A Selfie Stick Ban

Disney, one of the best themed amusement-parks in the world, has confirmed that they have banned the use of selfie sticks inside the park. The selfie stick was originally banned on rides, however with a couple events that have happened, they will now be banned from the park altogether.

The handheld extension poles are a safety issue when inside the park because they can hit anyone. The stick can cause issues for both the guests as well as the cast who work inside the theme park. Crystal Hunt implies that this new ban will come into effect in all the Disney parks including the ones in Hong Kong and Paris.

This ban will come into effect because of the fear the park has that the stick will harm someone who accidentally may walk in the way. This can also pose a threat to some of the parks’ main attractions such as the carriage rides. If a visitor brings their self stick along, they will be asked to leave the item in a locker at the entrance of the park.

Other public places such as football clubs, the National Gallery, as well as Wimbledon have all put this pan into play as well for fear of an injury being caused by this device. The reason behind the ban is so that there will not be any medical issue related to a device in the the public places. Safety must always come first.