Dr. Dov Rand Shows, We Can Age Gracefully and Enjoy It

Everyone feels good being in charge of their life as mature adults until when aging symptoms start to show up. It seems inevitable to overcome some of the health issues associated with aging such as weight gain, menopause, erectile dysfunction and traumatic brain injury. The good news is that Dr. Dov Rand, a specialist in anti-aging has proved that these symptoms can be slowed down and managed (Reporterexpert). Tackling the problems from the root level, he builds long-lasting approaches to improve life quality as well as those disorders. He uses integrative methods such as physical therapy, hormone therapy, and dietary changes.

Dr. Dov Rand thoroughly researches his methods and does no use any of them until it has undergone a demanding peer-review (https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/dr-dov-rand-rare-therapies/). His efforts are a ray of hope for the hopeless, depressed and anxious who suffer from aging ailments. He combines therapies with tests to develop a clear understanding of each patient’s condition. Blood work tests can show a person’s present health condition indicating deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

He explains aging as relating to a drop in hormonal levels that reduces the body’s effectiveness in fighting diseases and stress recovery. Dr. Dov Rand says a complex situation is created in the old age where say a person with weight gain suffers from fatigue and depression as cortisol and lactic acid accumulate causing inflammations. This necessitates for multiple physical, dietary and hormonal interventions most of which he has mastered.

Dr. Dov Rand founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers, New Jersey. He attended Howard University College of Medicine and tutored at the reputable Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Currently, Rand is authoring a book “It’s not too late to live past 100”. He is board certified in functional medicine, regenerative therapy, and anti-aging medicine. He uses social media to educate and communicate on the success of bio-identical hormones using evidence-based support.

Dr. Dov Rnd is licensed in medical acupuncture, and his clinics use intravenous vitamin therapy using the latest practices. He studies age management medicine by attending conferences and recently completed a cenegenics training at the Gaby-Wright Nutritional Medicine Convention in Washington. He is passionate about the aging field actively taking part in webinar courses.


Live safe with Lifeline Screening

Health is an important aspect of one life. People should concentrate on having a good life that is free of health problems. Health issues that we encounter every day can be avoided if we take good precautionary measure for our health. The problem with the society is that we rarely take health issues seriously until they affect our lives. As a society, there is need to prioritize preventive health measures. This means measures that protect us from major health issues that may paralyze our lives. Preventive health measures ensure that we always on our toes to avoid problems may lead even to demise if left unchecked.

In the United States, there is a company that is dedicated to ensuring that health issues are detected before they happen. This company is Lifeline Screening. It is a company that was established in 1993. It has a national coverage. You can access their services in almost every corner of the country. Lifeline screening is a private company that is dedicated to ensuring that the society is safe. They have the best screening services that one would ask for. They offer various screening tests including blood tests to identify even the minor problems. Ultrasound is another test that is commonly done at lifeline screening.

The United States has a high number of people who die every year due to health issues related to cardiovascular diseases. These are diseases that can be very dangerous if left unattended. Most of these diseases will cause emergency cases that can lead to death. It is estimated that over 600,000 people die due to cardiovascular-related illnesses. The best way to deal with these problems is to have regular checks that will have any underlying health problems checked. Cardiovascular diseases are normally associated with bad eating habits. These are habits that lead to excessive fats in the body. The end result is normally health issues that lead to blockage of blood circulation into vital organs of the body such as the heart.

Lifeline screening tests are therefore recommended for every person. They are important and should be taken regularly. For people who have books, a screening date with Lifeline screening, there are a number of things that they should consider. One is the eating schedule. No eating should be done 4 hours before the screening tests are carried out. However, water and coffee with small contents of sugar are recommendable. Water forms a large part of the blood.

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Eat Less – Feel Better for Markus Rothkranz

You could call Marcus Rothkranz a nutrition and fitness guru. He would say that he is just someone who has learned what to eat to keep himself healthy, and that he wants to share that knowledge with all of us.

Rothkranz has made a number of YouTube videos. In one video, focusing on nutrition, he explains his philosophy on how to fuel the body. He states that as long as you eat the correct foods, you can eat less and still have increased energy. This is because your body processes raw and natural foods more efficiently.

So what should we eat? We should eat nutritionally dense foods and Rothkranz states that we should eat those foods exactly the way they are found in nature. There is no need to boil, fry, or bake those foods. He eats one main meal per day and that meal consists of greens, nuts, and seeds in a huge salad. He eats the salad late in the afternoon. The remainder of his daily nutrition comes from snacking on fruits or nuts and he enjoys a green and fruit smoothie in the morning. He has created a number of protein powders and uses these to supplement his diet.

Marcus Rothkranz is quick to point out that his system may not be for everyone but he uses himself as the example of health and wellness. There is scientific evidence that this type of diet works. Eating less than three meals per day may be a totally foreign idea for you but letting your body work the way it was designed really makes perfect sense. It seems like it might be worth a try.

The Diet Debate

From FreedomPop Review‘s vantage point – the last thirty years has seen a huge rise in the amount of nutritional diets on the market. There seems to be a diet for every kind of consumer from every background of life. Slim Fast, Atkins, Paleo are some of the most popular diet fads out there. Many of these diets are extremely costly and usually have different stages and phases for people to follow. This led one researcher to question if there was any validity within these ‘get-thin-quick’ diets. If any of these diets actually worked, why wasn’t it a staple amongst the diet community instead of just a trendy fad? For over 20 years, Traci Mann a professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, has studied diets, dieters, and the thinking process behind it. At the university’s appropriately named Eating Lab, Mann studies people and their eating habits in a controlled environment. There are some case studies where she will actually go out and study people’s uninhibited eating habits. Mann stipulates that both studies are important when it comes to studying diets. After years of studies and experiments, Mann has concluded that diets in general are bound to fail. People cannot lose weight with a diet solely on will power. The studies show that biological, hormonal, and neurological changes make it increasingly hard for people to lose and keep off the weight. As soon as someone gets it in their mind that they’re going to diet, they’re at a disadvantage.