Adam Milstein’s Amazing Vision for the Jewish community

Adam Milstein is a famous philanthropist in the United States. Adam is also a successful investor in the real estate sector. However, he is an Israeli native and was raised in Israel but relocated to the United States in 1981. Adam’s love for Israel is way beyond for him to join the Israel Defense Force. In 1973, he served in the Yom Kippur War. Milstein got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics in 1978 while he was still living in Israel. He shifted to the United States with his wife and their three children. Adam Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California and earned an MBA in 1983. He also joined the commercial real estate business.

in 1981. Adam’s love for Israel is way beyond for him to join the Israel Defense Force. In 1973, he served in the Yom Kippur War. Milstein got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics in 1978 while he was still living in Israel. He shifted to the United States with his wife and their three children. Adam Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California earned an MBA in 1983. He also joined the commercial real estate business.

After finishing school, Adam Milstein began his career path at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam started as a sales agent, but with dedication, he was able to reach top positions in firm such as the managing partner. Anything involving finances, repositioning or accounts is Adam’s role in the company. Hager is located in Southern California, and the company participates in acquisition as well as the relocation of Industrial and commercial properties. One of his colleagues, as well as a friend, was involved with charitable actions and this inspired Adam. With time, Adam was encouraged by his friend to take part in the ma’aser rishon, a Jewish practice that entailed contributing 10% of one’s income to go to charity. Adam Milstein’s experience after starting the practice led to the establishment of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The same year, Adam together with his wife started the Sifriyat Pijama B’ America.

The two organizations have a common goal, and that is to instill Jewish values and traditions to the young Jews living in America. The Sifriyat Pijama B’ America is already helping the Jewish and Israel people learn more about their language by providing books written in Hebrew for free. Adam Milstein also facilitated the establishment of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). IAC is dedicated to bringing the Israel and Jewish people and American citizens together. The Milstein Family Foundation funds more than $ 1million every year to other organizations that support charity. Adam Milstein is associated with several other non-profit corporations such as AIPAC National Council and much more.

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George Soros, who had apparently taken a break from wall street, is back to trading. He has taken a bearish move by selling stocks and in turn buying gold and stocks in gold miners. He has taken the measures due to his predictions that the European Union might collapse arising from the refugee crisis. He also points out that the activities in Britain which plan on a referendum to exit European Union might lead to a decrease of prices in the stock market. George Soros also indicates that there is a lot of capital flight from China which further enhances his prospect of making high profits from his bearish tendency of selling shares now.

Being a trading legend, George Soros has obviously raised eyebrows with people starting to look at the prospect of stock prices plunging at this time. The trading magnate is concerned about large market shifts that will occur globally. His sentiments are being aired by other stock market geniuses. This has led to the question of whether a crisis like the one experienced in the late 2000’s is about to occur once more. With the world not having recovered quite fully from the shock causes by the inflation in the recent past there is a need to take control measures to prevent a fall in the stock market.

Soros since founding Hedge Fund which evolved over time to the well famed Quantum Fund has shown nothing but brilliance in his interpretation of the market fund. He has beaten the market trend on more than one occasion by making predictions that have proved to be very fruitful.

In 2008 in his book,”The New Paradigm for Financial Markets.”. He made a prediction about the financial crisis that occurred that year which he termed as being the worst since the crisis in 1930. This was another of his predictions that showed him as a brilliant trader and investor who was well aware of his trading environment.

George Soros is famed for making great returns on investment with going short on the British Pound in 1992 being his highlight.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

In 1992 he risked a good $10 billion to speculate against the pound and in turn made $1 billion in profit on a one day. It is said that his speculation during that period gave him up to $2 billion profits. He believes that market participants work together and move in herds. This simply explains the reason why he foresees a great negative wave of change in the stock market due to the uncertainty that Britain in the case of exit will lead to stockholders selling their stocks in bulk. In case that happens the decrease in demand for the shares will lead to a fall in prices. George Soros has therefore chosen to buy gold which is considered less volatile in order to avoid great losses.

For a long time, Soros has been away from major investment decision in his companies, but he has recently become much more active. He has increased his interaction with many executives and has been seen as increasingly vigilant to avoid becoming a victim in the expected surge of the stock market. Soros has made billions for himself and others in his overly successful Quantum Fund. The firm under his stewardship made an average of 30% profit per year for 20 years with some years recording 100% profit. He is most certainly an icon, and his predictions are bound to influence a good number of people. The spotlight is shining on him this time round to see if he will continue to make great predictions as he did before.

