Bhanu Choudhrie: A Path To Success

India is known as the country of contrast. When you come from such a country, you take every chance you can get in order to succeed. Such people are few, but they still exist. With their hard work and success, they give other people faith in a future that is ahead of us. One of these magnificent people is Bhanu Choudhrie, executive director of the C & C Alpha group.

To work in a family-owned company sometimes can be a very large burden. People expect you to be one of them, and on the other hand, you must prove yourself even more.

Listen To Your Own Instincts

Well educated in business and marketing, Bhanu Choudhrie got his degree in the USA, but yet – he went to London to build his career. At that time, he saw a great opportunity in London and listened to his instincts that did not fail him.

He took that chance, and today C&C Alpha Group is a successful investment company well-known for their work. They invest in different branches such as restaurants and hotels, but also in healthcare.

As he once said, one of the benefits of his job is meeting people with different profiles. At the opening of the health center in Bury, he had the opportunity of meeting doctors, other members of the staff, and even to interact with patients.

Nevertheless, this kind of work has its own shortcomings. First of all, the responsibility lies on your shoulders, and that is not a small burden to carry. On the other hand, there are certain risks of investing in industries such as airlines or dotcom boom.

Back To Banking Business

Nevertheless, a successful businessman prevails obstacles and continues on. Thus, Bhanu Choudhrie returned to business in the financial services sector. He became a member of the New Century Bank Board. In all this, there is a traditional moment. Namely, his great grandfather was once on the head of the largest bank in India – Punjab National Bank.

After gaining a great knowledge and experience and working around the world, Bhanu Choudhrie is very pleased to provide advice on how to do business in emerging markets.

Nowadays, he has a lot of work to do, since the East has become a tempting investment market.

Nevertheless, despite all the work he even manages to do humanitarian work.

Charity work is very important to him. His mother runs a charity organization Path to Success, and he is helping her in promoting education and humanitarian work in schools all over the UK.

Support and hard work are really paths to success. Bhanu Choudhrie is a real proof of that.

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The Fortress Investment Group Major Partnership

Since the founding of the SoftBank company in 1981, the company has strived and grown success over the international market. Fortress Investment Group made an expected move with SoftBank of laying investments in its new developments. Currently, the company earns a title of being one of the largest investment company worldwide. Through the 3.3-billion-dollar deal, Fortress investment group is less likely to change its operations hence the SoftBank agreement to not interfere with Fortress’ Management.

Through non-interference from SoftBank, its likely to be a good deal between Fortress and SoftBank. Fortress Investment Group therefore has grown following the chance to conducts its own businesses on its own. Following the decisions by SoftBank, the decision to make the purchase was settled on. Due to the partnership of this two firms, Softbank allows Fortress Investment Group to pursue their goals autonomously all over the world. The two companies are therefore working together upon agreed terms to ensure they reap the benefits at the agreed fee. As a result of this arrangement this firms are likely to receive major returns hence, the purchase.

Fortress Investment Group is still a younger firm as compared to SoftBank. It was founded in New York where it still holds its headquarters. Founded in 1998, the company become one of the largest global investment manager that manages thousands of private investors worldwide. Fortress has the liberty to operate independently in New York through the deal with SoftBank. This aspect of the deal therefore makes the partnership unique and special that one can work with no interference from then other.

Generally, Fortress Investment of assets are free from interference from SoftBank. The values and interests of fortress are valued by Softbank and the major ownership has recognized the power of having successful assets management. This merger and acquisition is commonly major is bigger companies. Fortress Investment Group liberty to work on its own it’s a major benefit for them since they are able to work as per their ideas and agendas. SoftBank was therefore able to make an arrangement of purchasing Fortress without disagreements.

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Gareth Henry’s Contribution To Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University recently announced an undergraduate scholarship program funded by Gareth Henry, an alumnus of the school. Gareth Henry studied in the school and graduated in 2001. He recently decided to provide Heriot-Watt with bursaries for underprivileged kids in the school. Apart from that, he has come up with a program that advice student on career choices and how to go about choosing a suitable career. Gareth Henry is hoping that the students of Heriot-Watt will see the benefits of joining university through the bursaries and the free advice. Gareth would like more students to study actuarial sciences. Gareth is currently working in investor relations and stays in New York. He believes that Heriot-Watt students can succeed with the required resources. He focuses more on actuarial maths and science for students planning to study finance.

