Lose Weight Without Dieting With Intuitive Eating

What if you could lose weight, then maintain that weight loss, without ever following another diet plan again? The proponents of ‘intuitive eating’ say you can do just that. The premise for intuitive eating is simply listening at your own body and feed it when it’s hungry, but don’t over-feed it.

The first step to intuitive eating is to ask yourself if you are really hungry, or are you eating for some other reason. We often reach for food because we’re bored, or because others are eating, and we mindlessly poke food into our mouths. Intuitive eating teaches people to eat only when hungry.

Eating without distractions so we can really enjoy the food is the second step to intuitive eating. Turning off the TV, phone and whatever else distracts you during mealtime so you can focus on the food helps you eat less.

Put only one-half the amount of food on your plate that you normally would. PRNewswire said we need less food to fill us up than we think. Start with half, then pause and ask yourself if you are still hungry when you’ve cleaned your plate.

Eat only when hungry, not when the clock says it’s time to eat. Ever day will be different and intuitive eating teaches people to recognize hunger and feed the body only when it’s truly hungry, not when a diet plan or clock tells you to eat.