Thor Halvorssen Understands Socialism, Yet Still Supports Bernie Sanders

Thor Halvorssen has intimate knowledge of socialistic practices. His mother was killed in the Hugo Chavez regime, and his father was a political prisoner for a very long time. He also has a cousin that has been imprisoned by socialistic powers. Thor understands how terrible human rights violations can be; he’s experienced them first hand. It makes sense that he would say socialism facilitates human rights abuse on a recent interview conducted during a Fox News broadcast. What doesn’t make sense is his decision to vote for Bernie Sanders anyway. This is one of those situations where the layers must be peeled back to properly understand what’s going on.

Thor Halvorssen works in Hollywood as a film producer. While he’s one of the biggest philanthropists out there, he’s also one of the biggest producers around. In fact, he’s currently working with Bryan Singer (of X-Men fame) to bring Robert A. Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress to the silver screen. That’s going to be an extremely liberal movie. Those who’ve read the book understand: its main points revolve around rebellion and polygamy. Halvorssen is definitely hailing from a leftist perspective–one would expect him to be pro-socialism, in contrast to the interview he gave Fox News. As it turns out, though, he is supporting Bernie Sanders despite his anti-socialist leanings.

Thor Halvorssen believes that the current Democratic front-runner to the presidential seat is a very bad choice; a choice worst than a possible socialist state. He believes this because she–Hillary Clinton is the democratic front-runner–is funded by dictatorial regimes on a regular basis. Thor has also noted that Ted Cruz is likewise funded by the same kinds of dictatorial regimes. Is it irony or design that both Cruz and Clinton are the establishment candidates, and they’re both funded by dictatorial regimes?

So Thor Halvorssen has chosen the non-party candidate for the left: Bernie Sanders. It makes sense in context, but it’s still a very frightening proposition. The current election seems to be either an establishment stooge or an omni-wing radical with an aim to turn the country on its head. The next several years are going to be very interesting.