Heriot-Watt offers Actuarial Science acknowledged by the UK; thus giving actuarial science students at the school a better opportunity to get employed. It also provides students that are willing to major further into mathematics a better chance for enrolling into another school. The scholarship focuses on students who have a passion for actuarial maths but lack the funds to pursue the course. Heriot-Watt is globally known for offering detailed research and developing students with a high potential making employment for them easy. It is one of the lead universities providing industry and business courses. It graduates become experts in a variety of fields including science and engineering. Besides the main headquarters in the UK, the university has campuses in other states.

Gareth Henry has had several executive positions over the years most of them dealing with investor relations. Gareth’s roles include servicing consumers, creating markets and selling products. Gareth Henry is an expert in actuarial maths. He graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Gareth is a very dedicated person. He has gained profit in the several firms he has worked. Gareth invested in Heriot-Watt since he believes that the students are the future and through their skills and innovation they can bring about technological advancements to the next generation. Gareth’s help to the university is much appreciated.

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New Residential Investment Corp, Tthe Best Real Estate Investor

New Residential Investment Corp is an investment fund which mainly focuses on investing and managing real estate and any other business related to it. The fund was founded in 2011 with and it has its bases in New York City, New York state. The company is among the highly popular investment funds which deal with real estate investments in the United States. New Residential Investment Corp is advised and managed externally by the affiliates of Fortress Investment Fund LLC which is among the top investment companies in the country.

The Chairman of the company is Mr. Michael Nierenberg, a highly prolific investment officer in the country who has worked in many top organizations in the nation. He also doubles as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is responsible for all growth and development aspects of the investment firm as well as its prosperity. The trust operates through servicing related assets among investors, through residential securities and loans, consumer and corporate loans and servicer advances.

New Residential Investment Corp also invests in residential mortgage loans, mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) as well as real estate securities. The firm too invests in essential components related to MSRs, unsecured and homeowner loans, residential mortgage loans as well as the portfolio of consumer loans.

The trust does not divide 90 % of its taxable to the stakeholders; hence it qualifies to be a real estate investment fund. New Residential Investment Corp is excellent if you want to invest in real estate.

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Ted Bauman Writes To Educate Americans About Investment Opportunities And How To Protect Themselves Financially

In economic times like these, it sure is good to know that there are people who are willing to dedicate their lives to looking out for the little guy and gal. One of these people is Ted Bauman, and he has been equipping Americans with the top investment knowledge they need for many years. He is the editor of Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter, and he continues to work with Banyan Hill Publishing Company in order to educate as many of his readers as possible.

Ted Bauman studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and earned postgraduate degrees in history and economics at the college. He came back to the United States after spending years in South Africa and received his MBA at Georgia State University. Bauman was born in the U.S. but moved to South Africa as a young man and ended up serving many different nonprofits while there as a fund manager. Now that he is back in the U.S., he is more than happy spending his time helping those who could use it the most.

Ted Bauman admitted in a recent article that he has always had a desire to help people. He is glad that his financial experience has become a way to do so, and he has been able to help many Americans protect themselves from threats that come from large corporations and their own government. As a writer, he has commented that he has no problem creating the kind of content that people need in today’s world. His father also served as a financial writer, and this has helped to get his own name out there.

Ted Bauman has gained a lot from reading the book “Capital in the 21st Century.” He feels that the book offers a lot of information about how the world’s wealth is concentrated. He hopes that others will begin to take a closer look at the huge tax breaks and other benefits that many large corporations receive every year and question if this practice needs to continue. Bauman plans on continuing to write and hopes to gain many new readers who can benefit from his knowledge.

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Freedom Checks For Retirement?

