The Helping Hand Behind Tempus – Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky

Entrepreneurial work is a key factor in speeding up healthcare advancements so patients can live longer and healthier lives. Eric Lefkofsky used his skills to co-found Tempus Labs, a healthcare technology service that brings cancer research and treatment to a whole new level with such capabilities as sequencing tumors, performing liquid biopsies, and sequencing germline DNA. The idea behind Eric Lefkofsky’s work is to make sense of cancer patient care through the layered information of cancer identification and treatment. The technology available through Tempus Labs helps compile the unique characteristics of a patient’s cancer in order to provide more precise treatment.

Some of the treatments that Tempus Labs is helping to develop include gene editing and therapy for early cancer identification and to curb cancer at the source. An example is Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl (LuxturnaTM; Spark Therapeutics) that was used late last year to treat a genetically-caused type of vision loss. The results of this new treatment are still in progress, however, it has received approval by the US FDA.

These biotechnologies make it possible for cancer to be treated on the molecular level without such damaging consequences as current treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. The tehcnology that Eric Lefkofsky is helping to create at Tempus Labs aims to give patients’ their lives back without making cancer treatment such a desperate physical battle on the patient’s part.

Tempus Labs gives doctors a better road map for personalized cancer treatment that cater’s to the patient’s unique genetics, rather than fumbling in the dark with treatments that are used widely and with such different effects from patient to patient. The biotechnologies of gene mapping and treatment give doctors the ability to make decisions from hard data in real time, which is crucial with aggressive and late-stage cancers.

Eric Lefkofsky’s work gives cancer patients and their loved ones the hope that they so greatly deserve. Tempus Labs helps to bring the medical advances of tomorrow to the healthcare world of today.

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Dr. David Samadi’s Advice Regarding the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

There is no denying that prostate cancer is a dreaded condition among American men. Men aged 65 or older are, however, more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than men aged 45 or younger. In fact, six out of 10 men diagnosed with prostate cancer have an average age of 66. The American Cancer Society puts the number of new prostate cancer cases in 2018 at over 160 thousand. Deaths as a result of the disease, however, will be less than 30 thousand, translating to close to 18 percent. A whopping 80 percent of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will survive the disease.

The high survival rate is in part possible because of the advanced technology with which urologists like Dr. David Samadi use to diagnose and treat prostate cancer. More often than not, men diagnosed with prostate cancer have to choose between surgery and radiation treatment procedures. Dr. David Samadi notes that it is an overwhelming decision, which frustrates many patients.

Dr. David Samadi’s recent article on Huff Post illustrates why surgery is the most suitable treatment method, especially if cancer is localized. Radiation is harmful to the cells of the human body and may ignite cell mutations, resulting in secondary cancers such as the bladder or rectal cancers. Moreover, statistics are in favor of surgery over radiation; Patients that opt for radiation are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer sooner than patients who are treated with surgical procedures.

Cognizant of the fact that surgery is superior to radiation as a prostate cancer treatment method, Dr. David Samadi informs prostate cancer patients that the physicians they choose to handle the disease are equally important in determining their survival rates. He vouches for experienced professionals whose records of accomplishment reflect significant successful surgeries. As an experienced urologist, he is aware of the many complications that may arise following a surgery meant to treat prostate cancer. Urinary continence and loss of sexual function are among the leading complications.

Dr. David Samadi

Based at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi is among the leading urologists in the U.S. He is the head of Lenox’s urology department and robotic surgery. Dr. David Samadi’s career spanning over a decade is dedicated to the early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. He is also a researcher on matters prostate cancer, and his publications have appeared in leading medical journals. He regularly makes the headlines on television, internet, social media, etc., hence the title “celebrity doctor.”

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

The team at Sussex Healthcare are thrilled with the addition of a brand new gym building for seniors that are living in one of 20 fine senior living homes. This gym is also able to be used by those seniors living in the community too. Sussex Healthcare also has a residential care home for severely disabled young adult individuals. The new facility is absolutely gorgeous. There will always be highly skilled and trained professional physiologists and other exercise or fitness staff to ensure safety of all of the gyms amazing equipment. This fabulous exercise equipment is top-of-the-line, and seniors are loving the new activity.

Sussex Healthcare is also happy to announce that the gym also offers a stunning warm water pool for hydrotherapy exercises. This water based exercise program enable easier movement for people that suffer from arthritis, bone disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and other health conditions that make it hard to walk or move without pain and stiffness. Water resistance is far easier on joints, and the individuals can stay in shape or increase their strength with personalized exercise programs and plans. Exciting classes offered at the gym provide company and fun for living home residents and seniors from the surrounding communities.

