, crucial to check on aspects such as your lifestyle and expectancy when deciding on your retirement plan. When planned recklessly, the cash flow could run out and give you a miserable retirement.

Freedom checks are a tremendous tax free investment opportunity that may go a long way in helping you supplement your retirement plans. Unlike common scams and schemes, these are legit and recognized legally.

They are defined by federal law 26-F which allows various US energy-related businesses to remunerate generous ‘Freedom Checks’ to their investors every quarter. The same statute provides and shields companies from federal taxations, which directly translates to enormous profits for these companies.

Freedom Checks are also a low risk investment plan since Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s-companies established by having 90 percent of resources in the US alone) grow slowly and they have a sure and steady income. MLP’s have a return of investment of about 4% on the lowest side and 10% on the highest hand. For 2018, the amount was a reasonable $34.6 billion expected to be paid out in 2019.

Although oil and gas prices fluctuate, MLP’s are not by extension affected. This is because they are mostly paid for providing transportation which is a continually increasing amount.

This has a long-term benefit of high yields especially with the exemption from taxes. Furthermore, when you want to sell your Freedom Checks, they are taxed with a low capital gains rate rather than the higher personal income ratio.

Investing in MLP’s is just like purchasing ordinary shares. Purchasing shares of around $2000 could give you a Return on Investment of approximately $796,000 according to Matt Badiali a former geologist and a current specialist in this field.

What’s better; these checks are not paid once, and neither twice, but every quarter. This could be a lifetime sure solution for those willing to have a laid out retirement plan!

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About OSI Industries – A Global Food Processor

The president and chief executive officer of OSI industries, David McDonald, has overseen a period of exponential growth for the company. Having been with the group for over three decades, he is one of the few people who understand the journey that the company has chattered. Let us look at some facts you may want to know about the group.

The background

OSI industries are a leading brand in the food processing industry. Its existence dates back to the 20th century when a German immigrant started it. During those humble beginnings, the company was only a neighborhood butcher shop that services a handful of locals. However, as the century progressed, the company evolved into a regional meat supplier for McDonald’s restaurant. MacDonald was a massive name in those days, and they contributed to the popularity of this organization. After that, they were elevated to a global supplier status.

Major breakthroughs

The growth of OSI industries did not stop with the partnership with McDonald’s. They made another breakthrough towards the end of the 20th century when they embarked on an ambitious and aggressive expansion program. It saw them branch out into the lucrative international space. At the millennium turned, they had already positioned themselves as undisputed global kings, and there has been no turning back for this company.


OSI industries Chief Executive Officer David MacDonald brings vast knowledge and experience to the company. His has been a life that was all about food and processing. For instance, not many people know that he grew up on a farm in Iowa. He even graduated from the Iowa State University. With a bachelor’s degree in animal science, his career in the food processing industry had just begun. He has held many other positions before finally becoming the CEO of this large company.

At OSI Industries, overall growth is a result of combined effort. There is a unique working style that has helped them to stay ahead of the pack. Although there are several other companies with similar products, not many have succeeded in achieving the kind of success that this company enjoys. It comes as no surprise that many other companies are looking up to them for inspiration.

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Alex Hern’s Twenty-Five Years Of Entrepreneurship

Alex Hern’s Twenty-Five Years Of Entrepreneurship

Alex HernFor two and a half decades, Alex Hern has been an active entrepreneur whose main focus is on early-stage companies. Alexander Hern started his career in the year 1996 when he co-established Inktomi Corporation and served it as a board member for two years. This company was a software developing company popularly known for developing the search engine used in the web crawler. In the year 1997, Alex Hern established another company by the name Milcom Technologies which conceives companies in technology to which he was also a Chief Executive Officer, he stayed with the company for two years and sold it then moved on to Yesmail which he had co-established in 1998 and was a board member too. While focusing on Yesmail, Alex also founded Triton Network Systems where he was also a member of the Board for more than five years. At the beginning of the year 2000, Alex Hern founded yet another company in the technology industry called ArcSight an investment firm that also developed software and did software incubation. He is also the founder of Tags, Silicon Surf, New, and Silicon Valley Innovation Company to which he was also the Chief Executive Officer.

Other companies that Alex Hearn is affiliated with are Cloud shield Technologies which is a branch of the Looking Glass Cyber Solutions Enterprise, Zero-Knowledge Systems, and Agiliance all to which he was a board member. Perhaps Alex Hern’s greatest achievement is Tsunami XR to which he is the founder and CEO.

Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR

Tsunami XR is a leading software and content solutions provider company. the company was founded back in 2014 as a firm that designs virtual, augmented reality and 3D reality solutions which it also delivers to companies of different calibers. The company aims at improving the workplace experience for its clients by helping them improve on their productivity, transfer of knowledge and information as well as collaboration. The company serves clients in a variety of sectors and at an international level. Alex Hern became the co-CEO of the company for the first four years from the time he founded the company. it was in the year 2011, that he became the only CEO for the company.

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