Beneful Full of Benefits and Enjoyment

Dog lovers everywhere have heard of the national dog food brand Beneful. We all know that Beneful is made up of all natural ingredients; but have you ever wondered where the name Beneful comes from and what it means? Lets go a little more in depth and take a deeper look into our favorite dog food brand. Beneful at Walmart joined the market in 2001. The spokesperson for Beneful Dog Food has informed us the the term Beneful means “full of goodness”. An fitting name with the appropriate term for the popular brand that focus on naturally supplying that special member of the family with so much healthy goodness. Beneful is a product produced by Nestle Purina Petcare and has become one the leading brands of Nestle Purina by generating $300 million in revenues. Beneful Definition has lived up to its name and is truly a brand “full of goodness”.

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Beneful Adds New Ingredients To The Pet Foods Market

The name Beneful has taken on new levels of success as the development of the brand has seen a higher level of natural ingredients being seen in the recipe used by the team creating this well-known dog food brand. The name itself is said by executives at Beneful commercial  to mean “full of goodness”, which is a good name for a brand that has worked to reduce the level of fillers and processed grains included in its food produced for pet parents around the world who have created a better future for their pets with the aid of the Beneful brand.

One of the main reasons for the success of the Beneful brand in the early years after it was launched in 2001 was the fact the company produced a range of foods that resembled human foods rather than the heavily processed foods dominating the market at the turn of the 21st-century. New technologies and innovations are always popular with the customers of the Beneful dog food brand looking to take advantage of wet foods that have been created as a form of stew resembling the foods eaten by humans to make them appear more natural and less processed.

The move towards a more natural way of producing foods has been a major part of the move towards goodness and a natural way of life, but the company has also been looking to change the way the pets of the world are targeted through the marketing and advertising tools used by Beneful. The brand has made a large change to the way pet foods are sold by targeting the pets directly with the use of high pitched noises only audible to the ears of dogs and through the use of virtual fetch based billboards found in New York and major U.S. cities.