George Soros Keeps on Going despite Attacks and Vilification

George Soros made his billions in the world of currency and stock speculation, making himself extremely wealthy. He is currently ranked on the Forbes List at No. 35 among the world’s richest people. His contributions and involvement in global causes is extensive.

For example, he provided much-needed support to various civil-society movements that were operating across the former Soviet bloc. In the West, he probably did more than any other private citizen towards nudging European Communism into the dustbin of history. While his private pro-democracy initiatives continue to thrive, lately, he has added a sizable domestic component that includes funding for advocacy groups and liberal policy institutes. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Media Attacks on Soros

George has recently been the target of concerted US right wing media attacks. For example, Glenn Beck has for long been blaming Soros for what he calls “progressivism“. Soros has also been partly blamed by Breitbart for the growing refugee crisis in Europe. The George Soros conspiracy has been accompanied by leaked George Soros emails. The latest is George Soros Wikileaks accusing the billionaire investor of anti-Semitism.

Pamela Gellar, the Pro-Israel right-wing political commentator has been accusing Soros of actually undermining Israel, while the far-right anti-Semites have also tweeted about some George Soros conspiracy towards undermining the white race.

The Fox News Attack

Glenn Beck, America’s highest-rated cable-news network’s top-ranked star, recently devoted 3 hour-long TV episodes to an attack on Soros. One doesn’t have to be a professional semiotician in realizing that the promo by Glenn Beck is designed to leave the impression that Soros is an anti-Semite. The promo wants to somehow depict Soros as being complicit in the Holocaust, therefore an enemy of the Jewish State of Israel.

These are all lies told by insinuation, nevertheless lies all the same, directed against the funder of liberal and anti-totalitarian causes, and influential hedge-fund investor.

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Wikileaks Attacks on Soros

For long, Soros has long been a target hate-figure of the Right Wing. However, the extreme reactions to the latest George Soros Wikileaks – the dumping of emails linked to the Soros Foundation are still baffling. The George Soros emails leaks are widely being suspected of having a Russian hand.

He Keeps Going

The trouble, according to many who admire and follow George Soros is that it would appear that quite frankly, he doesn’t seem to give a damn. He rarely rises to the bait being thrown at him, whether the slime is being hurled from Fox News or from his former country.

Perhaps he is immune to vilification and attacks. He would appear to take some kind of perverse pride in remaining the eternal outsider, not confined to associations or clubs. He simply flicks off the newest attack and keeps going.


George Soros is an extremely wealthy man, a major contributor to numerous global progressive and charitable causes, and a vociferous critic of the US-Israeli policy, and no doubt, some people are bound to hate him.

But if a man with such humble beginnings, who spent part of his teenage years hiding from the Nazis can manage to attain such global prominence, give so generously to causes, and at the same time antagonize the extreme pro-Israel Right, the neo-Nazis, and Vladimir Putin, it ought to give all of us some reason to be optimistic.

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