Whitney Wolfe is Ahead of the Herd

Whitney Wolfe is breaking down barriers when it comes to dating. She is the one that has put women in the driver’s seat when it comes to dating apps. The creative mind that is behind the feminist dating app called Bumble is searching for a new way for women to become much more comfortable with the dating scene.

Whitney Wolfe realizes that women have a lot to battle against, and some of the same harassment that they see in real life often plays out through dating apps. Whitney Wolfe wanted to be the catalyst that would change the way everything occurred in the dating app environment.

She wanted men and women to be able to make a match, but she did not want women to be bombarded with all of the sexual overtones that often come from men that start conversations off in such a bad way. Women are the first to say something when a match was made. This would be the foundation of Bumble, and it would be the thing that would catapult Whitney Wolfe to success with a female crowd.

As she continued to expand Bumble it became evident that she was bordering on competing with the big companies in social media. She was not planning to stop with Bumble as a dating app alone. Whitney Wolfe would have more in store, and people have started to see that as she ventured out with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

Is evident that Wolfe had another goal in mind when she tackled social media. She wanted to create an app that would allow people to connect in various ways, but she also noticed that there was a possibility to make money through social media. Bumble is one of the first social media apps that actually sells merchandise. She knew that this would be the thing that could help set her apart from other apps like Tinder, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

There was a great realization from Wolfe that Bumble couldactually become something of a cultural type of environment that catered to women that were interested in representing their social media love for Bumble. There are bandannas and hats. There are matchbooks and lighters. This merchandise is available for men and women, and it is a great conversation starter because it leads people back to the app. This is all part of the creative mind of Whitney Wolfe.

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Find Dates and Answers to Dating Challenges With Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble

Dating is one of the most fun activities to be a part of for people that are successful. However, for people that are struggling with dating, the whole thing can be hell. There are so many people that find themselves frustrated with dating. Often times, these people go to online dating and dating apps only to find that things are no better for them there. As a matter of fact, they may find it to be a bit harder for them to get a date online. Ultimately, they may just give up on the whole notion of dating.

Interestingly enough, people with the most complaints in dating are men. They often have to face many challenges in finding a date. The current culture which is very vigilant in protecting women from certain issues that they are known to fall victim to may make it scary for men to attempt to date outside of the internet. Therefore, men seem to have no hope in finding a date for the most part. Fortunately, there is someone who understands the challenges of dating. She is an app developer named Whitney Wolfe. She has looked at all of the common complaints in the world of dating and has presented an app that solves many of them by the name of Bumble

Bumble is unique in that it does the opposite of what other dating apps do. This disables the accounts of men and requires women to message men first. This provides women with an empowering aspect to their dating lives. After all, women also have struggles in their dating lives. In many cases, women are spammed with tons of messages that they don’t have time to sift through. Then there are the women who do not get any messages in their inbox.

Whtiney Wolfe wants there to be equality in dating. She wants men to have an equal chance at finding someone. She is also willing to look out for the nicer guy so that he can gain appreciation for the good things that he does for people including women. Whitney’s Bumble does make it easier for the right people to find each other.

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Whitney Wolfe Inspires Other Young Women

The dating app world is changing at a very fast pace, and Whitney Wolfe is the person that is responsible for a lot of new changes in dating apps. She is someone that has managed to create what she has referenced as feminist dating app, and she is all about helping women make the first move. Whitney Wolfe knows about all the dilemmas that single women go through when it comes to trying to find the right mate. Even though she is still young she has gone through some of this herself, but her story is inspiring because she got married recently.

Women are inspired by what Whitney Wolfe is doing. She is someone that has gone up against a male-dominated community of dating app developers, but she has managed to hold her own. She created an app becuase she was trying to make things easier for singles, and she even managed to transition from a single woman to a married woman in her own life. All of these are things that are inspiring to Millennial women that are walking the same path that Whitney Wolfe has walked down.

So many women have become cynical about dating. A lot of young millennials have given up on the possibilities of finding love and connecting with the right mate. A lot of women are also facing barriers to entry in the workplace even though they may have the degrees and the knowledge that should get them in the door. The reality, however, is that most women are going to be denied work opportunities at executive level simply because they are females. Whitney Wolfe knows this, and that is why she had a desire to create her own company.

Whitney Wolfe also realizes that there are quite a few women that are trying to make the best possible decisions when it comes to dating, but their choices are somewhat limited. In the wake of all this Whitney Wolfe wanted to make sure that she was creating the type of app that would help people find there soulmates quicker.

Whitney Wolfe may be young, but she has a wealth of experience. She has been able to tackle many different issues down through the years, and she is is expanding her app in order to take on even more. What her app and marriage represent hope for all the lonely hearts out there.

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