For many individuals, a good retirement plan consists of well-saved money that we think may cover our day to day needs. According to Forbes, a lot of people give little or no thought to their future retirement plans. Forbes goes on to further define a good retirement plan as a source of comfortable income that will last the whole period after your retirement.

It is, therefore, crucial to check on aspects such as your lifestyle and expectancy when deciding on your retirement plan. When planned recklessly, the cash flow could run out and give you a miserable retirement.

Freedom checks are a tremendous tax free investment opportunity that may go a long way in helping you supplement your retirement plans. Unlike common scams and schemes, these are legit and recognized legally.

They are defined by federal law 26-F which allows various US energy-related businesses to remunerate generous ‘Freedom Checks’ to their investors every quarter. The same statute provides and shields companies from federal taxations, which directly translates to enormous profits for these companies.

Freedom Checks are also a low risk investment plan since Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s-companies established by having 90 percent of resources in the US alone) grow slowly and they have a sure and steady income. MLP’s have a return of investment of about 4% on the lowest side and 10% on the highest hand. For 2018, the amount was a reasonable $34.6 billion expected to be paid out in 2019.

Although oil and gas prices fluctuate, MLP’s are not by extension affected. This is because they are mostly paid for providing transportation which is a continually increasing amount.

This has a long-term benefit of high yields especially with the exemption from taxes. Furthermore, when you want to sell your Freedom Checks, they are taxed with a low capital gains rate rather than the higher personal income ratio.

Investing in MLP’s is just like purchasing ordinary shares. Purchasing shares of around $2000 could give you a Return on Investment of approximately $796,000 according to Matt Badiali a former geologist and a current specialist in this field.

What’s better; these checks are not paid once, and neither twice, but every quarter. This could be a lifetime sure solution for those willing to have a laid out retirement plan!

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Gareth Henry Explains The Factors Behind The Growth Of Private Credit Sector

Private credit sector is tremendously growing something that has attracted significant attention among a significant number of people. The problem is that not many people have knowledge and skills to analyze the trends in the credit industry. However, Gareth Henry stands as one of those individuals and professional who is well aware that there are significant changes in the credit industry. The former investor relations at Fortress Investment Group is well positioned to interpret the current trends in the credit industry.

Gareth Henry has also acted as the head of international relations at Angelo Gordon, which means that he has the necessary industrial experience of working in the credit industry. His education as an actuary gives him the head start in analyzing anything that happens in an industry that has been very difficult for individuals to understand. Various factors have played a key role in the growth and development of the credit industry.

According to Gareth Henry, the financial crisis that happened in 2008 has had significant impacts on the financial industry. There have been multiple formulations of regulatory policies and procedures that are used to govern the lending industry. Most of the traditional lending institutions such as banks have already been cautioned against lending funds to middle institutions as there are significant risks associated with providing resources to organizations at the intermediate level.

Gareth Henry notes that a significant number of banks collapsed in the wake of the financial crisis. This is because they had provided sufficient funds to a significant number of organizations that were not able to pay back. This tendency has caused a significant number of financial organizations to change their lending strategies. Most of them are providing resources to large organizations with the sole aim of minimizing losses.

Another factor that has played a vital role in the growth and development of the private credit sector is that most of the public companies are experiencing significant challenges. Gareth Henry notes that most of the organizations in the public sector have been serious accounting scandals, which has caused them not to be relied upon by a significant number of borrowers.

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Matt Badiali Explains What Investors Should Expect From Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is an investment strategy that has been implemented for a few months. Those who have done have seen the benefits that come with it. There is a lot to be earned if one can invest in right companies. To understand this system, we need to look at the person who introduced it. Matt Badiali is an expert on mining operations. He is one of the people who has done very well as far as understanding the mining industry is concerned. He has managed to use his knowledge to spot some of the best opportunities that an investor can find the investment industry.