He makes clear his observation that people trade using emotions instead of the logical interpretation of the situation. Thus in the situation where the Euro crisis has not completely ebbed off and continuing problems in the region he indicates in his book, ” The Tragedy of the European Union.” Soros show that there is a decrease in trust within the region and this following the emotions of people is bound to affect the stock market as well as the capital market.

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Sanjay Shah, The Man Behind Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Solo Capital is primarily known for it’s position as a top tier, respectable international financing boutique company rather than for it’s leadership. However, it’s CEO, Sanjay Shah, is possibly far more well known than even his company. Shah, however, did not start out in finance, nor, even, is he primarily known for his financial work but rather for his popular charity, Autism Rocks! which he started after receiving a phone call from the popular rapper, Snoop Dog – but more on that later.

Shah got his start in medicine and then became involved in investment banking after realizing that the life of a doctor was just not to be. With his new found prowess with banking he swiftly rose through the ranks of such companies as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley but lost his position after the great housing market crisis of 2007 – 2008. So in 2009 Shah decided to create his own brokerage company, Solo Capital. Solo Capital is focused on providing propriety trading, consulting and professional sports investments and operates out of London, England.

After founding Solo Capital everything seemed to be going quite swimmingly for Shah until 2011 when his young son was diagnosed with autism. Devastated and desirous of a solution Shah brainstormed. Shortly thereafter he received a phone call from a local DJ whom was a friend of Shah’s from the businessman’s time in the music industry. The DJ had some peculiar news, saying that the world famous rapper, Snoop Dog was in Dubai (then Shah’s place of residence) and wished to meet. After a lengthy conversation with Snoop Dog over a cup of tea Shah had a life changing revelation – he’d use his experience in the music industry, coupled with his business skills learned from his time with Solo Capital and Merrill Lynch to organize concerts to raise money for autism. And thus the notable charity Autism Rocks! was born. The non-profit charity operates all over the world, holding concerts with such famous and lauded musicians as Drake, Michael Buble and Lenny Kravitz.

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Keeping An Eye On A Growing American Economy

The New York Time released an article by the Associate Press. The article discussed the changes in rates of growth that the American economy had seen over the course of 2015 and what it might see over the course of 2016. The report stated that many economists were confident that the GDP will continue to grow. The reasoning behind this belief is that more people are getting jobs and salaries and wages are increasing. This means that consumers are spending significantly more. This consumer spending represents over two thirds of the economy.

The article then went on to quote the chief United States economist at Capital Economics, Paul Ashworth. Ashworth felt that individuals were overly concerned with an impending recession. He stated that the first quarter is on track to bring in 2.5 percent increase. The article then went on to speak with Gus Faucher, a senior economist for PNC Financial Corp. He did warn for people to expect a fall in stock prices but other things will help to minimize this. This includes increased housing prices. These increases are creating more household wealth and in addition to wage growth and job growth, the economy is getting a strong push.

The article also included some of the statistics that are involved when evaluating the growth of the economy. Due to an incorporate estimate by the government in regards to business stockpiling, there was .4 percent less drag on the growth than what had been forecasted. This could transfer over to the first quarter of 2016 in a bad way if too many businesses are hesitant to increase their stockpiles. The trade deficit was also better than expected. It was expected to bring the growth down by .5 percent but it only decreased it by .3 percent. The article reported that one of the biggest struggles the economy faced was actually the increased positioning of the dollar. The stronger dollar has made if more difficult for American manufacturers who export. And on a surprising note, the country imported less than expected.

One firm that is keeping an eye out for changes in the economy is Madison Street Capital. The firm was founded in 2005 and quickly expanded to 3 separate continents. They now have locations in Chicago, Illinois, Accra, Ghana and Haryana, India. The firm is in a variety of different sectors, including, transportation, agriculture, retail, aviation, manufacturing and information technology. They have been able to create transactions between Dowco Technology Services and Cansel Survey Equipment, Renegade Industrial and Loeb Term Solutions, and InteriorMark and Sterling Commercial Credit. The firm is well known for providing a variety of services and products.

