Top Tips For Doing Your Makeup Effectively

Doing your makeup can either be an easy or difficult process. Some people have a bad or an extremely good experience. The process changes very often depending on each person and the kind of music that you use. I have found that using a specific type of makeup and having a system to follow can make a world of difference for properly applying your makeup to the best of your ability. The tips below are surely going to help you out in a huge way to getting your best makeup every single time.

Top Tips For Doing Your Makeup Effectively

– Follow A Regimen Every Time

When you are getting ready for work, a special event, or an occasion, using a specific regimen for your makeup is so important. You can start with cleaning the face with a facial, adding sunscreen, and then starting off with the eyes, lips, cheeks, and then everything else you want to touch up on. Change it up and find what works for you. Having a regimen helps you stay in the zone. Makeup needs perfect precision whenever you are trying to enhance your face with makeup. Being very careful with your makeup can make a huge difference to the results that you get.

– Use The Right Brand

I highly recommend using Lime Crime. They have some of the most unique products. Doe Deere of is an amazing makeup artist who started this business with just a couple hundred bucks in her hand. She used that to set up the business, find partners, and create makeup that would eventually help women everywhere express their personalities in the most unique way possible.

– Practice When You’re Free

Always practice when you’re free and just at home. If you find yourself bored at wits end at home, use that time to experiment with your skin. It’s amazing to see what kind of unique types of looks you can end up getting, and some may be perfect for your next event. I find that getting to do makeup with all that free time and no pressure helps me find the best look. Just be sure to have plenty of makeup on hand since it’s easy to finish it all up if you find yourself practicing on your face very often.

– YouTube Tutorials

YouTube tutorials are extremely helpful. Not every video is going to give you the look that you want, but nonetheless, you are bound to land upon at least a couple dozen types of tutorials out of the hundreds of thousands that may suit you. It’s so easy nowadays to find makeup tutorials because of the wide variety of makeup artists who are on the site to share their biggest tips and advice. Follow along with a few of these tutorials and find an artist that you can connect with or has the same look and style as yourself.


How Spirituality In Business Can Lead To Even Greater Success

For many people, the link between spirituality and business is at best a weak one. However, more of these same individuals are searching for ways to bring the two together. For many it is an act of self-actualization through work. Others are looking for a way to define spirituality in the workplace.

First off, spirituality does not mean organized religion although for some people the two may be closely related. Instead, spirituality is seen as an individual matter that does not have to be related to a more organized group. It’s more about living in the heart and doing what is right for the right reasons. Spirituality in business isn’t just about financial reward but also rewards that make us feel good about o our world and our individual places within it. Spirituality in business means that there is more to life than tight ego-eccentric goals.

This combination may feel odd at first since business is seen as a narrow set of activities that are designed to bring wealth to individuals. Companies are hierarchical, controlling and having a definition of success that is measured by money. Employees may often see themselves as victims of managers, having no voice or importance to the group. If they leave, they can easily be replaced.

None of this is true in a spiritual workplace. Employees are seen as valuable members of a team that could not succeed without them. They have a voice and that voice is heard. Managers and workers are more likely to see difficulties as a challenge that can be worked out. Many express a greater sense of self-mastery and are just as concerned with developing the heart of a business as they in creating wealth.

The big question, of course, is if it is possible to combine the two areas into something workable and worthwhile. If one takes a close look at Joesph Bismark and what he has accomplished the answer is easy to see. Mr. Bismark took an unusual path to business. He began by becoming a monk in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. He was only nine when he began and was only seventeen when he left the ashram to enter the field of business.

In 2008, he took on the role of managing director of the QI Group of companies. He was instrumental in developing the Qnet branch of the firm. Mr. Bismark had no difficulty in bringing his spiritual feelings to the new business. He helped the company define their success not just by the usual means but in ways that allowed spiritual growth as well.

As a part of Qnet, he was able to co-found the RHYTHM foundation as a vital part of the company. It quickly became the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the firm. Mr. Bismark believes that all people can become successful, it’s just that some need a little help on the way, and that is how RHYTHM has become a vital branch of the company.

While spirituality in business may not yet be universal, it is recognized as being an essential part of a business by many. As Mr. Bismark has shown, the world spirituality is just as critical to success as is wealth.