Department of Agriculture Approves Label for Foods Free of GMO

The United States Department of Agriculture, (USDA), has announced that it has approved a labeling system for foods which are free of genetically modified ingredients. Such a label will advise a consumer that all of the ingredients in the food product are natural and not genetically altered. Many are praising the move by the USDA as a finally, taking a step towards requiring food manufacturers and producers to make the source of their food products transparent. Many have claimed that foods that have been genetically modified or which are grown or mixed with chemicals are dangerous for the consuming public. feels that these critics against genetically modified foods are particularly dangerous to children and pregnant and nursing mothers.

The USDA plans to roll out the labeling system as soon as it can and it will be required for all products that receive approval or are inspected by the USDA. The move comes when a larger segment of the consuming public are demanding that the food that they buy is safe and free for bacteria and other non natural ingredients which have been found to cause various ailments and medical issues with the consuming public. The food lobbying sector has announced that it will not oppose the labeling systems and that it supports any move by the USDA to protect and maintain the confidence of the consuming public.Department of Agriculture Approves Label for Genetically Modified Free Foods