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Why Gold Is Ready To Rebound and Rise

It goes without saying that gold has always been one of the world’s most precious commodities and a very solid investment choice. It helps that nations for centuries have backed their currency with the metal, and during times when the value of the U.S. dollar is falling people still flock back to it. Today, we see that gold is ready to rebound and rise. This is largely because history has shown us that the value of Gold increases during periods of inflation.

US Money Reserve is a leader you can trust in the market of distributing the world’s most precious metals. Whether its gold, silver, or platinum they have a team of experts and 1st class customer service to help you choose the best investment. They offer a range of coins, bullion, and bars to ensure there is an option that meets your needs.

Being a precious commodity, gold is in constant demand as countries around the world increasingly incorporate it into their culture and daily life. For instance, India has become the latest, and largest, country to celebrate their wedding season with gold. And China has furthered plans to elevate the renminbi, its official currency, on the world scale by drastically increasing their gold reserves and using gold as a method of saving. The state of Texas has also increased reserves, announcing they are opening the first state-run gold depository in the United States.

No one understands the dynamic history of gold and precious metals better than U.S. Money Reserve. They are ready to help you take steps to safeguard your financial future today. Their team of professionals take care of all the research and provide you with sound advice and guidance you can rely on. Their expertise is available to you today as a resource to protect your investment portfolio.

In 1971 when the U.S. dollar was removed from the gold standard, an ounce of gold was $42/ounce. Now compare that to its topping $1900 in 2011, when gold more than doubled in the 4 years prior, and you get a good idea of the potential for growth. Currently gold prices are hovering around $1100 to $1200 per ounce. Its consistent appreciation over the years along with non-stop dollar inflation are enough to make you consider adding the metal to your investments.

Brazilian Portfolios Yield Undiscovered Prospects Chock-Full of Samba in Brazil’s Increasing Economy and Developing Markets

Investors should consider looking into Brazil for investment mixtures of stocks and bonds, as well as other commodities that provide the lowest risk with the greatest returns over time. Although the general value of Brazilian currency has fallen, so has international trading market prices. At this time, the Brazilian economy is diversified, and their equities markets are good.

Zeca Oliveira is a highly profiled native Brazilian investor and entrepreneur. As the CEO of the prestigious Bridge Trust Administration investment firm, Zeca Oliveira is a leader in asset holdings of Brazilian capital. After an initial intention of running for office as a representative for the Socialist Workers Party, Oliveira’s first business engagement was to join the Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BNY Mellon). After moving on from that company, he joined the Bridge Trust Administration. Bridge Trust was a brand new company at the time, but within an extremely short period, burst into prosperity. Brazil is making extraordinary deals throughout the nation as Bridge Trust Administration manages $2.5 billion.

Recently, Bridge Trust merged with Gradual Investimentos forming a strong corporation seeking to hold funds securely, and advance growth as an extension of their new affiliation. As a result of this alliance, new products and services are expected to be offered to clients. Zeca Oliveira and Fernando Lima have done the necessary work, and these firms are yielding high dividends. The success Brazil experiences in its financial sector have resulted in areas where investors can get high returns for placements in Brazilian portfolios.

There are two initial options for international investors in Brazilian stocks. The first option requires going directly to the Brazilian stock exchange list and investing in stocks on the list. The other option is the offshore investment path available in the structure of American and global depository receipts (ADRs/GDRs), and Brazilian and Latin American exchange-traded (ETFs) and mutual funds. Whatever options chosen, gaining knowledge is essential.

Brazil’s energy exporting is beginning to emerge as a good investment option, as well as manufacturing. Natural resources are abounding in Brazil. Brazil is the world’s 10th largest economy. As an investment hot spot, Brazil is one of the world’s fewest countries playing a critical role in the international economy due to it being independently sufficient in oil. Brazil leads in the production of more alternative energy sources than Asia and Europe combined, and as a producer of iron ore, Brazil is the second largest in the world. With this thriving resource, Brazil manufactures an array of products ranging from aircraft to hair clips. The foreign trade field is maturing with a GDP rate increased to $2.4 trillion.

An even greater aspect for foreign investors are fewer regulations to contend with in Brazil’s financial division. However, registration with Brazil’s Central Bank and Securities authorities is necessary. Decades of over-inflation and domestic currency instability in Brazil appear to be over. The list of positive attributes is long. Brazil is now a favorable candidate promising tremendous growth.