Paul Mampilly Says AI Is The Opportunity Of The Future

In a Hi-Tech Chronicle article, Paul Mampilly, investment guru, points out the powerful online tools that now goad him into what to buy, where to vacation, and activities he might enjoy. In fact, Amazon’s AI algorithms are trained to remember you and your searches, and nearly shop for you. And as Paul Mampilly points out, this is our future.

The popular editor of Profits Unlimited, Mampilly is dedicated to unearthing potential investment opportunities, like Artificial Intelligence stocks, as well as giving insight into economic trends. More than 60,000 subscribers count on his down-to-earth expertise, and his newsletters have become renown in the industry as one of the fastest growing.

The Unstoppable Change

Apple, Uber, and Amazon are just a few of the well-known companies that are taking advantage of AI software. According to experts like Paul Mampilly, it’s an important growth market, worth billions of dollars, and investors are expecting high returns from the trend. And Mampilly says that this is just the beginning phase because many industries are interested in the possibilities, so investors should take notice now.

Many companies are using measures to improve research, education, and training before stepping up to a concrete business model to begin using. While many companies don’t have AI expertise, they are definitely researching in order to expand competence in the area.

In a video, published on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, Mampilly references three AI stocks, initially highlighted at the Total Wealth Symposium. These particular stocks have outperformed the S&P Index in just a few months. He says there has been so much interest, he’s toying with the idea of making the next Total Wealth Symposium a digital event, so subscribers can view on-demand.

Paul Mampilly has profitably guided his subscribers, and is well-respected as an investment adviser. He’s a 2008 award-winner from the renown Templeton Foundation Investment Competition and has been recognized with a number of accolades. Famous for turning a $50 million investment into an $88 million asset, within one year.

Surprisingly, Mampilly says he may not have made the choice to obtain his business if he had to do it all again. He viewed it as a delay in doing what he does best – working hands-on analyzing and trading stocks. He believes it’s all about experience, and learning what it’s all about, and Mampilly says investing in AI is all about the future.

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Ted Bauman’s Insights on Foreign Trade and Ways to Avoid it in the U.S.

Ted Bauman spends his days providing people with the resources they need to protect their business from third-party involvement such as corporate greed or governmental oversight. A graduate from the University of Cape Town, studying Economics and History, in addition to 25 years of experience as a fund manager for non-profit organizations give him the knowledge and field experience to understand how the economy affects the working class and manufacturers. Nowadays, Bauman resides in Atlanta, Georgia and discusses asset protection, low-risk investment strategies and other areas in the realm of corporate privacy as the editor of The Bauman Letter.

Ted Bauman takes part in the economic conversation of the occurring events happening in the United States and globally. Recently in an article published in Forbes Bauman discusses the importance of understanding foreign income in America. The article discusses Harley Davidson and their decision to take their production over to Europe in order to lower costs on European tariffs and be able to sell their products to the E.U. at a moderate price. However, the article also points out the question that perhaps the reason for this change may be in the higher expense of wages that the U.S. has in comparison to the EU.

To better understand the root of that question Ted Bauman analyzes what occurs when raising wages in the United States. If that is the goal it is safe to say that economic growth is usually the cause of wages being raised. While this sounds like a positive option, some businesses may choose to make decisions such as raising interests rates or reducing investments to keep wages controlled.

Ted Bauman finds that in order for businesses to thrive they must first empower their employs by slowly raising wages. This, in turn, will increase productivity which allows manufacturers to have more opportunities to create demand. For instance, adding more or new products to their inventory or improving the quality of current products. Ted Bauman ultimately understands that ignoring foreign trade may hurt the United States economy yet there are still ways American manufacturers can stay above the competition while still empowering their employees with better wages.

Randal Nardone’s History and Fortress Investment Dealings

At age 51, Randal (Randy) Nardone has reached the Forbes list at rank number 557. Since 2005 alone, the man has personally earned over $100 million. Randal Nardone is the ex CEO of Fortress Investment Group, which was just acquired by Japan’s SoftBank last year in a merger for 3.3 billion dollars. According to, in terms of his educational background, Randal got his BA in English and Bio from UConn, and his J.D. at Boston University. Co-founding Fortress in ‘98, he is now the COO. Fortress was actually the first hedge fund to publicly list themselves on the stock market, in a move which garnished $600 million to the company right near the biggest financial collapse in the history of the United States.

Randal has held many roles previously another financial institutions before Fortress, as a matter of fact: He was once a director at UBS during the late 90’s, and Also worked at BlackRock Financial for a period of time as well. Additionally, he also served as director of many organizations like Springleaf, OneMain, RIC Coinvestment, Newcastle Investment, Eurocastle Investments, Alea Group Holdings, and doBank. The Randal Nardone Bloomberg bio reveals that he was also the interim CEO of Fortress between 2011-2013, so he has held many roles over the years and continues to do so even into today at Fortress

The recent SoftBank acquisition of Randal Nardone’s Fortress Investments was actually a small purchase for SoftBank, amongst the sea of other companies which were bought up. Some of them include the likes of Sprint mobile phone carriers (2013), as well as U.K. microprocessing company ARM Holdings PLC, which was a 32 billion dollar purchase. Still, the Fortress Investment group which Randal Nardone founded will go down in history as one of the first companies to publicize wealth management which was historically reserved for the super rich.

Jordan Lindsey the innovator and successful investor

Jordan Lindsey is well known by many people as an innovator, investor, and a successful entrepreneur. He is the part founder of the JCL Capital which was established in 2005. The firm that he founded gives middle-level investors the chance to make important monthly returns via a strategic and systematic model to Forex trading. Since the founding of the JCL Capital, Lindsey has continued to make strides in his career course. Jordan Lindsey worked at Energia Global as an advisor and was able to found the Prive Information Services Company.

Jordan Lindsey has vast knowledge in Forex trading blockchain technology, hedge fund, as well as portfolio management. In the recent past, Jordan Lindsey created an algorithm which trades Bitcoin so well in the Forex market. This innovation has contributed greatly to the cryptocurrency sector. The algorithm that he built in the crypto-currency market happens to be the first third-party verified application. The algorithm is termed as the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Surprisingly Jordan Lindsey`s career journey doesn`t particularly resemble that of someone who can create the first forex trading algorithm in such a sophisticated industry. After such an impressive achievement of creating Bitcoin Growth Bot, you might think Lindsey took software engineering. But Jordan Lindsey majored in finance before diverting to blockchain, systems architecture, and programming.

Jordan Lindsey went to Mount Angel Seminary & St. Joseph’s College. At the commencement of his career journey, Lindsey worked at Maximum Capital Management as the vice president. Jordan later founded JCL Capital where he worked as the forex mentor through assisting members to make returns by using Lindsey`s trading philosophies and techniques.

Jordan Lindsey did not stop at the JCL Capital even after the company’s achievements. He has been busy looking for trading approaches that might benefit his clients and members. In 2017 he completed coding the algorithm to be utilized on MetaTrader 4 Platform. He also launched a crowdsale regarding cryptocurrency called Nucleus and introduced his innovation the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Jordan trading philosophy advocates for a steady and slow approach. He emphasizes to his clients on the significance of taking a long view with a goal of minimizing risks while making profits.