Drew Madden expertise as a healthcare IT entrepreneur

Drew Madden expertise as a healthcare IT entrepreneur.

In life, people are passionate about many things of which every person has a passion in a different field or career. It is this passion that gives one an inner motivation to carry on with the kind of work that they specialize on in their careers.

Drew Madden is passionate as healthcare IT entrepreneur and specializes in building attractive, unique companies and creates trusted client partnerships. Drew started his career in healthcare IT at Cerner Corporation and held a B.S.E in industrial engineering with a specialty in medical systems from the University of Iowa College of engineering. In 2010,he joined Nordic consulting partners which is the world’s biggest Epic consulting company and served as its president from the year 2011 -2016.During his time Nordic grew its number of employees from 10 to 725, its revenue increased from $ 1000,000 -$ 130,000,000 annually and the client partners from 3 to 150.

Mr. Madden is a managing partner at Evergreen healthcare partners, he is passionate about Electronic medical records (EMR) and has spent most of his time helping to troubleshoot, implement and optimize on problems associated with EMR projects. His experience in EMR and the knowledge in project management has helped him create great implementation teams that work with him. Evergreen provides expertise in healthcare IT to partners and helps find the right opportunities which will assist in building long-lasting and healthy partnerships.

In 2015 Drew joined health consulting where he spent four years in implementation roles before going into business development position. He is responsible for recruiting, maintaining client relationships in the country and internationally and also takes care of business development as the Nordic president. Nordic has received various awards for its consulting excellence such as KLAS and position one ranking in providing Epic implementation services in the years 2012 and 2014.in 2016 the Nordic company was rated as KLAS top performer in Epic IT advisory services.

Drew Madden believes that nothing is impossible in the world as long as one puts a positive attitude towards what they are doing. This kind of mindset that he has is what every entrepreneur who wants to succeed should possess.