Susan McGalla Conveys Her Enjoyment Of Life Principles

American businesswoman, executive consultant and a proficient leader in the corporate world, Susan McGalla is letting everyone in on her tips for balancing work and family life.


McGalla calls attention to how the pressures to determine a good work-life balance can be gratifying and satisfying.


At the top of her list are relaxation, physical activities, occasional serenity, temporarily doing without technology devices and examining tasks that others may be able to take over for you.


She recommends planning fun and relaxing activities with family and friends by taking breathers and making pauses a main concern. She also urges relaxing which will help handle any home or workplace challenges that may come up.


According to McGalla, if you are involved in meaningless activities that do not bring about anything, other than tiring you, say goodbye to it at once.


Reviewing little tasks can also help balance your time. McGalla maintains looking into obtaining groceries from a home delivery service or buying stamps from the US postal website, which will save time and constant worry.  Check this on


What is also significant is quiet time, such as exercise or indulging yourself everyday, such as with a hot bath or extended nap.


Physical activity, like taking a walk through a park or a gym membership, can revitalize people and boost mental sharpness at the same time.


Susan McGalla also drew attention to the fact that everyone has imperfections and accepting the flaws could make life less strenuous and demanding.


Another solution she proposes is to meditate regularly as a few deep breathing movements

may help in trying to maintain equilibrium between work and home life challenges.


One more approach would be to take your day-to-day activities into account and how you could simplify your lifestyle, then go ahead and make those changes.


According to McGalla, parents feel guilty about not spending enough valuable time with their children and should give attention to a more positive approach and forget guilt.


As a final point McGalla emphasizes frenzied and hectic mornings can start the day off badly. She advises carrying out some necessary everyday jobs the night before, such as lunch and clothing selection.


McGalla began her retail career at Joseph Horne Company working in various marketing and managerial positions and went on to continue her career at American Eagle Outfitters, where she became the Chief Merchandising Officer and President.


In 2011 she became chief executive of Wet Seal and then founded P3 Executive Consulting where she provides corporate retail advice. McGalla is currently employed as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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