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Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has been caring for the senior populations by delivering unmatched high quality care and assistance with activities of daily living. The homes also offer upbeat classes and activities from game days to music concerts and even cooking classes. There is a wealth of enjoyable activities every day for seniors to take part in. The homes also provide transportation to some community held events like art exhibits, museum tours and dinner at a fine dining establishment. The individuals living in any Sussex Healthcare run senior living home are quick to appreciate the facilities home style meals.

Just recently, Sussex Healthcare also announced a new audiology program able to help any senior that has experienced hearing loss. Now the new gym is creating quite an excited stir as many seniors enjoy healthy activities. Sussex Healthcare remains true to their vision of always providing the best services to their many residents. This healthcare community has much to offer. Sussex Healthcare invites the public to take a look at their services and new facilities. Every Sussex Healthcare senior living home boasts beautiful kept grounds, exercise trails, gorgeous interior designs and reliable and truly compassionate healthcare services.

Live safe with Lifeline Screening

Health is an important aspect of one life. People should concentrate on having a good life that is free of health problems. Health issues that we encounter every day can be avoided if we take good precautionary measure for our health. The problem with the society is that we rarely take health issues seriously until they affect our lives. As a society, there is need to prioritize preventive health measures. This means measures that protect us from major health issues that may paralyze our lives. Preventive health measures ensure that we always on our toes to avoid problems may lead even to demise if left unchecked.

In the United States, there is a company that is dedicated to ensuring that health issues are detected before they happen. This company is Lifeline Screening. It is a company that was established in 1993. It has a national coverage. You can access their services in almost every corner of the country. Lifeline screening is a private company that is dedicated to ensuring that the society is safe. They have the best screening services that one would ask for. They offer various screening tests including blood tests to identify even the minor problems. Ultrasound is another test that is commonly done at lifeline screening.

The United States has a high number of people who die every year due to health issues related to cardiovascular diseases. These are diseases that can be very dangerous if left unattended. Most of these diseases will cause emergency cases that can lead to death. It is estimated that over 600,000 people die due to cardiovascular-related illnesses. The best way to deal with these problems is to have regular checks that will have any underlying health problems checked. Cardiovascular diseases are normally associated with bad eating habits. These are habits that lead to excessive fats in the body. The end result is normally health issues that lead to blockage of blood circulation into vital organs of the body such as the heart.

Lifeline screening tests are therefore recommended for every person. They are important and should be taken regularly. For people who have books, a screening date with Lifeline screening, there are a number of things that they should consider. One is the eating schedule. No eating should be done 4 hours before the screening tests are carried out. However, water and coffee with small contents of sugar are recommendable. Water forms a large part of the blood.

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Drew Madden expertise as a healthcare IT entrepreneur

Drew Madden expertise as a healthcare IT entrepreneur.

In life, people are passionate about many things of which every person has a passion in a different field or career. It is this passion that gives one an inner motivation to carry on with the kind of work that they specialize on in their careers.

Drew Madden is passionate as healthcare IT entrepreneur and specializes in building attractive, unique companies and creates trusted client partnerships. Drew started his career in healthcare IT at Cerner Corporation and held a B.S.E in industrial engineering with a specialty in medical systems from the University of Iowa College of engineering. In 2010,he joined Nordic consulting partners which is the world’s biggest Epic consulting company and served as its president from the year 2011 -2016.During his time Nordic grew its number of employees from 10 to 725, its revenue increased from $ 1000,000 -$ 130,000,000 annually and the client partners from 3 to 150.

Mr. Madden is a managing partner at Evergreen healthcare partners, he is passionate about Electronic medical records (EMR) and has spent most of his time helping to troubleshoot, implement and optimize on problems associated with EMR projects. His experience in EMR and the knowledge in project management has helped him create great implementation teams that work with him. Evergreen provides expertise in healthcare IT to partners and helps find the right opportunities which will assist in building long-lasting and healthy partnerships.

In 2015 Drew joined health consulting where he spent four years in implementation roles before going into business development position. He is responsible for recruiting, maintaining client relationships in the country and internationally and also takes care of business development as the Nordic president. Nordic has received various awards for its consulting excellence such as KLAS and position one ranking in providing Epic implementation services in the years 2012 and 2016 the Nordic company was rated as KLAS top performer in Epic IT advisory services.

Drew Madden believes that nothing is impossible in the world as long as one puts a positive attitude towards what they are doing. This kind of mindset that he has is what every entrepreneur who wants to succeed should possess.