Banking Services

Nexbank banking services is a bank with headquarters located at Luther Lane, Dallas Texas. The company is FDIC insured, A very common practice since the great depression. The banks website is a very modern site and is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption. The banks CEO is John Holt. The company was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada, respectively. It appears the founders preferred to be members of the board of directors, as neither Mark or James is the Chief Executive Officer of the company and both are on the board of directors. James is the chairman while Mark is a executive on the board. The company recently hit $4.6 billion dollars in assets, it’s fair to say the company is only increasing in size. But, this sum of money can see pretty insignificant when compared to the assets of Bank of America, that has $2.15 trillion in liquid assets. The company also feats $2.1 billion dollars distributed in loans and has also received $2.07 billion in deposits to their bank chain. The banks asset grow rate is 44% and is evidently high according to Also, the company’s overall net profit is $13.8 million dollars. The companies growth rate is 59.6% making this a extremely fast growing company. In conclusion, Nexbank is a quickly growing, reliable and dependant company that appears to truly be concerned with the growth and success of their clientele.