Advancing Cosmetic Surgery the Jennifer Walden Way

Advancements in cosmetic surgery is at an all-time high thanks to innovative technology. This is the 21st century and technology is the king. Most of the industries on earth has some form of innovative technology that is implemented into the system. Jennifer Walden is at the forefront of this advancement, and she has helped to revolutionize the industry in more ways than one. This woman is a doctor, a media commentator, a philanthropist and an award-winning author. Dr. Walden just so happens to be one of the first doctors to use laser machines for vaginoplasties and for labiaplasties. The rebirth of silicone-breast implants came from the copious amounts of clinical trials that were presented by Dr. Walden.

When it comes to gracing the covers and gracing the pages of prominent magazines, this exceptional woman is a standout amongst her class. Dr. Walden’s face has been presented on numerous publications such as Health, Self, TexasMD, MD Monthly, Italian Vogue, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar,, Cosmopolitan, Austin MD, Bridal Health, Absolute Magazine and many others. On top of that, she has been a regular host on some of today’s top news and television shows. This includes E! Network’s “Dr. 90210,” ABC’s “20/20,” VH1’s “Plastic Surgery Obsession,” CBS’s “The Early Show” and E! Network’s “Best & Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories.” Dr. Walden is a woman of high-status, but this high-status comes in a good way. She is a firm-believer of giving to those who are in need. Dr. Walden is a member of a philanthropic group named the Guardian Angel Society, and she regularly participates in medical-missionary work throughout the year.

Having a full-time schedule isn’t easy, but she still finds time to spend with her two sons Rex and Houston. Dr. Jennifer Walden is certainly leading by example, and her reputation is a true-testament of her success.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Fascinating Healthcare Startup Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is by car one of the most interesting people I have ever stumbled across during a lazy Sunday morning of internet browsing. I came upon a news article about his most recent venture, Tempus, a startup in the healthcare sector that is revolutionizing how physicians put together cancer treatment plans.

Tempus itself is just as fascinating as founder Eric Lefkofsky. The company has lofty goals with the main one being to improve patient outcomes for people with cancer. They are on a mission to redefine the way that human genome data can be used in a clinical setting.

They are seeking to build the largest library of clinical and molecular data in the world and then make that digital operatin system open and available to physicians. By having this data collected in one place, physicians and oncologists will be able to provide extremely custom cancer treatment plans for their patients based upon data driven technology.

First of all, when talking about Eric Lefkofsky’s business success in the technology and startup sectors, let’s just put it out there that he founded Groupon. Groupon. While that’s not the focus of this article, the next time you want 20% off of a hair cut, a discounted massage or to grab two for one entrees at a new local restaurant, you can thank Eric.

Similarly, hopefully years from now the next time a physician and their team accesses a full system of harvested genome and cancer treatment data and puts together a fully custom cancer treatment plan for their patient, they can think of Eric Lefkofsky.

Tempus recently made a huge announcement. The company has opened up for a Series C funding round and raised an additional $70 million in funds to support the company’s already rapid growth. This comes in addition to the first two rounds and totals over $130 million in funding bringing Tempuses estimated valuation to $700 million.

Eric Lefkofsky and his partner have both personally donated to each round of funding and Eric is so confident in Tempuses future success that he even stated he would invest up to $100 million of his personal funds to the company.

Jenifer Walden’s Emotional Investment in Her Plastic Surgery Patients

Few surgeons are known to actually take an emotional interest in their patient’s wellbeing. The best performing surgeons take into account the vital needs of every patient before a surgery and during the healing stage. These doctors understand that the candidate is looking for more than just a physical alteration.

One of these personally invested doctors is Dr. Jenifer Walden who owns a surgery practice in Austin, Texas. Jenifer explains that as the mother of twin boys, she shares the same bodily concerns as all mothers; the change brought about by pregnancy. When she first got the idea to start a practice in Austin, she had conflicting thoughts about the expected reactions from Texans. She now has a different viewpoint of the region which she once considered traditional and a bit conservative for the fast moving Hollywood life. She revealed that some of her clients are stay at home moms looking to get back in shape and be happier.

Jenifer Walden’s first practice was based in New York Upper East where she worked for approximately eight years. She received training from the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she undertook a mentorship program by a renowned plastic surgeon after school. Walden is an alumnus of the University of Texas Medical Branch where she graduated as the salutatorian of her lot. She is among the ten percent of female plastic surgeons in America and states that the field lacks in female competency to the misconception that surgery is a male toned career. Jenifer Walden on LinkedIn.

Jenifer Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic of Plastic Surgery. She is the author of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a book that delves deep into the practice’s intricacies. Walden is openly proud of her role in helping people manifest a better version of themselves and is particularly proud to be a comfort to women who have difficulty opening up to a male doctor. To know more click here.