Southridge Capital puts its Clients First

Even though the whole purpose of running a business predicates on finding a solution and filling a need, companies may find themselves looking into financial solutions. When this happens, it does not have to be a serious situation. It all depends on who a company trusts to handle the heavy lifting for them. Southridge Capital brings answers to questions for public ventures.


But, there is also the matter of results to weigh when the decision to pick the right financial advising team present matters the most. More than a billion dollars worth of investment for more than 250 different clients the numbers that really speak for themselves, as far as the bottom line goes. It happens with services such as Financial Analysis, which places goals and execution in alignment to manage expectations.  You can visit for more info.


Moreover, Balance Sheet Optimization can show a company better options for functioning under a better balance of equity and debt. Southridge Capital knows the steps needed to bring its clients in reach of the portals need to navigate Mergers and Acquisitions. Or perhaps, a good old-fashioned Restructuring Analysis is in order to keep things lean and productive, for this times when shaking things up becomes more than needed.


Based on, all of this savvy and priceless extra effort is just on top the Legal Settlement attention clients receive. It kind if comes down to strategies and chances that give just the lift to a company. Security, credit and innovation all come together, while Southridge is on the financing case. The process of services to its clients includes maintaining and gaining contacts when the most trustworthy partners in the business of finding solutions. The executive team prides itself on proactive yet intuitive solutions. It only takes a hand full of highly trained and extremely like-minded executive team to get things done.




OSI Food Solutions

OSI was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was a German who had moved to America and decided to start a small meat kiosk. After 19 years, the small business grew into a company as it had gained enough finances from supplying quality meat to the locals. It was at this time when the kiosk became Otto and Sons Company. Later the current owner of the company got his first job as a consultant in finances. After several years, Sheldon Lavin became a shareholder in the company and as a result, he got more involved in the activities of this meat processing firm. After purchasing the firm he renamed it to LLC which then became OSI group.

2016 Globe of Honor.

Annually the British Council holds a Luncheon where awards are given to companies. The companies which receive these recognitions and awards are those that have been noticed to have an outstanding passion for care and protection of the environment. For a company to be included in the competition for awards, it must be rated with at least five starts in the British scheme. OSI Group received this award in 2016 for being the best company which has been in the frontline in environmental conservation.

ISO Group Employment policy

Sheldon has grown the ISO Group by creating a network with all his employees. At work, all employees call him Sherry so as to remove any formality which may bring tension to the employees. The company aims at employing more both formal and subordinate staff as a way of creating and improving the livelihood of residents located near the firm. Employees are always encouraged to quickly learn from their mistakes and move on to the continuous success of the firm. Currently, the company is looking for people with an entrepreneurial mind so as to give them an opportunity to grow their own dreams.

Acquisitions and expansion plans.

Early last year the company increased its investment in chicken production in Spain with an aim of increasing the output from 12000 tons to 24 000 tons. It was essential for the objective to be met due to the growing demand in Spain. With the output increment, the company also invested in refrigerators, vehicles, chicken food, human resources, and buildings. Moreover, the company has gone ahead to buy all shares in both Baho foods and Tyson food as a way of expanding their suppliers and delivering to the consumers’ demands. Baho is a Dutch company which mainly deals with meat processing and the making of meat products like Pizza, hotdogs, and sausages among others.

This company has been ranked among the best food processing companies because it always delivers high-quality meat and meat products to the clients in all the branches.

Dallas-based Financial Service Company closes a Subordinated Debt Offering Worth $54 million

NexBank recently completed the placement of its subordinated notes worth $54 million to a particular institutional as well as highly valued investors. The private placement is reported to be on fixed-to-floating rate terms with maturity duration of 10 years. The earnings of the offering will be used for the company’s overall corporate purposes. After sealing this deal, NexBank Capital is reported to have raised its equity and debt by $283 million within the last one year.

The placement agent for the deal was Sandler O’Neill & Partners, LP. The notes have a fixed interest rate of 6.375%. However, after the first five years, the placement will be on a floating rate. Kroll Bond Rating Agency has assigned the deal an investment grade rating of BBB and named it as Tier 2 capital based on the relevant regulations.

About NexBank

NexBank Capital is a Dallas-based company offering customized banking and financial services to a range of clients, including financial institutions, institutional clients, real estate investors and corporations across the world. The company’s business services include Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Institutional Services.

NexBank works to deliver exceptional value through client commitment and industry leadership. Through experienced and certified professionals, the company offers unmatched access to sophisticated personalized solutions to its clients. It also offers personal banking solutions with a variety of options to create an excellent banking experience for its clients. NexBank’s experts analyze clients’ current financial position and objectives then design effective strategies to allow clients manage their cash flow successfully. The company works to provide ideal banking products and services aimed at growing and protecting client’s funds.

The company’s commercial banking services include commercial real estate lending, credit services, financial institutions, commercial lending, treasury management and agency services. All these are managed effectively to ensure client’s success. NexBank is also dedicated to corporate social responsibility. The company recently donated $100,000 to support a particular Women foundation in the region.