Michael Nierenberg CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation

Michael Nierenberg is the president, CEO and chairman of the board of New Residential Investment Corporation. He has been a member of the board of directors since 2013. Prior to his tenure at New Residential, he served as the manager of mortgages and securitized products at Bank of America. Over the last fourteen years Michael Nierenberg held a variety of senior management positions in securities and finance. Michael Nierenberg’s skills as a manager, plus his knowledge and experience in international finance are the foundation for his success at New Residential Investment Corporation.

According to Michael, the housing market is a twenty-eight trillion dollar industry. There is always money to be made in the mortgage world. Through his leadership New Residential continues to seek new opportunities in the mortgage industry. New Residential Investment Corporation, is a publicly traded “REIT”, real estate investment trust. Much of the revenue generated by the company is through investing in MSR’s, (mortgage servicing rights), and residential backed mortgage securities. The attractive return on investments produced by New Residential; are due in part to the experience and knowledge of the executives lead by Michael Nierenberg.

Since the last financial crisis, the mortgage industry has dramatically changed the way mortgagees are originated and serviced. New Residential plans to profit on the changes in the mortgage industry. According to Michael Nierenberg, there is always an opportunity to make money in the twenty-eight trillion dollar mortgage industry.

About Michael Nierenberg: www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/company-officers/NRZ

Jeunesse Global Product Anti-aging Healthy Benefits

Jeunesse Global sells supplements and skincare products. Over the past 9 years, the company has done billions of dollars in sales and won various awards in the direct selling arena. Their products include exclusive ingredients developed by their team, which includes alternative health professionals, medical professionals, and plastic surgeons. Each product correlates to 1 of the 9 components of their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.).

One intriguing product offered by the company is called M1ND. The product addresses the Y.E.S. component of clarity. Jeunesse included several ingredients in M1ND with the goal of improving memory, supporting clear thought, and preventing mental distraction.

L-Theanine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and CERA-Q, comprise the M1ND supplement. L-Theanine is an amino acid. It is found in green tea, and is one of the reasons green tea is regarded as a health enhancer. It supports the production of alpha brain waves, which are linked to focus and are the same type of waves that occur in states of meditation. GABA is often used as a remedy for attention deficit and anxiety disorders as it reduces nervous system activity. This produces a calming effect that aids in concentration. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is another amino acid that aids in focus and stress reduction. CERA-Q is a protein found in silkworm cocoons. CERA-Q helps protect the brain from aging, acting as an antioxidant. It has been used in Eastern medicine for years after research demonstrated its ability to improve cognition and memory.

The combination of these anti-aging, protective, and brain enhancing ingredients makes M1ND appear to be a powerful punch in a small package. M1ND comes in a 1 ounce gel-pak. The packaging is straightforward and travel-friendly. Simply tear the top tab off, and squeeze the gel out. It comes in a lemon meringue flavor. The company recommends consuming 1-2 packets per day to support focus and improve brain function.


Stream Energy: Increasing Generosity In The State of Texas

Stream Energy is filling a clear-cut role in making a difference in their community. Stream Energy is an energy company that sells services to its clients at a discounted rate. They offer mobile phone plans, telemedicine, virtual doctors, and fixed-rate energy. Each service has the power to make a significant difference in the amount of money that clients spend. For example, fixed-rate energy means that the customer pays the same amount every month no matter how much their bill is. It avoids instances of an expensive electric bill due to climate change. It could be a great help for those living on a fixed income. They hire associates that share their vision for helping the less fortunate, especially the homeless and those who suffer sudden loss following natural disaster. Good leadership trickles down to the associates they hire and train. The stream could not be in a better state. The state of Texas, though awesome, is not known for being generous. Stream energy is not only making an excellent reputation and creating a massive following for themselves, but they are changing the way people look at the state of Texas. They have already increased the generosity rating for the state. Some of the things that Stream Energy does for its community is sponsor events for the homeless, and fund recovery efforts in the case of natural disaster. One event that shows how much Stream cares about their community is the Operation Once in a Lifetime dinner for military veterans in the Dallas area. The entire event caters to veterans and their families to show them how much they are appreciated for the time in the army. Stream Energy sponsors an all-expense paid two-day event that starts with an exciting dinner at a Texas restaurant. They serve resident favorites such as ribs, steaks, and burgers. On the second day, they co-host the American Girl Doll Experience that awards ten military daughters with an American Girl Doll of their choice and lunch at the American Girl Cafe. Stream Energy provides transportation to the event as well. Each family got the opportunity to feel appreciated and enjoy an all-expense paid event with their families.


Greensky Credit and its operations

In the year 2006, Greensky Credit was founded as a financial technology company situated in Atlanta, Georgia. David Zalik founded the company. At the time of its founding, Zalik was only 14 years of age. The firm’s clients usually range from banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. The firm is a money-lender to be specific. Federally insured institutions recognize it as a legit and chartered financial institution. The Corporation is exclusive in its way, as it does not lend money from its ventures, unlike other money-lending firms. It gets its initial capital from other banks after signing a partnership bond, eventually making it a lending club corporation. What Greensky Credit does is to lend money towards consumer projects that apply specific periods of repayment at a speculated interest rate.

As per Greensky Credit’s company books, it is valued at $3.6 billion as of September 2016. Its competitors include; TRG, Wellington Management, QED investors and many others. According to the Wall Street Journal, the firm is among the most valuable financial lending startups for the longest time that has ever been recorded. The company’s CEO and co-founder, David Zalik are among the most successful leaders in the money-lending and credit management business.

The current workforce at the firm stands at 670 employees. This increment came about in 2014 with an addition of 350 employees. The CEO of Greensky Credit leads the company together with his vice chair, Gerry Benjamin and Tim Kaliban who holds the office of the president and chief risk officer. The firm has helped small consumer projects by growing its client fan base especially by going a step ahead and introducing online platforms. Greensky Credit’s mission statement is to make an impact through advocacy, enthusiasm, and integrity. So far, this has been the guideline to the success and the extensive margin created against its competition. All one needs to register at Greensky Credit is to fill a form and present it to the company’s official website. Afterwards, they choose their preferred rate and apply for the loan. The loan can be repaid later as a lump sum or in the form of instalments over the agreed period.