Chris Burch is Expanding his Investing Territory

Chris Burch is known as the Fashion mogul. However, over the years he has developed different interests when it comes to investing. He is involved in the real estate investing, the hotel business to be precise.

In 2012, Chris bought Nihiwatu and later turned into a luxurious hotel. He acquired the hotel in partnership with James McBride, an hotelier. Nihiwatu was a beach hostel on Indonesia. The two spent $ 30 million to renovate the Hostel. They turned the hostel into a five-star hotel. The Hotel was inaugurated in 2015.  For further reading, head over to

The Hotel has 27 private villas. Chris also has a private home which has a main house and four other villas. All these villas have private pools. In 2016, Nihiwatu was named the best hotel in the world.

The Hotel has become the largest employer in the island. A percentage of the profits are donated to charity; the Sumba Foundation. This is an organization that funds the local community.

The Hotel also has an indoor pool and two two-story tree houses on the resort. If you love the ocean, then you will love surfing and the waterfall excursion. Keep in mind that there are regulations on the surfing procedures.Water activities are not the only activities that you can enjoy. You can also enjoy the horse riding tips

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Burch Creative Capital. He has strong entrepreneurial values and vision that have helped his lead the company to greater success. Chris has applied imagination, expertise, and skills in the different projects he has engaged in. His Company was developed to incubate new brands. He also uses the company to manage his investments. Learn more about Burch, click

He has over 40 years of experience in the business world. Over the course his career, Chris has managed to work in different companies.

In 2011, Chris Burch launched the C.Wonder which is apparel and accessories brand. Xcel Brands acquired the C.Wonder Company.  He has made different investments in addition to his fashion business. In 1993, Burch produced a film; Watch It. The film received positive reviews from various sources including New York Times. Burch was the first investor in the Internet Capital Group IPO. He has managed to investment in telecommunications and office retailer Poppin.  Related article here.  Burch was one of the investors that invested in the bottled water Company; Voss water.

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Chris Burch Transform Little Known Island Into Ritzy Resort

If you were to walk into any given room, let us say the office at your place of work, and ask, “Show of hands, how many people have heard of Sumba and Nihiwatu?” You will likely receive a gaggle of blank looking faces. If you are one of the individuals who wouldn’t have raised your hands (and let us be honest, you wouldn’t have) then you should start paying attention to Christopher Burch. Mr. Burch, for those who are unaware is a prolific businessman, fashion designer and the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is known for a host of different business ventures but he has since begun funneling his billions into new territory – hospitality. But Burch knew that he could not just jump right into the hotel business with absolutely no prior experience so he enlisted the help of the prolific hotelier, James McBride and together the dynamic duo began work on the Indonesian island of Sumba.  For additional article, hit

Over the course of three trying years, Mr. Burch and Mr. McBride worked hand in hand to build up a fabulous $ 30 million dollar resort called Nihiwatu which they officially opened in 2015. Only a year later the hotel and resort was voted the very best in the world by the organization, Travel + Leisure in their yearly list of The 100 Best Hotels in the World.  Browse interesting articles on

Many were struck by Chris Burch’s ability to turn a remote island into arguably the world’s best hotel. In a recent interview with Mr. Burch he stated that it really was not all that difficult, specifically because of the natural palette and the interesting terrain. He speculated that the ability to sculpt spas under waterfalls and craft private villas staffed full of attendant butlers that overlooks a rocky, glistening grotto of cool turquoise water.

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Mr. Burch also stated in the same interview that he was frankly surprised at the success of the venture, stating that, “Nihiwatu has turned into more than I expected, which is rare because most times things turn into less.”  More on

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For the First Time Ever Scientists Discover Fossilized Dinosaur Blood

Remember the movie Jurassic Park? Scientists find a mosquito with dinosaur blood in it magically preserved in a piece of amber. A group of British paleontologists just found something almost as amazing. They found the first ever fossilized dinosaur blood in a theropod claw.

The team studying the fossils were at first skeptical about the find. They used electron microscopes to study the fossils extremely close-up. What they found was fossilized collagen and even some red blood cells. They then used a mass spectrometer to examine the fossilized blood further and found that it contained some of the original proteins and amino acids that are thought to decay after 4 million years.

The fossils with the blood were thought to be about 75 million years old. This means that amino acids and proteins can survive about 70 million years longer than first thought. With such an extended shelf life it’s possible that they could have remained stable for even longer if the fossils had not been disturbed. That’s what Gianfrancesco Genoso would say.

So is this a real life Jurassic Park? Unfortunately it isn’t. The fossilized remains did not contain any of the genetic materials that could be used to extract DNA. The only Jurassic Park you’ll be seeing any time soon will be at the theater or on DVD.

Igor Cornelsen Lights the Pathway for Investor

What Igor Cornelsen has done for so many investors like myself in light the pathway to better investment strategies. All of his success with the banks in Brazil and his successful endeavors with Bainbridge Inv Inc have provided him with a wealth of knowledge. I am so glad that he has shared this knowledge that he has.

Many people may look at the stock market and assume that they cannot invest because they don’t know how. They may worry that they cannot do much without a financial planner. What Cornelsen has done is teach me that I don’t really need a planner to build my portfolio.

This man has all of the investment strategies that one will need for long term investing. He has given some unique ideas that may even sound a little strange at first glance, but these investments have paid off. I learned about damaged stocks and damaged companies and made a small fortune through Igor.

His ability to recognize the strategies that will work regardless of the situation you are in has allowed him to be a very valuable player in the investment world. There are countless blogs with his teachings. I even read a blog with some of his information about investing in foreign industries. I was thrilled about obtaining this knowledge because I had no history of the foreign industries. There was not real desire – in the beginning – to invest in these business because I was scared. It was through Igor Cornelsen that I learned that I could invest in some food industries and banking industries in Brazil that were doing well. He showed me about the signs that I should look for when I planned to invest in the foreign markets.

I have read articles where Igor has been referenced as a superior investor, and I will agree to this. As someone that was a Brazilian banker it is easy for him to relay his vast knowledge of Brazilian markets to others. His passion for the type of work that he does has made him one of the most valuable sources for investors.

People that want to retire should not get to wrapped up in finding a financial planner that has to be paid. Igor has already lighted the pathway. All that investors really need to do is follow his lead and take notice of the lessons he put out there.