Dr. Imran Haque is an experienced medical professional who deals with internal medicine. The doctor is currently with Horizon Internal Medicine. The medical group is based in Asheboro, North Carolina where Dr. Imran Haqe is also situated.

In addition to this, Dr. Imran Haqe is also affiliated with other renowned medical facilities which include Randolph Hospital and many others. Internal medicine deals with diagnosing and treating diseases that affect internal organs. Internal medicine specialists deal with preventing, diagnosing and treating various diseases that affect adults. The doctor has worked in the field of internal medicine for more than fifteen years. The doctor diagnoses and treats a myriad of diseases that affect the internal body. Some of them include Diabetes, heart ailments, kidney diseases, liver diseases, Epilepsy, Pneumonia and Glaucoma and many others. He also helps patients in managing these conditions and refers them to other medical professionals for additional medical tests and procedures.

Dr.ImranHaqe also provides various Cosmetic treatment procedures at the Horizon Internal Medicine clinic. The doctor is experienced in the removal of unwanted hair in any area through laser hair removal. He also provides the cosmetic procedure called the 360 resurfacing technique. This cosmetic procedure enhances the color, texture, and tone of the skin. It also tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Another cosmetic treatment procedure that Dr. Imran Haqe is well known for is the Botox injection. Botox injections are fillers which remove wrinkles and unwanted lines that come with aging.

The doctor also provides weight management treatment. These procedures are specifically targeted to assist patients in getting rid of stubborn and excess weight mainly due to medical reasons. The doctor has helped several obese patients in getting back the medically required shape and also to maintain it. He also assists overweight people through performing cosmetic procedures that enhance their desired body. Dr. Haqe provides nutritional packages that assist in weight management.

Dr. Imran Haqe is a highly qualified healthcare professional who graduated with honors from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a medical degree. During his tenure at Roanoke-Salem Program in internal medicine at the University of Virginia, Dr. Haqe fine-tuned his prowess in the medical field.