Matt Badiali is a geologist. He understands the mining sector than other experts because he has the understanding of the mining operations. He can tell when there is an opportunity and when there is none. He can study raw data from the field and make the necessary recommendation on his own. His knowledge of the industry is not based on the understanding of the mining operations. He can relate what is happening in the mining fields with what is happening in financial sector. Through the application of this knowledge, that is how he managed to come up with the idea of the Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali knew that there were upcoming gains in the mining sector and that is why he brought up this system. There was every indication that the local American companies that are in the energy sector would be making extraordinary profits. He estimated the amount for Freedom Checks to be about $34 billion. All this money would be taken up by those who were ready to follow the advice he was giving. He was telling those who were interested in making money from the industry to look for opportunities in Master Limited Partnerships. These are companies that are required by the law to offer huge dividends to their customers. They are also companies that are required by the law to generate 90 percent of their revenue from the local market. Freedom Checks will come from the pay that these companies will be giving out to investors.

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Randal Nardone Is Leading Fortress Investment Group To Greatness

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that is headquartered in New York City. It started out as an equity firm that was private, but soon grew into handling investments that involved real estate business, multiple investment funds, government and corporate bonds. Fortress Investment Group was found in 1998. But the highlights of this firm was from 2010 to 2014, because The Institutional Investor Magazine praised this firm a lot. Why did this firm do so well? The answer to that question is simple. Fortress Investment Group was found by three businessmen: Rob Kauffman, Wesley R. Edens, and Randal Nardone. Nardone himself seems to have a lot of roles in this firm. He’s certainly doing a lot to make sure that everything runs smoothly in Fortress Investment Group. But before joining and co-finding this firm, Nardone had established a great career. FIG

Randal Nardone went to the University of Connecticut and got his B.A. in Biology and English. And then he attended the Boston University School of Law and obtained Juris Doctor Degree. Then he started at the law firm known as Thacher Proffitt & Wood, where Nardone was a part of the executive committee. Then he left Thacher Proffitt & Wood and went to Blackrock Financial Management, Inc., where Randal Nardone would serve as the principle. Then in May of 1997, Nardone became the managing director of UBS, a great term that lasted for a year. After May of 1998, Randal Nardone helped Kauffman and Edens find Fortress Investment Group. And in this firm, Nardone is wearing a few hats. He is the Fortress Macro Advisors’ Chief Executive Officer, CEO of the LLC Division, Principal, and Non-Independant Director. Nardone is also in FM Falstaff Advisors and taking up the role of Principal and Co-Founder, Impac Commercial Holdings, Inc. as the CEO and Secretary, and Newcastle Investment Holdings Corp where Nardone is the Vice President. As the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is responsible for handling the firm’s financial subjects and any legal situations that may come up. He basically runs and takes care of things.

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Randal Nardone— The Driving Force Behind Fortress Investment Group’s success

Randal Nardone is of one those individuals, who are the backbone of the companies and the reason behind the achievements of them. The journey might be slow initially but determination and relentless investment can take companies to a higher level. Same is the case with Randal Nardone, who is the co founder of Fortress Investment Group. He received his bachelors in English and biology from the University of Connecticut and Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston University.

Randal Nardone established Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and it is currently one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers. In December 2011, he was named as the company’s interim Chief Executive Officer and by August 2013 he was permanently allotted to the position at which he serves currently. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has become one of the most renowned and successful companies to exist, as well as leaders in the globe’s assets based investment and portfolio management. Today Fortress Investment Group directs over 43 billion of assets to almost 1,750 investors in private equity firm. The company is headquartered in New York and employs over 900 people. Recently, when the company was in trouble, Randal did not hesitate to sell it out to Soft bank for $3.3 billion. He further assured this acquisition to be in the favor of the company and necessary for its survival.

Talking further about Randal Nardone, today, he also serves as a chief operating officer, oversees finance and structural matters. He has also expanded his ventures which are mentioned below, as the secret of a successful man is to keep going further. He currently holds 4 board and advisor roles which include; executive management at New residential Investment Corporation, Director at Springleaf Holdings, Director at Brookdale Senior Living and Director at Gagfah Group.

Randal Nardone stands on the 557th number in world’s billionaires, in Forbes Billionaires list. His total net worth is $1.8 billion. Randal continues to serve a very prominent position in Fortress Investment Group as well as other companies that he has put his hands in. His career and effort are truly inspiring for all the young investors.

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