Difficult to Define, Jon Urbana Paves the Way

The former lacrosse professional Jon Urbana is a difficult man to pin down with his many and varied interests. In fact, the man who starred on the Villanova lacrosse field has spent the last few years showing the world there is more to him than just the sports star and the businessperson. Jon Urbana has also become one of the world’s top pilots and seen his music career flourish away from the boardroom.

Business has played a large part for Jon Urbana over recent years as his career has gone from strength to strength. Urbana has developed his own Next Level Lacrosse camps to become one of the best known in the community and is held annually in Colorado; Jon Urbana is also well known on Slideshare amongst the medical and beauty industries of the U.S. because of his role as the Head of Business at Ellipse USA. The company has gone from small to big under the leadership of Jon Urbana as increasing numbers of businesses have seen the benefits of the hardware of Ellipse USA.

In other news, Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc is a popular fundraiser hosted at GoFundMe. Adding to the allure of it all is the numerous videos produced by the campaign. While there are probably over 30 at this point that he’s shared with his Twitter followers, here’s a quick glimpse at what’s out there with 4 of the more popular ones.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The business life of Jon Urbana is just one aspect of his personality, but he has recently seen his other interests become almost as impressive and well known as the business career he has so carefully created. The education and experience of Jon Urbana as a pilot have recently seen him appointed to the FAA Airmen Certification Database, a list of pilots reserved for those who have the highest level of skills possible. Usually the list is reserved for commercial pilots who demonstrate their skills and good health on a regular basis, the appointment of Urbana on the list makes the achievement even more impressive.

The arts now take up a large amount of the free time of Jon Urbana who has begun to blog at WordPress, and has also started to carve out his own musical career with a number of social media accounts listing his achievements. Urbana uses the latest equipment to make his videos and popular songs and create original tunes, like a remix of Paper Navy’s Swan Song, that are increasingly popular with people across the globe.


Flying WiFi Woes

Daniel Amen, here on linkedin, is well aware that flying can be a source of anxiety for many people. A long boring flight where it’s impossible to sleep probably wont make it onto someone’s bucket list. Up in the air it’s common for travelers to use devices to entertain themselves. The overriding complaint seems to always be the speed and quality of an airplane’s WiFi. This brings most major airlines to the difficult task of improving the quality.

Partnerships with different providers make the issue a tough one to manage. Currently, only 5% of planes have internet on board. To get a connection up in the sky, the airline has to utilize satellite technology or an air-to-ground system; otherwise known as Go-Go. American, United, and Delta all have signed Go-Go contracts with an expectation that they will renew in 2017.

Getting Internet onto an aircraft is expensive. Americans nowadays are used to free WiFi everywhere they go, so they find it infuriating when the Internet on their planes isn’t the greatest. Major airlines have taken note of the issue, and frequent flyers can finally begin to rejoice. Airline JetBlue partnered with Amazon to provide WiFi and free broadband streaming for Amazon Prime subscribers. JetBlue is paving the way to more accessible WiFi in the sky, and other airlines are expected to mimic their movements in the years to come.