Tammy Mazzocco Makes Her Own Results in Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate salesperson in Pickerington, Ohio who specializes in residential real estate sales. Tammy originally got started in the real estate business as a secretary for a local commercial real estate company. She continued to work in various support roles for the next few years until one day she decided that she could try the sales end of the real estate business.

In the early days some things were a bit rocky for a while, but Tammy was a quick learner and she caught on quickly. Tammy laughingly tells the story about how shy she was at first. She hated to ask customers about their financial situation, even though it was necessary information. Finally another sales agent told her to just ask the people the questions, no matter what they thought. She tried it and it worked. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco is one of the premier real estate agents in her area and she has earned her status through her hard work and dedication to her calling. Tammy discerned early in her real estate career that there were certain activities that are more profitable than others.

The most profitable activity is being in the field showing prospective homeowners new homes. People are generally going to buy houses only when they have the opportunity to see them in person. Therefore a good realtor has to take the time to do that, for the sake of the customer.

Tammy always tries to put her customers at ease. Usually when people are purchasing a new house they tend to be vulnerable and out of sorts, so Tammy does her best to help them out a bit and try to put them at ease. Tammy has a very thorough knowledge of the area and people really enjoy that. Tammy also listens very carefully to what they want in a house and she takes the time to help them find it.

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